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ALX Guide: The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

November 12, 2021
The 10th arrondissement of Paris is one of the more underrated districts in the city. It doesn't have iconic landmarks like the 7th or 8th, the glamour of the 1st and 9th, nor the vibrant energy of the 4th and 5th. Instead, the area is quaint and quiet, permeating with a suburban-like serenity that's practically foreign in other parts of the French capital. Perhaps this is the appeal of the 10th arrondissement. With its serene Canal St. Martin and colorful Rue Sainte-Marthe, the district serves as a much-needed refresher from the more livelier areas. What's not to love?
ALX Guide: The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

What is The 10th Arrondissement in Paris?

The 10th arrondissement of Paris is a peaceful and fairly multi-cultural district in the French capital. It's known for its diverse population reflected heavily on the sorts of establishments you'll find in the area. Some restaurants serve foreign cuisines, different kinds of shops, and more. Most notably, it's one of the quieter neighborhoods in Paris. It's an underrated district with no famous landmarks nearby, so tourists rarely end up in this part of the city. This makes it popular among locals who want to stay away from the more crowded arrondissements.

The 10th Arrondissement in Paris Safety

Is the 10th arrondissement in Paris safe? Yes, it is! As already mentioned, the area is among the more peaceful in the city. With fewer crowds to contend with, the place is much quieter compared to nearby arrondissements. You'd typically think that such unpopular areas will invite more crimes but this isn't the case for the 10th arrondissement. The crime rates in Paris may be high, but not in this particular area. The district is simply peaceful, making it one of the best for families moving to Paris and looking for a place to settle down.

ALX Guide: The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

What is The 10th Arrondissement in Paris Known for?

The 10th arrondissement may not be the most popular district in the city, but it's still known for something: hidden gems. You'd be surprised at how many great places to eat, drink, shop, and have a good time here. Naturally, their main charm is that they're off the beaten path. Not a lot of tourists stumble onto the 10th arrondissement, making it the perfect area to escape crowds and enjoy some peace in the middle of the city. Marché Saint-Martin is fairly well-known among locals but it’s still less crowded compared to more popular spots. It's a great place to shop and eat!

What to Do in The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

The 10th arrondissement is arguably the best place to relax in Paris. If you want to enjoy a stroll without bumping into tourists, retreat to these quiet streets. The same goes for when you want to enjoy a meal in a less hectic atmosphere. Some bistros and cafes may get a tad crowded at times here, but they're peaceful for the most part. And if you want to shop for some rare finds, the 10th arrondissements has all sorts of places in store. From fascinating boutiques to some of the chicest vintage shops in Paris, the area is a bang for your buck!

ALX Guide: The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

What to See in The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

Admittedly, there aren't many places to see in the 10th arrondissements. At least, not in the same way as the Eiffel Tower in the 7th, the Louvre in the 1st, or the Arc de Triomphe in the 8th. Perhaps the most tourist-friendly spot in the area is Canal Saint-Martine, a picture-perfect canal that's as Instagrammable as the city's most iconic landmarks. This postcard-worthy pathway is a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling French capital. You should seriously see it when you spend autumn in Paris. The fall foliage and its vibrant colors reflected on the canal's calm waters is a winning shot waiting to happen!

The 10th Arrondissement in Paris Restaurants

There are plenty of great restaurants in the 10th arrondissement but one of the best places to eat here is Marché Saint-Martin. Food and snack stalls offer the freshest produce and the most delicious delicacies you'll find on this side of the city. As for the arrondissement's hotspots, La Ville de Provins on Boulevard de Strasbourg is a standout. It's an old-fashioned bistro that serves steak, escargot, and an amazing brunch to boot. You ought to check it out no matter the time of day! The same goes for Au Comptoir on Rue de la Grange aux Belles, a sophisticated space devoted to haute cuisine. What more do you need?

ALX Guide: The 10th Arrondissement in Paris

Don't let the fact that the 10th arrondissement doesn't have that much hustle and bustle fool you. Though it may not be as lively or as glossy as the other districts, this area is still a peaceful contrast to the rest of the city.

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