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The Crime Rate in Paris

July 14, 2021
Paris may be the most beautiful city in the world but it's not exactly the safest. Since it is a global city, many types of people live and have moved here. Unfortunately, that includes criminals too. It can't be helped. practically every city in the world has its own fair share of deviants. It's just rather unfortunate that they have to muddy the reputation of one of the most-visited, the most historic, and definitely one of the most romantic places in the world. However, crimes here shouldn't dissuade you from coming to the French capital. The more you know about it, the better!

The Crime Rate in Paris


The Most Common Crimes

You'd be happy to know that the most common crime committed in Paris is theft. Well, not exactly sure how reassuring that is, but at least it's not as gruesome as other criminal acts. Pickpocketing is extremely commonplace in the French capital, especially since the city itself is a luxury haven that attracts wealthy tourists, businessmen and women, and the like. On the other hand, according to Numbeo.com, people breaking and entering into one's home has the highest crime rate in the city, with a whopping 67.68%. Vandalism and theft come second at 62.30%. Every other crime comes at moderate levels. 


The Most Dangerous Crimes Committed

As already mentioned, criminals breaking into people's home has the highest crime rate in Paris as of 2020. This, in of itself, is one of the most dangerous crimes to be committed in the city. Though more dangerous criminal acts have also been committed in the French capital, such as homicide, sexual assault, and murder. And it's no secret that acts of terrorism, which have cost lives in the past few years, have also happened in Pairs. The silver lining in all of this is that they're not as common as theft and robbery which, whilst also bad, aren't as life-threatening.


The Crime Rate in Paris


Who are The Most Victimized?

Practically everyone and anyone can become a victim of a crime if they're not careful. but as for those who might fall victim to the most common crimes committed in Paris, it's often tourists and people who openly flaunt their wealth. For the former, if you look like you're lost or you don't know where to go or what to do, you'll be an easy target for criminals. Most especially if you're not that attentive to your belongings. The same thing for the later as well. If you're open enough to wear your wealth outwardly or use your expensive items openly, ensure that you're safeguarding them carefully as well. 


How Safe Is It to Walk Around? 

Paris is probably the best place for strolling, but with such crimes happening here, is it really safe to do so? Generally, yes it is, but of course, it depends on the time and place where you're at. Walking around in Paris during the day, when there's still sunlight, is 66.18% safe, especially within the city's finer neighborhoods. While at night, it's at a moderate rate of 43.97%. Do keep in mind that even though going out at night is common in Paris—this is the "City of Lights" after all!—those who do are often easy targets for criminals.


The Crime Rate in Paris


Areas to Avoid

With a city as big as Paris, it can't be helped that there will be certain areas that you should avoid. It's either because crimes are often too commonly committed here or it's too dark and unknown to ask for help. For pickpockets, their prime locations for such are mostly within the metro stations. These aren't exactly the best places to show off your designer clothes in and whatnot. While riding the metro is generally safe,  when it's late, it's easy to become a victim of pickpocketing in many of them.  A few common stations include Chatelet, Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, Bastille, Gare de Lyon, and Strasbourg-Saint Denis, among others. 


Tips on Avoiding Becoming a Crime Victim

Perhaps the number one tip to avoid becoming the victim of crimes in Paris is to always be aware of your surroundings, especially in stations of public transport systems. Keep your belongings close to you when you go out and ensure that your bags are closed and cannot be easily opened without you noticing. While you're at home, lock all the doors, especially at night, and at least have one room with the light on for safety measures. When it's already dark and you're still outside, try to go to the more crowded parts of where you are and keep an eye on people who might look sketchy to you.  


The Crime Rate in Paris


Paris may seem like such a paradise but it's ultimately far from it. Like many major cities of its kind, the French capital is prone to crimes here and there. But overall, however, you can still enjoy your stay here as long as you're aware of where you are and of your belongings. 

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