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Top French Shoe Designer Brands To Know

May 09, 2021
The French know a lot about the finer things in life. From haute couture to haute cuisine, France produces the best of the best of practically everything! And you can include shoes on that list too! Over the years, many French designers have dominated the footwear industry, making their mark and solidifying France, most especially Paris, as the fashion capital of the world. Whether it'd be a pair of sexy stilettos for women or a smart pair of leather shoes for men, French shoe designers know their stuff! Here are some you ought to know the next time you shop for shoes!
Top French Shoe Designer Brands To Know


Although anything French when it comes to fashion often means exclusive and a little bit elusive, Carel is a different story! This women's footwear brand is a lot more approachable than the type of shoes you'd see in other French designer labels. Think ballet flats that look so comfy, you won't want to take them off even when you get home. Or Mary Janes that look adorable but are not too childish-looking. Not to mention a nice pair of sandals that will allow you to explore all the neighborhoods of Paris without getting sores on your feet! Source: Carel Instagram Account

Christian Louboutin

Now, if you want to talk iconic, look no further than Christian Louboutin! Practically everyone knows about that famous red soles, right? It's become more of a status symbol than just a French shoe designer signature at this point! Over the years, Louboutin has become so entrenched with high fashion and mainstream glamour that owning a pair from this brand is a must for any full-fledged fashionista. Part of that is also thanks to the designer's long list of A-list clientele, ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker and Kerry Washington to Jennifer Lopez and Janelle Monae! If these sorts of women wear Louboutin, of course, all the others would want a pair from him too! Source: Christian Louboutin Instagram Account


Established in 1981, Clergerie is all about pure craftsmanship. Who says your footwear can't be as intricately made as an haute couture dress? Be they mules or espadrilles, this French shoe designer brand makes use of all sorts of techniques, artistry, and the like to make their coveted pairs. Although they proudly stand by their 'Made in France' heritage, the label has also outsourced to other countries to further elevate the level of craftsmanship. Think basket-weaving in Morocco or hand-embroidering in Italy. It's the meticulous approach to craftsmanship that really highlights the excellence of a pair of Clergerie shoes! Source: Clegerie Instagram Account

Jacques & Démétier

Just how 'French' footwear brand Jacques & Démétier is? Their workshops are in Pays de la Loire while they get their fine leathers from tanneries in the French countryside cities of Le Puy and Barr! It won't get any more 'French' than that! It's no wonder Jacques & Démétier is one of the best men's footwear labels in the world! They take pride in their heritage and rely on old-school craftsmanship with new techniques to create their outstanding pairs. Many of which go well with Parisian menswear designers too! If you want to look distinguished, especially in the corporate world, this is the brand to go for! Source: Jacques & Démétier Instagram Account

J.M. Weston

What's so fascinating about J.M. Weston is that, although it's historically a French shoe designer brand, it's also somewhat intrinsically American too! Founder Édouard Blanchard opened up the factories and established the brand in 1891 but it was his son, Eugène, who made it a big hit in the US when he brought it over in 1904. Since then, countless American men who rely on French designer labels for their footwear and other accessories continually shop at J.M. Weston. Most especially when they want the brand's iconic 180 Penny Loafer, a style imitated and copied around the world! Source: J.M. Weston Instagram Account

Laurence Dacade

‘The shoe is not only an object made for walking but it’s also an experimental tool of freedom.’ This is a famous quote from Laurence Dacade, one of France's leading contemporary shoe designers. In 2003, she founded her label and established a lifestyle wherein designer shoes can still be comfortable and practical. From leather boots to strapped sandals, Laurence Dacade's own brand of footwear glamour doesn't sacrifice shimmer, sexiness, and sparkle, but rather equally highlights comfort all throughout. You won't see pencil-thin stiletto feels and the like from this label. But what you will find are easy-to-wear pairs that can work from day to night! Source: Laurence Dacade Paris Instagram Account

Roger Vivier

Speaking of stiletto heels, no list of French shoe designers isn't complete without Roger Vivier! The legendary designer who created the stiletto heels, this monumental luxury footwear label is all about unapologetic glamour, old-school sophistication, and sleek sexiness no matter what. With each and every pair they make, be it a hot pair of pumps or some cool kicks, there will always be a touch of high-class. It's no wonder the label is a mainstay among red carpet style stars and elite fashion influencers! If you want to look like a million bucks, a pair from Roger Vivier will do! Source: Roger Vivier Instagram Account

France's supremacy in fashion doesn't just end in haute couture. The French shoe designers from this country also dominate the luxury footwear market, trotting out the most sophisticated high-quality pairs money can buy!

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