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Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

September 23, 2021
When you think of taking a foodie trip to Europe, you probably only focus on the brasseries in Paris, the bistros in London, or the alfresco dinners in Rome. Vienna, the beautiful capital city of Austria, is probably so far down your list of destinations it's practically on another list altogether. And this is quite a shame. Vienna is so underrated a city when it comes to culinary hotspots that traveling foodies often miss out on very delectable places. Amidst the baroque buildings and opulent palaces are many restaurants, brasseries, hidden gems, and more that serve some of the finest food in the region.

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna


Café Central

Nestled in a gothic-like structure, Café Central is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. The interior alone will make you feel you're in some grand church, while its delectable menu of coffee, cakes, cookies, and other treats will taste like heaven, for sure! An institution of a cafe that once even had the great Sigmund Freud as one of its patrons, it's a must-see and must-try for everyone going to Vienna. Though do expect long lines here, that's how popular the café is. And while it can be annoying to queue, the many people stand testament to this place's culinary greatness. 

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: Café Central



With all its nostalgic beauty of the classical past, it's probably hard to believe that Vienna has a nightlife. But it does, though a good many of them are just as popular to go to during the day. Case in point: Erich! Serves as both a bar and a restaurant, this culinary hotspot has the city's youth coming back for more. And it' not just for the cocktails at night either. The pescatarian, with as much seafood and vegetable dishes to keep customers healthy, and sustainable. Try their delectable ice cream from Veganista, the first-ever all-vegan ice cream parlor in the city that is affiliated with this place. 

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: Erich


Mama Liu & Sons

Just because you're in Vienna doesn't mean you have to strict stick with Austrian cuisine. One of the great things about going on a foodie tour around the world is how they can touch on other countries' cuisines. And here in Vienna, the best Chinese restaurant is definitely Mama Liu & Sons. A dumpling paradise, they serve all kinds of flavors of the scrumptious Chinse delicacy here. Bite-sized wonders that will tantalize your taste buds and fill your stomachs after just one meal. For a family meal, a hot pot will hit all right spots and have you coming back for more! 

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: Mama Liu & Sons


Pizza Randale

What's another delicious cuisine to expect in Vienna? Italian, of course! Everyone loves Italian food, particularly pizza! And if it's pizza you want, it's Pizza Randale you need to go to! Located in Weiden, so it's easy to get to via public transport, this is one foodie hotspot you shouldn't miss! It's a family-friendly diner that serves up some flavorful brick oven-baked pies, each slice is a culinary sensation. But perhaps one of the best parts about Pizza Randale—beyond the food—is its friendly atmosphere. You'll want to hang out here as much as you can, that's for sure! 

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: Pizza Randale


Pramerl & the Wolf

Generally speaking, dining costs aren't all that high in Vienna. But there are some places here that will cost you a lot of money for just one meal but it will wort hit! Pramerl & the Wolf is one such restaurant. headed by none other than the great Wolfgang Zankl himself, you just know that the food here are of the highest quality. That alone makes it a this is a fine-dining establish you shouldn't miss in Vienna. Though be prepared, there's no a'la carte menu here. You only have to choose between big or small sets, ensuring that you leave this place more than fulfilled after your meal!  

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: Pramerl & the Wolf Facebook Page


The Palmenhaus

A beautifully arched glass-paneled roof, luscious greeneries freshening up the air, and an exquisite fusion meu. What's not to love about The Palmenhaus? Set in Buggarten one of the upscale neighborhoods of Vienna, this greenhouse-like brasserie that looks straight out of a classic romance novel. The ambiance alone looks like it's from the Victorian era, establishing a fascinating environment fit for fine dining at its, well, finest! Though the clincher is definitely its menu of Austrian and Mediterranean dishes. Two cuisines with differently distinct tastes meshed together to offer up an exponentially unique culinary experience. Add to that their delectable drinks and desserts and you've got yourself a winner! 

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: The Palmenhaus


Tian Bistro am Spittelberg

Let's face it, vegetarians and vegans often have the short end fo the stick when it comes to foodie travels. There aren't as many vegetarian-friendly places in the major cities in the world. But there are those one or two places that make such a lifestyle worthwhile! Here in Vienna, Tian Bistro am Spittelberg is one of them! A slightly swanky yet very sumptuous restaurant that serves vegetables with as much flavor and spice as other places serve meat. You won't have to worry about healthcare in Austria if you stay eating in this deliciously healthy hotspot! 

Taking A Foodie Trip in Vienna

Source: Tian Bistro am Spittelberg


Vienna is definitely an underrated city when it comes to foodie travel. The beautiful Austrian capital has a lot of exciting hotspots amidst all those classic buildings and opulent palaces. From meat-lovers to vegans, they cater to all tastes here! 

There's no denying that Vienna is a great city to live in. Not only because of these culinary hotspots, but also the elegant luxury rentals available here!





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