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10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

March 26, 2021
Say what you want about Londoners, they sure do know their art. Through the years, decades even, London has grown to be quite the hub for art. Be they classic or contemporary, you'll find that many places here display some of the most exciting works rocking the art worlds today. And if there's one place in this capital city that knows art, it's SoHo. This famous area is known for art, with various galleries showcasing the very best in the industry today.

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London


Beers Contemporary

Art does more than just fascinate. The very best works will let you think, reflect, and probably leave you questioning a lot by the time you exit the gallery. And this is the sort of art that the Beers Contemporary gallery display in their East London location, one of the livelier areas of London. Though they often have a diverse array of artworks, it's the progressive pieces that have people going back. Works that touch on social and political issues, as well as psychologically challenge the viewer to take on anew perspective or even belief. 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Beers London


Frith Street Gallery

Graphic art reigns supreme here at the Frith Street Gallery. While they now display other disciplines of art within its beautiful spaces, the gallery started out as a studio and exhibition place dedicated to drawing. Through the years, however, they began incorporating sculptures, paintings and held performance art shows in their space as well. But make no mistake, they still push the very best of graphic design pieces at their forefront. A gentle reminder of what this place used to be and what it has become now. 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Frith Street Gallery


Gagosian Gallery

It's quite rare for one gallery to feature both contemporary and established artists. Usually, a space will just feature one and the theme will spread across the board. Many times, the galleries do this so as to not confuse the visitors, particularly with the timeline of their pieces. But trust someone like Larry Gagosian to throw the rules out the window. His eponymous art galleries in the British capital mixed pieces from emerging artists as well as established icons all in one space. For him, to hell with the timeline. True art is timeless!

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Gagosian


Pure Evil

With a name like 'Pure Evil,' you'd think you'll see something sinister inside this gallery. But nope, all you'll see here are the works of some of the best street artists in the business. Founded by a street artist himself, "Pure Evil," the space has long served as a great platform for independent artists to show off their creation. Many consider it as a monument to the street art movement, with its dedication to pushing the discipline to gain more respect within the industry. The idea of art for the sake of art is at the heart of this gallery. 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Pure Evil Gallery Facebook Page


Hayward Gallery

Out of all the galleries on this list, the Hayward Gallery has the Royal Seal of Approval. Many of them even shop for their own art collections here sometimes. Why? Because it was Queen Elizabeth II herself who founded the place back in 1968. And in fact, the space has rarely changed since then. From its stunning 60s architecture to its devotion to display innovative works of art, the Hayward Gallery has been an important institution within the British art world. Arguably even for the global art scene as well. Though you might not catch the monarch herself seeing the pieces here, you will, however, get introduced to some amazing new artists. 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Southbank Centre


Karsten Schubert

Though London galleries collaborating with young artists has become a common practice nowadays, none have done it longer than Karsten Schubert. The German art collector has long featured and highlighted young emerging talents in his eponymous gallery since the 1980s. And to this day, that tradition continues. Each and every season, the gallery puts forth a fresh new artist to show off to the rest of the global art scene that congregates here. Though Schubert himself has passed away in July of 2019, his legacy in the art world lives on in his gallery! 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Karsten Schubert



Out of all the places on this list, the Lazarides gallery up in the Fitzrovia area has got to be one of the more unique spots on this list. It's all about breaking the mold here, featuring artists who do not go with the tide and present their own identities with their works. From street artists to live performers, the common discipline here is that there's no discipline. It's just artists who've made pieces or performed shows that are unconventional and truly one-of-a-kind. 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Laz Inc.


Lisson Gallery

For decades now, the Lisson Gallery in Marylebone (which makes it easy to get to via public transport) has stood as one of the most influential art institutions in London. Opened in 1967, it has long served as a mecca for minimalist and conceptual art through the years. The pieces here don't just capture your attention and make you look at beautiful things. They make you question their concepts, reflect on what the artist might be trying to convey, and so on. More than just entertaining, the gallery seeks to educate its visitors about the rigors and structures of art. 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: Lisson Gallery


Southard Reid

At first glance, you might even miss Southard Reid up on the trendy SoHo area in London. That's because the gallery is housed, quite literally, in a townhouse. Art curators Phillida Reid and David Southard have transformed their London home into a special place devoted to bold and interesting works. From intellectual installations to even erotically-charged works, the pieces here intend to make visitors feel uncomfortable and challenged. Simply put, the works here are not for the faint of art. If you're up for some eye-opening art, this gallery is for you! 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London


The Photographer’s Gallery

Arguably one of the most famous galleries in SoHo, The Photographer's Gallery is the go-to place to look at some of the best photography in the art world right now. No sculptures, no paintings, no live performances. Just rooms upon rooms filled with mindblowing photographs of any topic under the sun. Works the study of human behavior, images that reflect the state of the planet, and even a couple of nudes here and there! Not to mention, the gallery also hosts the prestigious Deutsche Börse Prize every year. That will tell you just how big a deal this art hub is! 

10 Galleries You Must Visit in London

Source: The Photographer's Gallery LDN Facebook Page


Beyond the tourist attractions and amazing cuisine, London also prides itself as a modern hub for contemporary and classic art. The city has many galleries in which the best of the best and the most buzz-worthy artists ever display their works. 




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