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Getting Your Kids Excited for School

October 22, 2021
It's finally autumn which means, in many countries, kids are going back to school. Lord help the parents with this one! There's no denying that getting your kids excited for school is one of the most difficult parts of parenting? What's another? Waking them up to go to school on the first day! Most especially now that kids just spent many months at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But as some schools in certain countries open up again, it's gonna double difficult for parents to convince their kids that to go back to school. So here are a few tips on how to do it.

Getting Your Kids Excited for School


Study with Them

Part of why kids aren't exactly enthusiastic about going to school is that it often watched them off-guard. After months of just playing, watching TV, and laying around the house, suddenly they have to wash up, go to school, and work their behinds off to get good grades. Even you have to admit that having such an abrupt change isn't something to look forward to. So why not help them adjust and ease into going to school before it officially starts? A few days before the first day of school, make it a habit of studying with your kids. When they see you doing studying with them, it might just get them excited to do it too. 


Incorporate Learning During Playtime

At times, studying with them is not enough, especially when they're younger than primary school age. You probably know, all too well, that toddlers hate school the most. Especially because you're not there with you and they're not used to not having you around. So to make school seem more fun to them, incorporate learning during playtime. You can let them play educational computer games, do some outdoor activities, or even let puppets teach them a thing or two! Any activity that will make them associate having fun with studying is key to getting your kids excited for school. 


Getting Your Kids Excited for School


Encourage Them to Make Friends

As already mentioned, it's possible your kids don't want to go to school because they don't have friends to hang around with. And they've gotten so used to being all by themselves at home that having to go to a place full of strangers would terrify them. So before school starts, encourage them to make friends. If your neighbors' kids go to the same school, introduce them to your own, allowing them to become friends. Or invite other kids (whose parents you know) that also go to the same school as yours and let them develop friendships through arts & crafts, fun games, and more. 


Talk to Your Kids About School

Another reason as to why your kids don't want to go to school is that they don't like the place. He/she might have a hard time catching up with classmates in terms of academics or athletics. Most especially if they go to a private school in a city like Paris, London, New York, and more.  They might not feel safe expressing themselves in a place full of people, many of which they don't know. Or, the worst of them all, your kids have bullies that are making their lives miserable. You wouldn't know it until you talked to them. And when you do, it's possible you can help solve their problems, making them see school as a more comfortable place to go to. 


Getting Your Kids Excited for School


Allow Them to Be Curious

What do kids normally do when they go to school? Learn, of course! Words they can't define, concepts they can't fully grasp yet, and ideas that may inspire them to do more, see more, and hopefully, study more. But they won't get excited about it if they don't care. And to make them eager, you have to allow them to be curious. Don't be that sort of parent that wards off everything just to protect his/her kid. There will come a time when children will ask practically about everything. When that happens, encourage them to find out more about the world. This way, they'll know that the best way to get answers is to go to school. 


Talk With Their Teachers

Finally, get to know their teachers. Find out what type of people the school entrusts to teach your kids and to keep them safe when you're not with them. Not only will this satisfy your curiosity on the matter, but you can even ask them to make school a fun and safe space for your kids too. You can only do so much at home. Your kids' teachers arguably have more power to get them excited to go to school. Talk with these people, let them know what kind of persons your kids are, and hopefully, this will let them know how to handle your little ones properly! 


Getting Your Kids Excited for School


When it's time for school and your kids don't want to go back to it yet, there are some things you can do to turn that around. Let them get excited by making learning fun, allowing them to be curious, and more. This way, they might appreciate learning more than ever! 

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