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What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

December 30, 2021
Paris in winter is truly something else. Everything in the French capital is covered in snow, from the iconic monuments to the charming cobblestone streets! Not to mention the exceptionally cool breeze that blows through every now and then. There's arguably nothing more beautiful than seeing this city turn into a winter wonderland! And if you're here during that season, you'd want to go to the parks as if it was still spring! Well, you still can though! As long as you're careful, know what to bring, and wear the appropriate clothes, you can still enjoy Paris' finest parks in the winter!
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

Walk There Instead

As already mentioned, Paris often becomes its most beautiful in the winter. All the snow-covered hotspots and attractions look straight out of a storybook. Or would make a great setting for a romantic movie! With that in mind, if a park is near your place, why not walk there? Sure, it'd be easier to drive or take public transport, but if you do, you risk missing some of the most beautiful sights in Paris. Ones that you won't get to see every day even if you moved to the French capital yourself. Only when you take a stroll, even before reaching the park, will you really appreciate the beauty of Paris in the winter.
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

Take A Few Snapshots

Don't just marvel at the snow-ladened Paris, take a snapshot too! When you plan a trip to the nearest park, make sure to bring your camera. Even when you're just on the way, you'll likely see a lot of scenes worth capturing. Some would probably garner a lot of likes on Instagram too! Similar to the likes of Barcelona and Rome, Paris is already a very Instagrammable city on its own. What more when it's the peak of winter and all of that beauty sparkles with fallen snowflakes? Not only will your shots probably go viral, but you'll have a lot of Christmas card-worth images to choose from too!
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

Layer Up The Outerwear

It's winter, of course, it's cold! So even before you step foot outside your home, make sure you've layered enough! Around three or four layers would do, or at least, until your warm enough when you go outside. And seeing as you're in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world, layering up means keeping your style game strong! Think a chic turtle neck with a well-cut trench coat for the film noir look! Or a big puffer jacket to keep up with the streetwear trends! Not to mention a cute Christmas sweater to keep the holiday spirit alive for just a bit longer.
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

Don't Forget The Blanket

What's a trip to a park without a blanket? Most especially during winter? When the temperature is already lower than the depths of the Pacific Ocean, you really ought to bring blankets when you go to any park in Paris. You'd do well to bring two. One is for your picnic setting; you don't want to sit on piles of snow, do you? Of course not! So a think (preferably wool) blanket will do to avoid that from happening! The other is to warm yourself up when it gets too cold. It'd also be great if it's a thick wooly blanket for maximum comfort!
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

Coffee in a Tumblr is Always A Good Idea

When you're in Paris, coffee is one of the ultimate refreshments! And yes, you don't have to go to a café to enjoy it! Even when you go to the park, you can always bring coffee in a tumble. once you've laid out your blanket, you can set up your cups, pour in the coffee, and have a warm cup of coffee as snowflakes continue to fall on the French capital. What a scene, right? It's so dreamy. It almost feels too good to be true! But it most definitely is true! Especially since Parisians love their coffee!
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

A Perfect Excuse To Cuddle Up

When you go to any park in Paris during winter, the cool weather makes for a great excuse to cuddle up! The French capital is already one of the most romantic cities in the world. Seeing people cuddle up—some even downright making love!—is commonplace among the parks in the city. However, if you're shy about it and want to act all coy, the cold breezes of a Parisian winter make for a great reason to hug your partner so tightly, both of you almost can't breathe. And if you steal a kiss or two, that'd be great too! It's lucky that Valentine's Day is often during winter too!
What To Remember When Visiting The Paris Parks During Winter

Just because it's winter in Paris doesn't mean you can't go to the city's main and most beautiful parks. You can still enjoy a picnic, some playtime, or even just rest & relaxation in these places provided you remember what to bring and what to do to keep warm!

It's always better to go to these parks in Paris during winter when you have a warm luxury apartment to come home to right after!

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