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Understanding the Living Costs in Vienna

September 23, 2021
With all its nostalgic allure and classical opulence, it's easy to think that Vienna is the most expensive city in the world. that living here will cost an arm, a leg, and perhaps a shoulder too. Just one look and you can already feel all your money slipping away. Well, that couldn't be farther from the truth. While most European cities can be costly, Vienna isn't on the level of the likes of Paris, London, and Rome. That's not to say it's entirely cheap to live here, but you also won't end up bankrupt either. Just take a look at the living costs here.

Understanding the Living Costs in Vienna


Costs of Renting in Viena

Let's start with renting an apartment in Vienna. Whether you go for a luxury rental or a more old-school home that seems like it never left the 20th-century, renting in the Austrian capital is quite costly. However, it's not as expensive as in the other  European capitals. For instance, if a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city will already cost you thousands of Euros a month, here in Vienna, the price range is from €750.00 to €1,200.00. For a three-bedroom in the same area, it'd cost you around €1,100.00 to €2,500.00. In other cities, renting such places will cost you double or triple the amount! 


Costs of Buying Property in Vienna

And what of actually buying your own property in Vienna? Surely that'd cost a lot more, right? Correct! When compared to those in other cities in Europe, the price ranges of actually purchasing a property in the Austrian capital are more or less the same. The cost of buying your own home in any Vienna neighborhood is around €5,000.00 to €12,000.00 per square meter. That is if the area is pretty much near the city center. While the price per square meter for a home along the outskirts of the city costs €3,500.00 to €5,000.00. So even in Vienna, buying property is pretty expensive. 


Understanding the Living Costs in Vienna


Utilities Costs

Whether you rent an apartment or you buy your own property in Vienna, you can take comfort in the fact that the only utilities costs here aren't that expensive. In fact, if you add them all up, the total price you have to pay every month is less than €500.00! The most expensive parts of it are your basic monthly bills—electricity, water, garbage disposal, etc. When you total them all up, the common price ranges from €20.00 to €309.09. And if you want to install wifi in your place, you'll only have to pay around €25.00 to €45.00 every month for it! 


Food Costs

Even less expensive will be your food costs. That is if you don't go overboard and shop at the upscale supermarkets and food stores. If you can afford them, by all means, go on right ahead! But if you want to budget your money more economically, the common total median price for a trip to the groceries is €67.89. Yes, for less than €100.00, you can stock your fridge, cupboards, and more with food and other goodies that can lat you about a week or two. And this total includes a liter of milk, 1.5 liters of water, a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, and many fruits & vegetables. 


Understanding the Living Costs in Vienna


Dining Costs

Dining out in Vienna doesn't have to cost you a lot of money as well. Sure, there are many upscale, Michelin-starred establishments that will take a huge toll on your finances with every meal, but at least there are also those more affordable but still quality culinary options. Sometimes, they're the best ones to go for! A meal in an inexpensive hole-in-the-wall place, for instance, where there are fewer crowds to disturb your dinner, will only cost you around €8.00 to €15.00. And if you want to take your date out to a nice restaurant for a three-course meal, expect to pay €35.00 to €80.00. 


Transportation Costs

With a city as beautiful as Vienna, it'd be a shame if you don't explore it and see the stunning structures and palatial halls. Fortunately, public transportation here isn't all that expensive. And the best part is they're also very efficient and fast. A one-way trip on any public transport system only costs €2.40. Double that for a back-and-forth trip and you'll only have to pay €4.80 to go to any destination in the city and back. But if you prefer to buy your own ar here, expect to shell out around €20,000.00 to €25,795.10, regardless of what model or brand it is. 


Understanding the Living Costs in Vienna


Clothing Costs

Since Vienna isn't a fashion capital, you don't have to pay a lot of money to stay fashionable here. Though that doesn't mean the clothes here are shabby and dreary. And you can still expect a lot of the big luxury brands to set up shop here as well. But if you can't afford or want to stay economical with your wardrobe investments, buying from more affordable labels won't leave you bankrupt. A piece from a high-street store, for instance, will only cost from €20.00 to €50.00 max. While a pair of sneakers from a well-known sportswear brand will only cost €50.00 to €120.00. 


Leisure Costs

While in other cities, leisure costs can be quite expensive, here in Vienna, they're not that high. Fortunately, it's not that expensive to relax, take a load off, and even stay fit in the Austrian capital. If you want to get a monthly membership at a mid-range gym in the city, it will only cost you around €19.99 to €79.00, give or take! Renting a court to play all sorts of sports will only cost you €15.00 to €25.00 per hour as well. And when you want to watch a movie, tickets will only cost €9.00 to €13.00 each! 


Childcare & Education Costs

One of the biggest costs you'll have to make here in Vienna—or in any other city, for that matter!—is your child's education. It won't come cheap, most especially when he/she reaches college. But it's the one investment out of everything that should mean the most to you. While your kid is young, taking him to a private daycare center will only cost you around €150.00 to €400.00 per month. When he/she grows older, a private international school education will have a tuition fee of €7,000.00 to 12,000.00 per year. Expensive? totally! But is it all worth it? Definitely! 


Understanding the Living Costs in Vienna


On looks alone, Vienna may seem like one of the most expensive cities out there but it's far from the truth. The living costs here are actually quite affordable and very manageable, though you still need to be wise with your finances nonetheless!





Vienna, Austria

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Vienna, Austria

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