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Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home

March 30, 2020
Don't get parenting twisted! You don't have to bring your children to all sorts of cool and exciting places to bond with them. Sure, being able to take them to another country might be nice. Bringing them to the zoo? That'll create some great memories! However, if you're unable to bring them out of the house for a variety of reasons, your own home can be just as fun. It might arguably be better too, as it might teach your kids to value your own home and what you have even more. And they will also cherish the games you'll play together as a family!

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home


Mini Bowling

Games like mini bowling! Now, if you can't afford to take your kids to a bowling alley or they're too young to play the actual sport, and bring the game to your own home. Of course, the easiest thing to do is to buy them those mini sets in the toy stores. However, you can also get creative with what you already have. For the pins, for instance, you can use old water bottles and set them up as if they're the pins on an actual bowling alley. As for your ball? Any bouncy ball you have there will do. 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home


The Floor is Lava

Now, this is an extremely fun game that you probably played when you were younger. And if you want your kids to enjoy their childhoods, you'll not only teach them this game but play it with them in your own living room as well! You’ll need a big living room though, very similar to the grand homes in Paris and whatnot! The rules are simple: you pretend the floor is filled with hot molting lava and you have to go from one place to another without stepping on it. Scatter some stairs, cushions, and big pillows all over the house to make getting across a bit easier. But really, the fun is trying not to touch the floor at all! 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home


Scavenger Hunt

When keeping your kids entertained, why not play a game that can stimulate their mind as well? A good one will be a scavenger hunt. Hide a few items around the house and give them a list to try and find them all. But to make it more fun and a little but more challenging, instead of listing down the items as they are, why not write down riddles instead? The riddles can describe the said items and the area in which they'll find them. It's up to them to decipher what they mean and to see, with their eyes and mind, what they're looking for. 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home

Source: Flickr.com/ Melissa Hiller


Build a Fort

Forts are so much fun! Imagining you're a general protecting your tower from emerging enemies. Or a kind ruling over his castle. Or perhaps even a princess waiting for her Prince Charming to get her? The beauty of forts is that they allow you to go wild with your imagination. And they help kids focus better at a task at hand. When building a fort, they'll need to work together, piling up pillows, knowing where to put the chairs, setting up the blankets for the roof, and more. At the end of it all, you're not only playing, but you might have a little architect in your hands now! 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Hide & Seek

It's only natural that when you and your kids are stuck at home with nothing else to do, play hide & seek! It's the easiest game to play but also one of the most fun. Everyone knows how to play it: pick one that will be the seeker and he/she will count from 1 to 10. While he/she's counting, everybody else will hide. When he/she gets to ten, he/she's off to find the others. The first one who gets found will be the next seeker and the whole thing repeats. Get creative with every hiding spot you go into in each round! 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home


Home War

Do you have a Nerf gun? You know, those toy guns that use soft foam bullets and can also shoot very far? If you have those or you bought your kids those, get ready for the most fun game on this list: a home war! Pretend your house is a battlefield. At every corner, you're at risk of getting shot at. But as long as you have your own nerf gun, you're good to go. However, watch out! Your enemy just threw a sock grenade at you! Now you have to return to home base to get treated. 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home

Source: Flickr.com/ Amy Claxton


Simon Says

Playing is all well and good but what if you, as parents, can get something out of it? Say, getting your little ones to clean up their toys? Of course, if you ask them to, they'll likely not want to do it. But if you turn it into a game, such as Simon Says, they might have a different attitude towards it. Every time you say "Simon says..." they'll have to do whatever you say. Clean up their toys, fix their play area, everything! But if you forget to say those immortal words, they won't even flinch! 

Some Fun Games to Play with Your Kids at Home

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Home is where the heart is and it should also be where your kids have fun the most! And they will if you play with all these fun, easy, and exciting games during playtime. They won't want to ever come out again after that! 






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