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The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know

November 11, 2020
Where to live in Paris? Now isn't that a great problem to have? With the French capital being the business and financial hub that it is, it's not that far-fetched to get relocated here. But when you do, where will you stay? Paris is a big city, after all. It's made up of a total of 20 arrondissements! Which one will be perfect for you? Well, if you're more into haute living—as many Parisian are—you might find that the 8th arrondissement is for you. The lap of luxury in Paris, it's all about living the high life in this part of the city!
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know

An Upscale Arrondissement

The dominant district in the 8th arrondissement, the Champs Elysées districtneighborhoods in Paris. This is where you'll really see haute living at its finest, what with all the luxury homes and shopping in this area. If you think of Paris as this glittering city that's all shimmer and gold, you're probably picturing the Champs Elysées district in your head. So if you're into the finer things in life, arguably no other arrondissement will satisfy you more than the 8th.
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Most Famous Avenue in The World

As already mentioned, the most prominent district in the 8th arrondissement in Paris is the Champs Elysées district. So this means that this arrondissement also houses the world's most famous avenue: the Champs Elysées. With the glory of the Arc de Triomphe right smack in the middle of the area, this is definitely a go-to place for anyone in Paris. But what about actually living here? What's so good about residing near this iconic street? Well, from Bastille Day to Tour de France, you'll have a front-row seat at some of the city's biggest events and celebrations! Isn't that exciting?
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wide Streets Here

Don't think that the Champs Elysées is the only wide street in the 8th arrondissement. There are plenty of others as wide and as spacious as the famous avenue in the 8th arrondissement. So much so that they've also become a good reason to live in this part of the city, most especially if you have your own car. With the wide roads and such, you'll have no problem driving around in this arrondissement. And if you're more into taking public transport, the big streets are often filled with taxis and buses, so you'll also have an easy time hailing a ride here!
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Luxury Shopping at Its Finest

Say you have a solid income from your work in Paris. So big that your French bank account is rarely empty. Wouldn't you want to spend some of that to purchase the finer things in life? Well, if you lived in the 8th arrondissement in Paris, that'd be much easier! You'll see that plenty of designer brands have set up shop here, from the biggest names in the industry to up-and-coming labels you probably should know about. In fact, Christian Dior's headquarters are also in this part of the city! You'll achieve your dream Parisian wardrobe much easier in this part of the city!
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fine Dining

High fashion isn't the only high-caliber quality to look forward to in the 8th arrondissement. There's also haute cuisine! Fine dining is the norm in this part of the city, what with the excellent culinary hotspots to look forward to every lunch and dinner. Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire is particularly noteworthy, both for its sumptuous authentic French menu and its close proximity to the Arc de Triomphe. Meanwhile, La Lorraine
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know
Source: La Lorraine

A Nice Park to Retreat To

Finally, don't you just love it when there's a great park to retreat to? When live if beating you down too much lately and you just want to find a quiet spot in the city where you can simply relax and tune everything out? Well, here in the 8th arrondissement, there's one such place: Parc Monceau! A patch of botanical bliss amidst the very bustling arrondissement, this is arguably one of the quieter parks in Paris. There are so many corners where you can escape to and just spend an hour (maybe more!) of peace and tranquility! That alone is a good enough reason to move here!
The 8th Arrondissement of Paris: What To Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If it's upscale haute living you're after, there's no arrondissement that will be more suited for you than the 8th. Not only is this home to Paris' most famous avenue, but it's also the lap of luxury in the French capital. This is where you ought to spend your hard-earned cash!

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