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Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez

June 18, 2021
Shopping is practically a way of life here in Saint Tropez. As a lap of luxury in the French Riviera, this notorious city is known for offering the finer things in life. Think French designer brands that are known around the world. The most famous jewelry labels add to the already glossy and sparkling reputation of the city. Even luxury cars and yachts are abundant here. However, while those are all extraordinary, it's the local finds that you ought to look for next. And here are some of the best of the best from Saint Tropez.

Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez

Marché de Saint-Tropez

When it comes to local and rare finds in this city, look no further than Marché de Saint-Tropez! One of the main open markets in the city, you'll want to spend an entire day just browsing each and every stall. Who knows? You might find a priceless rare antique that might look great in your home. Or a few knick-knacks that may seem unnecessary at first, but in due time, will prove useful and memorable. Not to mention some local delicacies that you won't find anywhere else! With a diverse range of prices on offer, you'll find that there's a lot in store in this famous market.
Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez
Source: Wikimedia Commons


You're in Saint Tropez in the French Riviera. It's a city known as a paradise by the Mediterranean sea. When it comes to what you're wearing, it has to be chic sandals all the way. And here in Saint Tropez, although there are about a dozen designer shoe stores throughout the city, there's a homegrown shop that many locals and tourists invest in—Rondini. Since 1927, this family-owned footwear brand, its store located on 16 rue Clemenceau, has captivated the world's elite with its signature flats and strappy heels. Their designs define what 'French Riviera chic' is all about!
Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez
Source: Rondini

La Chemise Tropézienne

It's no secret that a white shirt is a Parisian style staple, but here in Saint Tropez, it's also a popular must-have. You've seen the celebrities who've gone here, right? Haven't you seen them donning shirts while strolling outside, relaxing on the beach, or using them as cover-ups while they're lounging in their private yachts? Why is the white shirt so common in Saint Tropez? It's because of La Chemise Tropézienne! Another homegrown brand beloved for their well-made shirts, this place is a must-shop for those in Saint Tropez. The fine selection of tops makes for great souvenirs from the famous city in the French Riviera!
Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Caroline Dechamby

Think back to many established French luxury brands—Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chloé—what do they have in common? They're popular for leather goods. And yes, these designer labels have stores in Saint Tropez too. However, don't you want a bag that's uniquely 'Saint Tropezian' instead? Enter Caroline Dechamby! This famous artist, who has her own gallery on Rue Joseph Quaranta, is a mega favorite among local and foreign fashionistas. Why? Because her outstanding pop art purses and handbags help them stand out in the crowd. Colorful, artistic, and chic, these accessories scream 'Saint Tropez' and are the best to show off in this high-class city!
Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez
Source: Caroline Dechamby


Now, how about something for the men, right? Though Parisian menswear labels are dominating the trends nowadays, here in Saint Tropez, there's only one brand that reigns supreme—Faconnable! Their store on 6 rue Francois Sibilli has been frequented by Hollywood celebs, famous business executives, and even a few members of royal families around the world. The label defines luxurious Mediterranean menswear, from its signature polo shirts to the comfortable chinos. The pieces are just as comfortable as they are chic, making them the perfect items for a French Riviera wardrobe. And, of course, the quality of these clothes are insane!
Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez
Source: Faconnable

Francesca Donà

You can't show off your sense of style in Saint Tropez without some haute joallerie! As glamorous as your outfit may look, in this notoriously opulent paradise, it's nothing without some sparkle and shine. And when you're in need of such accessories, look no further than Francesca Donà! Just like Caroline Dechamby, Donà is a prominent artist who has her own art gallery in Saint Tropez. But beyond her famous artworks, it's her line of fine jewelry that most style stars fawn over. Making use of rare materials from the French Riviera, as well as exotic stones from around the world, her pieces show off a signature Mediterranean style that's all her own.
Where To Get The Best Finds in Saint Tropez
Source: Francesca Donà

Here in Saint Tropez, you can shop till you drop and it still won't be enough! However, instead of going for the famous designer brands and luxury labels that you can find in other cities as well, why not go to homegrown shops with rare finds that you can only get in Saint Tropez?