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What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You

February 21, 2021
French fashion has truly evolved over the years. Dating all the way back to the 18th century, fashion has been a central part of society in France, most especially in Paris! And to think, some of the most prominent brands here have been around for centuries! That's how significant fashion is in the French capital. With that said, certain labels fit certain personalities. This isn't to say that people aren't free to buy from them as they place, but rather, investing in certain brands reveals what your personality is, more or less. Here's what your favorite French designer brand says about you!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You

Chanel - Classic But Current

At the height of Belle Epoque at the turn of the century, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel defied all convention and paved the way for casual style, both in Paris and in the rest of the world. A few decades later, in the 1950s, she introduced her iconic suit which remains a major French style staple. Tantalizingly timeless, those who go for Chanel often imply that you're one to embrace unconventionality while embracing traditional codes of elegant femininity. You're more likely to pair your own Chanel jacket with a pair of jeans, evoking both reality and rebellion in equal measure.
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source: Chanel Facebook Page

Christian Dior - Slave to Sophistication

Full skirts, nipped waists, and carefully crafted hips. These are what made Christian Dior's 'New Look' stand-out when he first introduced it in 1947. Since then, his haute couture house has stood for old-school sophistication, even when other designers have taken the helm. These days, even as Maria Grazia Chirui, the first woman to become the creative director of the brand, embraces feminism in subtle yet extreme styles, her designs never stray from the other-worldly elegance that the house was founded upon. So if you're a slave to sophistication and prefer to always look your best, Dior is your kind of label!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source: Christian Dior Facebook Page

Balmain - Confident Glamazon

While Italy has Versace, France has Balmain! It's come a long way from its elegant origins with its founder, Pierre Balmain. But thanks to its most recent designers, Christophe Decarinin and Olivier Rousteing, the brand has become the go-to level for confident glamazons! Mind you, this doesn't mean that when you buy from here, you'll automatically grow seven-foot-tall. However, when you sport their strong silhouettes, imposing shapes, and intricate craftsmanship, you'll certainly look the part. Promoting power through glamour and sexiness, you'll only need one Balmain piece in your wardrobe to feel confident!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source: Balmain Facebook Page

Isabel Marant - Timeless Cool Girl

Paris has long been the home of the 'cool girl.' A slightly rebellious chick who doesn't seem to have care in the world and does what she wants. Here in the French capital, you'll likely see her sporting denim jeans, a t-shirt, and a nonchalant attitude that's both equally arrogant yet inviting. Over the years, many brands have banked on this sort of girl but none have succeeded at it quite like Isabel Marant. With her easy and elegant pieces, she has defined the 'Parisian chic' to be that of a cool girl vibe, one where you'll see smoking cigarettes on the street or riding a motorcycle throughout the many districts!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source: Isabel Marant

Chloé - 21st Century Parisian

Another 'cool girl' brand in Paris is definitely Chloé! Established by Gaby Aghion in 1952, it's actually the first-ever ready-to-wear brand in fashion history. It paved the way for other French designers to establish their own labels without having to go the haute couture route at the time. Nevertheless, even though Chloé started in the 1950s, it continues to adapt to modern-day style standards. That's why, among the many centuries and decades-old labels in Paris, Chloé remains the favorite among younger girls who can afford it. Any 21st-century chick would go gaga over their modern takes of vintage styles. Not to mention their contemporary spins on classic fashions!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source: Chloé Facebook Page

Louis Vuitton - Modern Hipster

Even though at its core, Louis Vuitton is a leather goods brand through and through, it consistently evolves through time. Nowadays, in terms of its fashion lines, it's become a go-to brand for modern hipsters. Thanks to the designs of Nicolas Ghesquiere, its current head designer, those who prefer to look unconventional without having to stray too far from the fashion spectrum rely on the brand. From his Japanese-inspired quirks to his space-age aesthetics, looking unique is much more possible thanks to Louis Vuitton. And following Ghesquire's lead, Virgil Abloah has also made a mark in menswear with his own crazy collections!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source:Louis Vuitton

Hermès - Quality Above Everything Else

Finally, there's Hermès! Above all else, this brand is all about quality and craftsmanship. Even if you have to wait for two years just to get one of their iconic bags, it'll all be worth it! Those who go for this brand often prefer quality over everything else. Whether they're bosses at the top of the corporate ladder or even founders of startup companies, they're ones who'd only want the best in life. That's why they love Hermès! Because when it comes to quality pieces, from leather goods to apparel, there's no doubt that this brand offers some of the best of them all!
What Your Favorite French Designer Brand Says About You
Source: Hermès

You might not know it yet, but your favorite French designer label might say a lot about you! Think about why you'd want to invest money in these brands, what you're truly looking for from them, and what your style truly is!

All your clothes from designer brands will always fit your big closet in your luxury home in Paris! Never forget that!



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