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Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

August 30, 2020
Paris is practically a collection of cafes. Sure, it has its world-famous landmarks and luxury shopping districts, but if there's one thing most people here can do, it's to spend some time in a cafe. It's become a French pastime of sorts, with many people going to one whenever they're free. But there's something more inviting about spending the afternoon in a Parisian cafe in autumn. To see the leaves fall while you enjoy a cup of coffee with a pastry or two. When you converse with your company as the autumn breeze kisses your face and neck. To experience this, here are a few Parisian cafes to look into.

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall


The Abbey Bookshop

This isn't exactly a cafe, per se, but it almost feels like one. Here in this bookshop, they'll actually serve you a cup of coffee. Browse through the Hemingways, Fitzgeralds, Dahls, and more as you sip a strong cup of joe. Though don't expect a table here; there aren't any! It's an oasis of French books, classic novels, and more! And they're enough to keep you warm while you're here. What better way to spend your afternoon than to stack up on your caffeine whiles going on a literary adventure? Paris is an exciting city in of itself, yes, but these books make it more worthwhile! 

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

Source: The Abbey Bookshop Facebook Page



More than a restaurant perfect for a business lunch than a cafe, Bambou still has an outdoor terrace that keeps up with the Parisian cafe society. So if you still want to indulge in some sweet French goodness, you still can. But for the most part, people come here for the spicy Thai food. What better way to warm up amidst the Parisian autumn than to indulge in some exotic cuisine? The spices will surely have you sweating, even when the cool autumn winds blow through you. Still, whether you go French or Thai in this place, there's no denying it's one culinary hotspot you just have to check out in Paris. 

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

Source: Bambou



Cafes are not just a Parisian novelty. In some neighborhoods here, they serve as the centers of the communities there. You could say that this applies to La Caféothèque. It's not exactly a "mom-and-pop" store by any stretch, but it is one where a lot of things happen. Think music shows, poetry readings, and the like. It's become a safe space where artists, creatives, and just about anybody can express themselves however they want to. And, of course, it's year another warm hotspot to hang out in when it's autumn in Paris. You can't get any better than that! 

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

Source: Caféothèque Facebook Page


Eugène Eugène

Palm trees, bay leaves, and rattan chairs. Eugène Eugène won't just keep you warm. This place will actually transport you to a tropical country. Or at least, give you the right ambiance to provide the mood. And if you think this won't work in autumn (and winter!), think again! The place heats up as the city cools down, providing a paradise for a retreat to keep your bodies cozy and your tummies happy. As for the menu, expect French cuisine from the French Isles, the more exotic, the better! Inside Eugène Eugène, it's a far cry from the colder autumn Paris you know and love! 

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

Source: Eugène Eugène


La Rotonde de la Muette

Though it looks like your run-of-the-mill Parisian cafe, La Rotonde de la Muette is actually a brasserie. And one of the finest in the French capital at that! Notably, the ambiance here is botanical bliss all-year-round, even when it's the dead of winter. But don't expect to see any colorful leaves her! The place ensures that its flora remains lusciously green all-year-long. It's quite a testament to La Rotonde de la Muette that they're able to make it seem like it's spring here all year. And while you won't see a lot of French cocktails here, there's still the fine selection of crafted beer! 

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

Source: La Rotonde de la Muette


Le Comptoir General

"Shabby chic" is what best describes Le Comptoir General. An oasis of bohemian style with a strong sense of identity. That is the Parisian style is, after all! Bursting with color and texture, you'd think this was part of an exotic Middle-Eastern souk or something! Or an antique shop, what with the many knick-knacks and quirky items set about. But in terms of comfort and coziness, you won't find a scarcity of them here! They're all about providing you a relaxing retreat, complete with great music, even greater food, and good company. There's no denying that you'll feel right at home here. 

Cafes to Warm You Up in Paris this Fall

Source: Le Comptoir General


Cafe society is alive and well here in Paris. more so when it's autumn. When a need for a hot cup of coffee, a relaxing space, and a good company is stronger than ever! Make sure you go to one when the leaves start to fall here! 

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