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Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home

December 09, 2021
America has practically defined what Christmas is in this day and age. Sure, the religious origins aren't as highlighted here as in other countries, but you have to admit, the way this country has commercialized the holiday is something else. Because of the US, Santa Claus has become one of, if not the central figure of the holiday season. Then there's the snowman, the reindeer, Christmas trees, and more. These are only the tip of the iceberg on how Americans celebrate Christmas. And because they've been so influential, it's easy to replicate them in your own home this holiday season!
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home

Singing Christmas Carols

Americans are very musically-inclined people, especially during the holidays. it's become a huge tradition for families to gather around and sing Christmas carols on this special holiday. From the classic 'Jingle Bells' and 'Deck The Halls' to the more modern 'Give Love on Christmas Day' (by The Jackson 5) and 'All I Want for Christmas is You,' (by Mariah Carey) these songs are what makes Christmas feel even more festive. Usually, groups of people would visit houses in the neighborhood and perform for the community, but since going out isn't the best idea right now, you can simply sing your hearts out at home with your family.
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Decorating The Christmas Tree With The Whole Family

Here in the US, the Christmas season starts the moment you decorate your home. Putting the lights up, getting a Christmas tree—they all lift your spirits and gives you that warm tingly feeling that this season always brings out. It's a great activity to do with your family, spending more time with them even before Christmas day arrives. And the moment you hit the lights and your tree glistens, your heart will instantly know that it's finally that time of the year again. Do take note, this is often done right after Thanksgiving Day, which is another important American holiday.
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Watching A Christmas Movie

With Hollywood being a huge part of American culture, it should come as no surprise that watching movies has become a common Christmas tradition. Through the years, Christmas movies have become their own vital film genre in the entertainment industry. From TV flicks to cinematic features, Americans sure love watching people celebrate (or many times, go through) Christmas! There are also many sub-genres to it, such as family-friendly movies and holiday-themed romantic-comedies. And the best part? You can just as easily do this in your own home too! Just stream one online, make some popcorn, gather everyone in the house, and start the movie!
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Serving Milk & Cookies to Santa Claus

It's no secret that Santa Claus is a huge part of the American Christmas tradition. In fact, it's safe to say that most children probably think of the white-bearded jolly man more so than Jesus Christ, whose birthday is the root of Christmas Day. And while the holiday is largely religious, thanks to Santa Claus, even those who are not of the Christian faith celebrate Christmas as well. But what do kids do about Santa Claus? Well, apart from sending him letters before Christmas Eve, they also put out some milk & cookies so that the big-bellied Father Christmas can have something to eat when he's in their house. Pretty adorable, right?
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Enjoying Gingerbread Cookies

Speaking of cookies, one kind trumps all the others during the holiday season. That's the gingerbread cookie! Biscuits spiced up with sweet ginger spice and a little bit of cinnamon make for a great treat for this time of the year. There's a certain flavor to it that's just right, further lifting up people's spirits just in time for the holiday. The most famous version is, of course, the gingerbread man. A tiny little cookie figure with an icing face and gumdrop buttons. Those who prefer to go all out might make an entire gingerbread house too, which is a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Stockings By The Fireplace

Did you know that even something as simple as putting up stockings differs from country to country? Even though most people around the world do it, the different traditions are unique from one place to the next. Here in the US, people put their stockings up by the fireplace, making it easy for Santa Claus to just slip his presents inside without getting noticed. And mind you, these aren't your ordinary stockings either! They're often special, Christmas-themed stockings (that look more like giant socks) that bear the names of those who hung them by the fireplace. It's to ensure Santa doesn't mix up his presents!
Easy American Christmas Traditions You Can Do At Home
Source: Wikimedia Commons

What's so great about American Christmas traditions is that they've become so vast and influential that they're practically easy to do even when you're not in the US. You can just as easily have a very American Christmas at home no matter where you are in the world!

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