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Where to Go Shopping in Vienna

February 02, 2022
Although Vienna is far from what many would consider a 'fashion capital,' it remains a great place for shopaholics. After all, Austria is a wealthy nation. It can afford to have shopping districts filled with designer brands, luxury labels, and the like. Not to mention local boutiques, vintage stores, and more. If you have some money to spend, you can go wild and buy as many clothes, accessories, shoes and more as you want in the Austrian capital. But the question remains: where do you go shopping in Vienna? Here are some really great options!

Where to Go Shopping in Vienna

The Goldenes Quartier

Located in the 'Old City,' one of the more popular districts in Vienna, The Goldenes Quartier is the most well-known luxury shopping hub in the city. It includes three separate streets, all of which are lined with designer stores, premium shops, and the like. The most luxurious labels are located here, such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and more. Housed inside classical buildings in the most historic part of the Austrian capital, the ambiance adds to the overall vibe of the area. And you'll need about an entire day and a half to get to all the amazing shops here!
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: The Goldenes Quartier

Kärntner Straße

Kärntner Straße is widely regarded as the most famous shopping street in all of Vienna. Since it's only a stone's throw away from the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera House), one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, it's no surprise that this are will also catch other people's attention. It helps that the stores here are a good mix of luxury labels and high street brands. Shoppers of all budgets can go wild and enjoy a shopping spree here and still have enough to cover the other costs in the city. Of course, it also helps that Kärntner Straße is also lined with a ton of great places to eat.
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Cha già José

Mariahilfer Straße

Stretching across 1.8 kilometers, Mariahilfer Straße is one of the largest shopping districts in Vienna. Offering up a treasure trove of shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and more, this is probably the busiest place to shop in the city as well. The stores here cover a wide range of retail, including French designer footwear, Swedish high-street brands, American sportswear labels, and more. Just like Kärntner Straße, Mariahilfer Straße also caters to many budget-types, from the upscale and expensive to the affordable and still high-quality. The street also includes many subway stations so using public transport here is a piece of cake!
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: Wikimedia Commons


Unlike all the other places on this list, Kohlmarkt really only has one major thing to offer: jewelry. If you want to get your hands on some bling, this is the place you go to in Vienna. The area is lined with jewelry shops all around, both local and international. Even though it's located in Downtown Vienna, it remains one of the more sparkling spots in the city. Think French and American jewelry brands that are coveted around the world. Or Swiss watch labels that offer timepieces that can be family heirlooms one day. These are the 'finer things in life' that you'll find in Kohlmarkt!
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ qwesy qwesy.


Perhaps the most spacious shopping district on this list, Graben is a must-visit spot in Vienna. And it's not just for when you want to go shopping too. Graben is such a busy street that you can even spend a day watching people here and you won't get bored. Of course, what most people go here to do is to shop. The are is filled with amazing shops, chic boutiques, affordable stores, and more. It offers a variety of goodies, styles, price points, making it one of the more diverse shopping spots in the Austrian capital as well.
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Lumturi1989


Since Europe is filled with shopping districts, most of the attention goes to the retail streets, shopping villages, and the like. They're part of the novel retail experience in the 'Old Continent' after all. But even in Vienna, there are still a few malls worth checking out. Ringstraßen-Galerien is definitely one of them! Located near the southern border of Vienna's Old Town, this place offers up 60 fabulous boutiques, each fancier than the next. From global designer brands to local luxury labels, it's another upscale hotspot that shopaholics with a lot of money to spare can go gaga over.
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: Ringstraßen Galerien Facebook Page/ Andi Bruckner


Remember that 'shopping' doesn't always have to mean buying clothes, shoes, accessories, and the like. It can also mean buying food. And if you're a budgeted food shopper in Vienna, you'll want to go to Naschmarkt! This multi-cultural street market is the biggest and most affordable of its kind in the city. You can get all sorts of amazing treats here, from traditional Austrian dishes to international cuisines. You can also do your grocery shopping so you can cook your own meals in your own luxury home in Vienna. Not bad, right?
Where to Go Shopping in Vienna
Source: Flickr.com/ Kotomi_

Vienna is a pretty luxurious city and it's not just because of the palaces, castles, grand concert halls, and the like. You can get your fair share of designer goodies and luxury items when you go shopping in the many retail spaces in the city.




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