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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

October 29, 2021
It's not shameful to live vicariously through others. If you're not hurting anyone and you're keeping your distance, what's the harm in that? Thanks to social media, sharing in people's journeys, no matter where it leads them, has become the norm. A lot of people are more than willing to show to people what they do, what they make, their own talents, and where they go. The latter had become particularly popular, especially on Instagram. There are so many influencers on this platform who present the beauty of the world through their travels and document them on their pages. Here are a few worth following.

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo


Paulo del Valle (@paulodelvalle)

It's no surprise that Paulo del Valle uploads some stunning shots. He is a Brazilian photographer after all. A lot of his images are truly top-notch, capturing both the essences of the places he's been to as well as different vantage points that give totally different views. He doesn't disappoint in capturing the splendor of such places like the museums in Paris, the vineyards in Italy, the islands of Greece, and so much more. Every shot is a dream, enough to wake you up and start planning your travels when you can! No wonder he now has 419,000 followers! 

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

Source: @paulodelvalle Instagram account


Gareth Leonard (@traveldeeper)

With so many of his posts featuring his handsome self, it's easy to think that Gareth Leonard is just another narcissist obsessed with his looks on Instagram. But he's far from that. As per his YouTube channel, he's actually a pretty decent guy who's even a little shy. But he features himself in his Insta posts because, apart from the many stunning places he's visited, it's his relationships with the people he's met along the way that truly makes his world-traveling fulfilling. And it's through the locals that you'll get to see the real spirit of the many different places he's been to. 

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

Source: @traveldeeper Instagram account


Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan)

If Mother Earth has her own Instagram account, it'd probably look like Daniel Kordan's! Stunning doesn't even begin to describe photos he posts on his page. Each is a masterpiece of photography, capturing many places on the planet in just the right moment. The precise second when a Mongolian family sent off their eagles to fly high in the sky. That exact second when the crimson moon shone brightly against a stark white snow-ladened Greenland. And the right time to capture a smokey Scottish train traveling across the highlands. Daniel Kordan truly knows his stuff. His Instagram feed is practically what you'll find in an upscale London gallery of photography. 

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

Source: @danielkordan Instagram account


Krista Rossow (@kristarossow)

As a contributing photographer for National Geographic, you'd expect nothing less from Krista Rossow's Instagram page. Like many others on this lift, she captures the many wonderful places on this Earth that a lot of people probably overlook. But more than that, she knows how to convey a story. To make random moments seem like important events that the world ought to pay attention to. Maybe it's her work rubbing off on her? Who knows? One thing's for sure: her feed is as educational as it is beautiful. The kind you can show your kids to study more about the world. 

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

Source: @kristarossow Instagram account


Migrationology (@migrationology)

You didn't think this list would be complete without some traveling foodies, did you? Half the fun of globe-trotting is getting to taste the many cuisines this planet has to offer. Just take a look at Mark Wiens's Instagram feed! A self-professed "full-time eater," this he doesn't just take snapshots of what he's eating, but actually explains what they are and what makes them delicious and unique. More than just photos, he'd often post videos of locals preparing their sumptuous dishes, all for the world to see! You'll develop a newfound appreciation for food after visiting his page! 

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

Source: @migrationology Instagram account


GirlEatWorld (@girleatworld)

An onigiri by the highlands of Japan? A hotdog with ketchup and mustard by Times Square? A raspberry brioche by a street in Paris? There are just some of the adorable snapshots to see on Mel's Instagram page, @girleatworld. Though it's more like the typical foodie Instagram page than that of Mark Weins' @migrationology, it's not as typically annoying as you'd expect it. In fact, it's entirely charming, seeing the many delicacies of different countries captured against the beautiful backdrops of their lands. A French pastry never looked sweeter than photographed amidst a bustling Parisian setting. Or a classic hotdog never looked more "New York" than when it's displayed against the busiest spot in the city! 

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspo

Source: @girleatworld Instagram account


Thanks to social media, more specifically, Instagram, you can actually see the wonders of the world without having to fly on a plane. Many world travelers have become IG influencers, letting everyone see the world through their expert lens and discover a new side to this wonderful planet! 

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