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Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London

July 15, 2021
If there's one thing that London prides the most, it's their schools. The British capital has long been a haven for scholars, housing the top universities in the world, research facilities that help in the advancements of many studies, and cultivating a global community of thinkers, idealists, and creatives. However, in this city, it starts at an early age. The many schools for the children and adolescents are some of the finest institutions, not just in London, but in the whole of the UK. If you're living here or planning to move here, these are the schools to enroll your kids in.

Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London


Brighton College

Brighton College is the type of school that may seem snooty at first, but in reality, your children will enjoy learning and discovering new things here. Located in Brighton, one of the more pleasant of London's neighborhoods, they've cultivated an open environment that upholds sports and the arts as well as academics. Here, they shape the kids to find their true potential and help them realize what they're best at in this world. Though the tuition here costs a pretty penny, it's a valuable investment. 


Kingston Grammar School

Often recognized as one of London's finest institutions of learning, the Kingston Grammar School has certainly proved its worth over the years. They take charge of preparing their students to take on the world by storm, educating them with all of what they need to know in order to succeed in any industry. And as what their name suggests, they give special attention to teaching the English language, making this a proper school to go to for foreign students. 


Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London


Latymer Upper School

The Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, London has such high standards when it comes to admitting students that if your kids are accepted to study here, it means they're really smart. And what this school will do is to make them even smarter with their slightly advanced British curriculum. A good many of their departments boast first-class facilities and some of the finest teachers in the country. Enrolling your kid here means that he/she is guaranteed to have a bright future ahead. 


Mossbourne Community Academy

Hackney, London isn't exactly one of the high-class areas of the British capital but it is where one of the finest schools in the city is located: the Mossbourne Community Academy. The best part about this school is their devotion to shaping the young ones into their own persons. Sure, the academics here remain standard—and a high standard at that!—but their mission is to instill a strong sense of identity with their students as well as a new way of looking at things and of thinking


Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London


Queen Elizabeth's School

One of the oldest schools in London and named after one of the country's most famous and most historic monarch, the Queen Elizabeth School upholds the Elizabethan community and ethos at its core. Though it has separate campuses for boys and girls, it does value equality, education, and continuing the tradition of producing fine scholars and professionals. All in all, the institution seeks to influence the youth with the same rigor, passion, and strength that made its namesake historic figure the influential monarch that she was. 


Sevenoaks School

London's Sevenoaks School is the type of stereotypical boarding school you've probably read about in books or have seen in films and on TV. That's mostly because, having been founded in the 15th century, it was practically the benchmark of similar institutions that followed suit. Today, it continues to be a peaceful place for learning, aided with historic campuses, vast school grounds, and able professors who teach the kids all of what they need to learn to succeed in life after school. 


Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London


Wallington County Grammar School

Though Wallington County Grammar School started out as an all-boys' school back when it was founded in 1927, it has since become one of the most sought-after co-ed grammar schools in the British capital. Why? Because the institution continues to provide excellent quality of education to its students. From the sciences to the arts, every facet of a young one's education is looked after and paid special attention. At the same time, the students are encouraged to focus on their own strengths and to fulfill their true potential. 


Wembley High Technology College

Despite its relatively gloomy exterior, the Wembley High Technology College has often been regarded as the best secondary school in London. And this is mostly because they strive for greatness and nothing else. Though its strict standards may draw some criticism from some, it has been effective in producing top of the line graduates. You could say that the school is sort of like a trianing ground for those who'd want to go to the top universities in London


Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London


Westminster School

The Westminster School is one of the very few public schools on this list. And Yes, it's affiliated with the world-famous Westminster Abbey where many royals have gotten married in. But just because this school is public doesn't mean it's any less of a valuable institution for the city's young students. In fact, their standards and quality fo education are just as high as any of the private schools on this list. And many of their graduates have gone on to study in prestigious colleges and universities. 


Wilson's School

In the Sutton district of London, Wilson's School stands as one of the best institutions for young boys. This grammar school has proven itself to be more than capable of shaping the young men who might one day become successful businessmen, famous financiers, top-notch artists, or even powerful politicians. The school's objective is to ensure that every student comes out as well-rounded as he can be, enthusing him with equal amounts of academics, athleticism, and the arts. 


Take Your Kids To These Top Schools in London


While London is home to some of the best universities in th world, its fair share of primary and secondary schools are not to be left behind either. The quality of education remains high and their devotion to helping students find their true potential is admirable. 

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