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The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris

April 10, 2022
If there's one thing you ought to eat on Easter Sunday, it's chocolate. Why do you think the Easter Bunny is so obsessed with it? There's no other treat more suitable for one of the happiest holidays of the year than chocolate. And in a city like Paris, where first-class chocolatiers reign supreme, you'll find the best and sweetest chocolates to enjoy on Easter Sunday. They're high-quality confections that will bring you to heaven the moment you take that first bite. You ought to get your holiday chocolates from Joséphine Vannier, Fauchon, Foucher, Jean-Paul Hévin , and Pierre Marcolini.

The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris

Joséphine Vannier

If you want to get your fill of chocolate Easter eggs in Paris, look no further than Joséphine Vannier's shop Rue du Pas de la Mule. Located in the Marais district, it's among the finest artisan chocolate shops in the city, so you can bet that the chocolate Easter eggs they offer here are out of this world. They're not so simple as tiny confections hidden inside colorful eggs. Vannier's chocolates are a lot more elaborate, richer, and more fulfilling. Some of them are like works of art—too beautiful to even take a bite. But you have to in order to taste their incomparable sweetness!
The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris
Source: Chocolaterie Joséphine Vannier


Speaking of artisanal chocolate Easter eggs in Paris, Fauchon can also whip up quite the sweet spectacle over in their shop on Place de la Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Just like those from Joséphine Vannier, this chocolatier can make chocolate Easter eggs that are with displaying in a Parisian museum. They won't just delight your taste buds, they'll amaze your eyes too! And while you're at it, why not enjoy a hot cup of tea with your chocolate as well? Their in-house tearoom is the perfect sweet escape during a busy holiday like Easter Sunday!
The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris
Source: Fauchon Facebook Page


Foucher's chic chocolate shop on Rue du Bac in Paris's 7th arrondissement also has a tearoom that's perfect for an Easter Sunday brunch. Though this chocolatier isn't known to make Easter eggs, their delectable bonbons, handcrafted bars, and taste macarons are always a treat. They'd be the best sweets to discover inside a colorful Easter Egg. However, if you want to enjoy them on their own, you can always order Foucher's many fine selections from their tearoom. Here, you can pair their mouthwatering creations with a cup of tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate. How's that for a sweet Easter Sunday?
The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris
Source: Chocolat Foucher Facebook Page

Jean-Paul Hévin

Jean-Paul Hévin's chocolates are so high-class, you'll still want them even when it's not Easter Sunday! If you simply want a sweet treat during this special holiday, this famous chocolatier has the perfect dessert for you. He has milky confections for the little ones, dark chocolates for those with mature palates, and more. They're great for Easter Sunday because these chocolates are so special, you'd feel that they're only reserved for special occasions. And what better occasion is there than a happy national holiday that's also on a long weekend? You'll be indulging in Jean-Paul Hévin's chocolates until Easter Monday!
The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris
Source: Jean-Paul Hévin Faceook Page

Pierre Marcolini

And finally, there's Pierre Marcolini, a chocolatier that's, ironically enough, more known for his macarons. Of course, many of his macarons are filled with chocolate too so you can technically say that's famous for his chocolates. And it's those same colorful macarons, some of the best in Paris, that you and your family can enjoy on Easter Sunday. The reason why macarons are so popular, beyond their multi-colored aesthetic, is that their flavors are so rich and they're not too sweet. You'd even want your kids to like them more than traditional chocolates. So why not choose Pierre Marcolini's chocolate macarons for Easter Sunday?
The Top Five Places to Buy Your Easter Chocolates in Paris
Source: Pierre Marcolini

If there's one treat you can always look forward to on Easter Sunday, it's chocolate. And if you're celebrating the holiday in Paris, there's a handful of chocolatiers where you can buy the most delectable Easter Chocolates in the city.

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