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French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About

February 21, 2021
Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Winston. These are just some of the most famous jewelry brands in the world. They're known for their sophisticated sparkle and shimmering splendors that only the wealthy can obtain. And they shine even better when worn in the 'City of Lights,' Paris! Speaking of the French capital, there are other jewelry labels on offer here too, right? Cartier is already one of them, but is it only that? Nope! The truth is, there are tons of exquisite French jewelry brands that more people should know about. Here are some to get you started!
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About


Located at Place Vendome in the 1st arrondissement, Breguet is one of the finest luxury French jewelry brands in Paris. A home-grown company that was established in the 18th century, they've stood the test of time. Their lavish timepieces, decorated with diamonds and shimmering in gold and mother of pearl, have captivated people for generations. No other brand has had patrons such as the likes of Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria, and Sir Winston Churchill. Today, they continue their tradition of providing the most luxurious watches to those who can afford them. Time never looked this beautiful anywhere else!
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About
Source: Breguet


While Cartier is famous for its diamond-encrusted reptiles, Boucheron's own charming bejeweled fauna can rival them any day. This is yet another French jewelry brand that has stood the test of time, having been established in 1858 by Frédéric Boucheron. Although the label isn't as universally beloved as Cartier, it certainly offers the same quality of jewels. As already mentioned, their nature-inspired pieces draw the most attention. Think elegant swans in silver and gold, seahorses turned into sparkling rings and leopard brooches with brooding emerald eyes. Not to mention, of course, their countless flower-shaped accessories that are as dainty as ever!
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About
Source: Boucheron


Since Paris is the city of love, it's only likely that engagement rings are all the rage here, right? But where exactly should you get them from? Many would undoubtedly say Chaumet! Sparkling as if it's Christmas in Paris every day, their range of engagement rings are second to none. Their focus on the silhouettes rather than the stones used is what makes them stand out. Imagine a fleur de lis but with more elegant curves and encrusted with thousands of diamonds. Wouldn't that look divine on someone's ring finger? Perhaps, your beloved's ring finger?
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About
Source: Chaumet Facebook Page

De Grace

Located along Rue de la Paix, De Grace isn't exactly the most famous French fine jewelry brand out there. Its humble popularity among the elite doesn't even hold a candle to the immense fame of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels! But you know what? Their first-class clientele wouldn't have it any other way! For those who are lucky enough to buy from De Grace, what they love most about the brand is their VIP treatment. Sure, they have their ready-made pieces in their luxe showrooms. But the label is, more or less, most known for their custom-made jewelry. Cut and crafted especially for you!
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About
Source: De Grace Facebook Page

Jaubalet Paris

Unique doesn't even begin to describe the pieces from Jaubalet! From the architectural to the avant-garde this French jewelry brand is all about providing the most unique-looking accessories in the world. Sure, some may look questionable, a few may even downright disgust traditional jewelry clients, but that's the beauty of the label. Their individuality and disregard of the norms when it comes to fine jewelry make them an interesting label to go for. If you want a piece that you're 100% certain you won't find anywhere else, Jaubalet is the only brand that will give it to you!
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About
Source: Jaubalet Paris Facebook Paris

Walid Akkad

Fairly new to the scene, Walid Akkad is a Lebanese jeweler who's made a splash in the world of French jewelry companies over the years. Coming from the Middle East, you can already get a good sense of what type of shimmering splendor to expect from here, right? Gold! Golden rings, golden, necklaces, golden bracelets, gold galore! They shine in an almost futuristic way; as if they'ye mixed with chrome to elevate their modern appeal. Nevertheless, those who want to drip in gold would have their fair share of the treasure from this brand!
French Jewelry Brands You Should Know About
Source: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to jewelry, the French know a thing or two about making the best! However, don't just rely on the big labels that you've already heard of or seen for so long! Other underrated French jewelry brands are just as elegant, sophisticated, and worth every penny!

Your jewelry from any of these amazing brands would be a lot safer if you chose a luxury home to store them in while you're in Paris!



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