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9 Reasons To Spend Autumn in Paris

August 27, 2022
While many would say that spring is the best season in Paris, autumn comes at a close second. The weather is just right, the city looks more colorful, and the cool breezes feel oh so relaxing. You'd want for nothing when you spend autumn in Paris! It's as if you stepped inside a postcard! Once this season comes, the city turns into the dream destination that it's known for. You might even end up wanting to relocate here before the season is through! From drinking warm cups of coffee on a cool afternoon to seeing the famous sights in a new light, here are 9 reasons to spend autumn in Paris.

9 Reasons To Spend Autumn in Paris

A More Colorful Paris

As beautiful a city as Paris is, it's not exactly the most colorful. For the most part, the city's many neighborhoods are made up of beige concrete structures topped with greyscale roofs. Beautiful in their own way, sure, but pretty devoid of color, don't you think? Wait until you spend autumn in Paris to see just how colorful the city can get. Bursts of red, orange, pink and more render the French capital. It's as if watercolors were spilled all over a neutral-toned canvas. It's definitely a beautiful sight to see, arguably even more so than at any other time of the year.

Enjoy The Great Weather

Admittedly, autumn in Paris doesn't have the best weather but it's certainly great in its own right. It's not like the heatwave that summer brings over nor is it anything like the freezing snow that winter put forth. At worst, the rainfall can get pretty heavy at times. And even then, if you're going by what Audrey Hepburn said in her 1954 film, 'Sabrina,' Paris smells its sweetest after a drizzle or two. It's because of the damp chestnut trees. Whether you believe that or not, there's no denying that the autumn weather in the French capital is still great!

9 Reasons To Spend Autumn in Paris

Perfect Temperature for A Stroll

What comes with great weather? The perfect temperature for a nice stroll. And if there's one thing about Paris during autumn, it's that you'll want to walk as often as you can. The cool breezes will feel oh so refreshing after the heat of summer has passed. Some will find it too cold, but it's nothing a few more layers of clothing can't fix. All in all, it's the cooler temperature paired with the beautiful foliage that will make your daily walks even more enchanting. And if you walk your dog in Paris, they'll definitely love jumping on piles of leaves too!

Shorter Days are Here To Come

It's right about autumn when days become shorter in Paris. They're the shortest during winter but you can already notice the dwindling times come late September. It's one of the best parts of the season. Though you can't leave your work earlier, unfortunately, there's just something about nighttime approaching faster that will put a smile on your face. It will make you feel as if you've been working hard even when the day is far from over. And when paired with the cooler weather, it makes your afternoon breaks feel even more relaxing!

9 Reasons To Spend Autumn in Paris

Time for More Fashion

Since Fashion Week takes place every late September or early October, it's often regarded as the event that brings about autumn in Paris. Of course, this means you'll see more fashionable outfits spotted throughout the streets of the city. But that's not the only reason why there's more fashion in Paris come autumn. As the temperature drops, you'll need more layers to keep warm. This calls for chic jackets, beautiful coats, trendy boots, striking scarves, and many more. Since summer had you wearing as little as possible to stay cool, this season will help you bring about your style A-game once again!

Fewer Crowds To Bump Into

To say that autumn in Paris sees the least number of crowds isn't 100% true. But it's not exactly false either. The truth of the matter is that Paris remains a popular tourist destination all year long. It welcomes thousands of visitors no matter the time of the year. But it's also a well-known fact that autumn is the off-season for tourists in Paris. There are still a lot of people here, sure, but not as many as during spring or summer. And because of the cooler weather, more people will be inclined to spend time in their luxury homes or anywhere indoors.

9 Reasons To Spend Autumn in Paris

The Best Season for Coffee

The lower temperatures of autumn make for the perfect time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. You can take it in any of the cafes in Paris and enjoy an idyllic moment by yourself. Or you can enjoy it with some friends as you catch up with each other before the year is through. No matter how you do it, there's no denying that warm coffee tastes even better during autumn. Some would argue that it's more suitable for winter since the season is colder. But don't you think that drinking coffee in wintertime feels more like a survival tactic than a relaxing treat?

Indulge in Fine Wine

La Vendange, or the wine harvest in France, takes place around August to October, just in time for autumn. And you know what that means, right? Indulging in some of the finest wines in the world! And no, you don't have to leave Paris to enjoy them. There are many wine bars in the city that serve up the latest bottles from the French countryside. You can spend an entire day wine-tasting in Paris and you'd barely find the best one. Just remember to drink moderately and take it easy every once and a while. Becoming a drunk can easily ruin all the fun!

Lots of Holidays To Look Forward To

Autumn in Paris isn't complete without the public holidays. All Souls' Day (November 2) and Armistice Day (November 17) are just some of the more popular ones. During these times, Paris feels like a different city. During All Souls' Day, for instance, work and school are both off so families get to spend a mini vacation with each other. Some would follow the tradition of visiting their loved ones' graves in the nearby cemeteries. They'll light candles, hold picnics, and pray over the souls of their families and friends. It's quite a beautiful sight to see, one that only comes every autumn!

9 Reasons To Spend Autumn in Paris

Spending autumn in Paris is a lot more magical than you realize. There's just something about the French capital during this season that's unlike all the others. Even though the weather is colder, you feel a bit warmer inside!



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