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Hungarian Manners: What Not to Do in Hungary

October 01, 2020
You never really know a country until you've been there! Each place has its own culture, history, and most importantly, customs. What may be considered good manners in one country may not necessarily be the same in another. In fact, if you didn't know any better, it might even be considered rude and disrespectful. So before you go off traveling the world, know how to act in each and every part of it. Here in Hungary, for instance, there are certain things you shouldn't do or else you'll put off the people around you. Know them now before you actually get here!

Hungarian Manners: What Not to Do in Hungary


Don't Rely on Credit Cards that Often

In other European capitals like Paris and Rome, where shopping is practically the name of the game, you can use your credit card for as much as you want. But here in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, the less you use that plastic card, the better! In fact, many places in this city would appreciate it if you'll always have changed with you when you buy from them. This isn't to say that Budapest is poor, far from it! But rather, people here simply prefer dealing with cash and change than credit. Most especially the less popular but are must-see, must-visit, and must-try places! 


Don't Rush Out When Getting Coffee

In places like New York or London, it's quite common to see people ordering coffee and getting it to go, probably rushing off to work and such. But here in Hungary, not only is this uncommon, but it's also quite uncouth. In Paris, you're likely to enjoy coffee in the café itself—it's part of the whole experience of being there. The same goes for Hungary. Not that cafés are as common here as it is in the French capital, but when buying coffee, wait until it's served to you before you leave with it. In fact, you'll only get to pay for it when the cup reaches your table, not at the counter like in Starbucks


Hungarian Manners: What Not to Do in Hungary


Know How to Hold Your Silverware Properly

Here in Hungary, always keep your fork in your left hand and your knife in your right. If it's different in other countries, so be it! But when you're here in this European territory, this is how dining goes. Most especially in your in the swankier restaurants in the cities. It's natural that, at times, you might exchange either one on the opposite side, but if you do, expect a few suspecting glances and weird looks to come your way. After all, fine dining was practically invented here in Europe. So it's not that surprising if there's a bit snooty about it. 


Never Ignore Shopkeepers

It's not exactly unique to Hungary that you great the shopkeepers when you enter their stores. It's plain good manners. Perhaps, in a convenience store, you can get away with going about your business and practically ignoring the guy at the cash register, but in other shops, don't do it. It's plain disrespectful and you'll leave an awful impression on, not only the shopkeeper but to the others in the shop as well. Most especially if you're surrounded by locals. It's not that hard to say hi and smile. Just do it when you enter a shop and you'll be fine! 


Hungarian Manners: What Not to Do in Hungary


Be Courteous in Public Transport

Public transport, especially in busy cities like Budapest, can get crowded and tight at times. So in these situations, it's always better to be courteous. For instance, when you see an elderly person, expecting mother, or a parent/guardian with kids, offer your seat to them. No matter how far your destination is, you'll look better in the eyes of the locals around you if you do. At the same time, stay silent in the vehicle for as much as you can. If you can't help but chat away with whoever you're with, at least keep your voice down so that other people can ride in peace. 


Don't Embarrass Kids

Here in Hungary, just let kids be kids. If you see one peeing in a bush, let him/her! If you see them playing about in just their underwear, let them! And if they're making a ruckus in a playground, even when they're so noisy you can't take it anymore, just leave and let them! All of these things are common in Hungary and they don't disturb the adults as much as you think they might. Just let kids be their happy selves and leave it to their parents when they need some disciplining. That's simply how it goes here! 


Hungarian Manners: What Not to Do in Hungary


When visiting a different country, it's always better to adapt yourself to its customs to avoid offending anyone. The same goes for going to Hungary as well. There are certain things you ought not to do and should do in different situations! 

What you should do in Hungary is to get a luxury rental for your accommodation here! There's no better way to visit here than that!