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Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About

January 05, 2021
Whatever season it may be, Paris will always be the fashion capital of the world. And it's true for men as it is for women. Even though London is more known for its excellent menswear tailoring, the French capital is still, after all, home of haute couture! They don't just excel in making avant-garde pieces, opulent ball gowns, and the like. The brands here also provide quality, well-made menswear fashions for the dapper gentlemen out there. And since Paris Men's Fashion Week is just around the corner (January 19 - 24, 2021), it's high time you get to know the big names in the game!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About


In recent years, as the fashion world saw the rise of streetwear, A.P.C. made its presence known in the Paris menswear scene. Even though this unisex label was established way back in 1987, it still became one of the breakout comeback brands in the past few years. Their take on casual elegance and easy sophistication remains its huge ace, whether it's the elite looking for an everyday look or a hipster daring to look more classic in a nonchalant way.
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: A.P.C. Facebook Page


Laid-back style never looked this good! In a city like Paris, where haute couture reigns supreme, an easier take on elegance will always stand out. That's why Casablanca has drudged up quite a name for itself in the fashion capital. Though it's largely a sportswear brand, their high fashion collections look more sophisticated than what you'd normally see in the likes of Nike or Adidas. Think pajama-style tailoring, head-to-toe baroque prints, and quality cashmere pieces. This brand takes the leisure look to a whole new luxurious level! It's no wonder it's a great brand to sport during the holidays!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Casablanca Paris

Celine Men

Paris is known for its 'skinny look.' A style that doesn't just flatter your figure, but ensures that even from a mile away, your shape looks trimmer than ever! And this sort of look is just as popular with men as it is with women. This is thanks, in large part, to Hedi Slimane. These days, the iconic designer heads the menswear department of Celine, putting forth cool, relaxed, and very French pieces that help men look their thinnest. Some may argue that men often look rather scrawny in his designs, but to each his own, right?
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Celine

Dior Men

Now, if you want unmistakable luxury and unparalleled elegance, look no further than Dior Men. For years, the house of Christian Dior has stood as one of those quintessential French designer brands that define haute couture and high luxury. And it rings true for the brand's menswear collection as well. Current creative director Kim Jones has put forth a new aesthetic in recent years, one that elevates classic codes of masculine sophistication and puts a new, modern, and at times even cultural spin on them. Whether it's their sportswear or suits, Dior Men has a lot to offer for the contemporary sophisticate!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Dior Men


Though no talk of luxury isn't complete without mentioning Hermés! Even though this iconic brand has become known for its leather goods, particularly its famous (some may argue 'infamous') bags and purses, their menswear line is just as covetable. Of course, the accessories are all exquisite, made with the finest leather in the world and crafted by some of the best artisans in Paris. But in terms of apparel, their selection of elegant suits, easy leisurewear, and quality outerwear continues to stand testament to the brand's inmittigable legacy.
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Hermés

Louis Vuitton

Another brand that's more known for its leather goods is Louis Vuitton. But make no mistake, its menswear collections are just as noteworthy! Most especially since fashion's current golden boy, Virgil Abloh, became the creative director. Similar to his own Paris-based brand, Off-White, Abloh injects this centuries-old French fashion house with new ideas, often including sportswear. His designs blended together today's need for ease with the brand's legacy for elegance. As well as, of course, reflecting today's zeitgeist! You'll likely see his designs worn by people in Montmartre or the Latin Quarter. Just like these districts, his looks are full of life with a direction towards the future!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Louis Vuitton


Very rarely do Parisian luxury brands reflect the Mediterranean vibe of the country. That was until Jacquemus came unto the scene! This lively young designer, who himself looks straight out of a cover of GQ or something, puts forth menswear looks that call back France's earthy Mediterranean heritage. This isn't to say that all his designs are beachwear or anything like that, but there's an easiness to his aesthetic that's both bombastic, sensual, and nonchalant. Even when he, too, goes into oversized sportswear territory from time to time. Simply put, his looks would look just as well in Cannes or St. Tropez as it would in Paris!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Jacquemus


Simple and sophisticated. Those are the words that Christophe Lemaire lives by. This exceptional Parisian designer, whose minimal designs have caught the eye of countless celebrities and even big brands that he has partnered up with (the most famous of which is Japanese high street label UNIQLO), is the guy to invest in if you need and want effortless elegance. Not to mention, of course, quality pieces that will last you a lifetime. Some might argue his designs are boring, but their classic appeal will ensure that you'd look good no matter what era or setting you're in!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Lemaire

Maison Kitsuné

Maison Kitsuné is all about streetwear. But it's not the loud and colorful streetwear the Paris scene has seen a lot off in recent years. It's the cool, relaxed, and elegant streetwear that Parisian style is all about! Think easy denim separates that flatter your figure. Staple button-downs that will look good in either casual or formal settings. Minimal designs that, might not seem noteworthy at first, but really help the wearer look his utmost best. This is what this label is all about!
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Maison Kitsuné Facebook Page

Officine Generale

Quality fabrics are often made for haute couture but what if you can wear them for everyday life as well? That's where Officine Generale comes in! This luxurious casual brand upholds a nonchalant elegance for a nice Parisian wardrobe. Their suits aren't as severe as others. Their textiles and textures are simply out of this world. For this label, high fashion doesn't only have to look good, but it has to feel good as well! Wouldn't you love to stroll around the Marais district in a cool leather jacket made with quality skins and fits just right?
Parisian Menswear Brands You Ought To Know About
Source: Officine Generale

Here in Paris, fashion is just as excellent for men as it is for women. A fine array of world-renowned labels await today's sophisticated gentleman and offer their own luxurious takes on what he needs to look good in this day and age!

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