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The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey

November 06, 2022
As far as Thanksgiving dinner is concerned, the turkey is the star of the show! It's even become the symbol of the American holiday altogether, even more so than the Native Americans and the pilgrims that originated the whole thing. If you don't have turkey for Thanksgiving, then is it still Thanksgiving? The answer is yes, it is! Beyond the fact that the poultry dish isn't what the holiday is all about, there are also other delicious alternatives for when you don't have a Thanksgiving turkey. You can replace it with roast chicken, for example. Or Christmas ham is a delicious replacement too!

The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey

Honey-and-Lemon-Glazed Roast Chicken

For the first few alternatives, let's stay in the same poultry category. After all, in very small ways, they're practically like Thanksgiving turkey too! First up is the honey and lemon-glazed roasted chicken. Taking its cues from the famous Peking Duck from China, this scrumptious main course alternative captures the meaty and crispy essence of the Thanksgiving dinner staple. It's even zestier too what with the hint of lemon thrown into the mix. And that dash of honey? A tinge of sweetness makes the flavor even more complex. This is definitely a dynamic alternative to turkey for Thanksgiving!
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Roasted Cornish Game Hens

Remember that the pilgrims who shared a feast with the Native Americans, thus originating the Thanksgiving holiday, were English. So replacing your typical Thanksgiving turkey with a traditional English dish feels more than fitting. A well-herbed Cornish hen, a major favorite in English cuisine, works well as a main course for your holiday dinner. Firstly, it's in the same poultry category so the principle isn't all that changed. Secondly, a Cornish hen comes with its own set of stuffing too! You can include some garlic, lemon wedges, and more for a true whirlwind of flavors.
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Hoyabird8 at English Wikipedia

Christmas Ham

Granted, Christmas ham is mostly for another holiday that's later in the year, there's no stopping you from serving it a little earlier than expected. After all, Thanksgiving Day is usually the start of the holiday season. It's not that weird to serve a Christmas dinner staple during this special occasion too. Especially since Christmas Ham will work wonders for your Thanksgiving dinner. Since you can serve it up in multiple slices, it'd be easier to share with your fellow dinner guests. And when glazed with honey for that signature savory and sweet taste, even the kids will love it as well. What's not to love?
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pork Loin

Prefer a different pork dish for your Thanksgiving dinner? Why not serve some pork loins instead? They're definitely thicker and much richer than Christmas Ham, that's for sure. If you're concerned about whether your replacement for Thanksgiving turkey won't fill your guests up quite like the holiday staple, then you don't have to worry about pork loins. A slice or two is enough to satisfy everyone at the dinner table. Or it might even have the opposite effect. Your guests might like it so much that they'll want more! Better prepare extra portions just in case!
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Roasted Lamb Chops

Let's continue on with the roast with some lamb chops. Now, this is a more unorthodox alternative to Thanksgiving turkey indeed. It is a staple for Easter Sunday feasts in France, after all. As well as a native delicacy in various parts of the Mediterranean. With this in mind, can lamb chops still work well as a replacement for turkey on Thanksgiving? Well, why not? When seasoned just right and glazed with brown sugar rum, it becomes the perfect autumn dish. With such flavors popping out, you'd sooner wonder why lamb chops were never part of the traditional Thanksgiving menu in the first place!
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Herb-Roasted King Salmon

If you really want to turn Thanksgiving dinner up on its head, serve some seafood instead! Never in a million years did Americans ever think to include fish, prawns, or crustaceans in their holiday menus. It's always all about meats and vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner. But fish? Again, when done right, it won't be so bad. Take herb-roasted king salmon, for example. Enthused with the right autumn spices, you'd sooner forget that salmon is more common in the Eastern hemisphere. And it'd certainly add a lot more zest to your annual feast, wouldn't it?
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Macaroni and Cheese

And finally, there's also the option of not serving any meat at all! At least, not to replace your Thanksgiving turkey with. If you want a vegetarian alternative to the famous poultry dish, consider serving some classic macaroni & cheese instead. Firstly, it's already an American cuisine staple. Though it's not 'Thanksgiving food,' it won't be that weird to serve it on the holiday. Secondly, it's a dish that kids also love. It may have been difficult to get the little ones to like turkey but feeding them macaroni & cheese instead will be as easy as pie!
The Most Delicious Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just because you're preparing Thanksgiving dinner, it doesn't mean you have to include a turkey. There are many more delicious dishes that can serve as the perfect alternative to the Thanksgiving turkey for your holiday feast!

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