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Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online

December 10, 2021
Magnificent views, romantic settings, and a whole lot of luxury. To say that Paris offers a lot of things is an understatement. There's so much to do, to discover, to explore, and to bring home from this city that it's crazy! Even more so during the holidays, the 'season of giving!' Arguably, one of the best to get—and eventually give to someone—from Paris for Christmas is any of its sweets, particularly the chocolates! The chocolatiers in this city really know how to make this delectable treat and make it luxurious and sweeter than ever! Fortunately, a good number of them have online shops!
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online

Debauve & Gallais

If you want classic French chocolate, there's no other place that can give you that than Debauve & Gallais. Founded in 1800, it's the city's oldest chocolate shop. One that even provided the sweets for one Naplorean Bonaparte and his French court. So if their chocolate is good enough for an infamous conqueror, it's probably good enough for you right? This place knows all of the tricks of the tread when it comes to making chocolate, including a few more that you may not know about nor would find anywhere else. So what's stopping you from ordering a box from them for the holidays?
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: Debauve & Gallais

Chocolats Richart

Located in the beautiful Saint-Germain district, Chocolats Richart is the go-to chocolatier if you want some chocolate ganache. Sure, this sort of treat is already a mainstay among Paris sweets, but the way they make and prepare theirs is second to none! Rich doesn't even begin to describe their chocolate ganache! The way the flavor just fills your mouth with a saccharine sensation is euphoric in a way. And while they'd taste great in the forms of truffles, bonbons, and as fillings in macarons, their sweet chocolate bars are always some of the best! A great holiday treat to go with your champagne!
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: Chocolats Richart

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé has long been one of the most famous chocolatiers in Paris. His threats have garnered much praise from all around the world. It's no wonder that they had to open an online shop so they can cater to everyone who wants a piece from this culinary genius! His most popular treat? His macarons! His shop in Paris is one of the best places to get macarons, which often make for great holiday gifts! And everyone knows that macarons are some of, if not the quintessential Parisian gift. Nothing says 'Paris' quite like a box of macarons, more so if it's from Pierre Hermé!
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: Pierre Hermé

Gérard Mulot

Very much like Pierre Hermé, Gérard Mulot has become one of the most prominent chocolatiers in Paris. His chocolates are the type that you might not feel satisfied after having just one.. box! After you've finished an entire tray of his treats, you'll find yourself wanting more! So much so, you'll want to forget about your diet and just feast on his sweets all-day-long! Well, who's going on a diet during the holidays anyway? This season is all about indulging yourself with the best your money can buy! And if you can afford a box of chocolates from Gérard Mulot, then by all means, enjoy!
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: Gérard Mulot Facebook Page

Jean-Charles Rochoux

While many holiday traditions from around the world will have you displaying sweets in your home (think gingerbread house on the dinner table), why not go even further with a mini chocolate sculpture? That's what you'd expect if you bought some chocolate from Jean-Charles Rochoux. Mr. Rochoux isn't just one of Paris' most elite chocolatiers and famous pastry chefs, he's also a craftsman by heart. He's the only one in Paris that makes his chocolate into miniature works of art, the likes of which deserve to be displayed in the most prominent museums in the city! Or, for this holiday season, in your dining room!
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: Jean-Charles Rochoux

Pierre Marcolini

There's only a number of ways you can rework chocolate into something new. Sure, turning them into sculptures the way Jean-Charles Rochoux does is one thing, but what about other ways? Well, if you want a more unique taste to your holiday chocolates, invest in a box from Pierre Marcolini! This courageous chocolatier is always changing up his recipes from time to time. To say that his chocolates are unlike any other is an understatement. Even he wouldn't make the same sort of chocolate twice! Except, of course, for the classic Parisian treats! Still, this chocolatier is for the adventurous! Are you ready for it?
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: Pierre Marcolini

La Maison du Chocolat

Finally, when all else fails, just go to the 'House of Chocolate!' The name alone suggests that this is a trustworthy place for all things sweet and it is! Though many might argue that their chocolates are standard and nothing new, one can't deny that they taste amazing! It's still a Parisian chocolate shop after all! One that master chocolatier, Meilleurs Ouvrier de France award recipient Nicolas Cloiseau has run since 1996. Though he may stick to classic treats and signature pastries, there's no denying that they always taste exceptional! You'd expect nothing better from La Maison du Chocolat!
Sweet Christmas: Parisian Chocolatiers You Can Order From Online
Source: La Maison du Chocolat Facebook Page

Chocolate from Paris is a treat that's perfect for the holidays! Fortunately, even if you can't go to Paris yourself, a handful of chocolatiers from this food capital have their own shops online that you can order from where you are in the world!

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