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Vienna's Most Prominent International Schools

September 22, 2021
Slowly but surely, Vienna is turning out to be quite the global city. While it's not as largely diverse as compared to other European capital cities, it's certainly getting there. More and more people from different parts of the world are getting relocated to the Austrian capital. Before long, it'd be as international a destination as the likes of Paris, New York, and Berlin. It helps that, even now, the foreign communities get to learn on a global level in the city. A handful of international schools here offer high-quality education, turning the children of today to be the universal leaders of tomorrow.

Vienna's Most Prominent International Schools


Vienna International School

Accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), the Vienna International School is one of the most respected educational institutions in the city. It follows the International Baccalaureate program so you can expect that the education offered here is high-quality. Not to mention it's also the most diverse, seeing as it hosts around 100 different nationalities within its vast student body. It helps that the school itself is non-selective, open to all local and foreign students who want to learn at a very high academic level. And despite this, the institution continuously proves its prestige by consistently achieving above-average grades in their IB diploma results.  


Lycée Francais Vienna

Established right after the Second World War,  Lycée Francais Vienna is one of the oldest international schools in the Austrian Capital. As well as one of the rare boarding schools in the city, further proving its age. But its longevity is only second to its academic promise, backed with accreditation by the Agency for French Schools Abroad (AEFE) and follows the foreignLlycée standards of international education. And don't worry, a student doesn't have to speak French in order to enroll here. In fact, students can learn German—and other languages—here just as well as they will in other language schools in Vienna


Vienna's Most Prominent International Schools


International Christian School of Vienna

Nestled in Favoriten, the tenth of the many Vienna districts, the International Christian School of Vienna has been a respected educational institution since it was first established in 1985. Though despite its age, it now boasts a very modern campus, packed with appropriate facilities and programs for quality learning. It's also exceptionally exclusive, only catering to around 500-600 students per school year. This means that if you want your kid to enroll here, he/she should have above-average grades to get qualified. After all, the school isn't just accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA), but it's recognized by the Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) as well. 


Danube International School

With its central location at the heart of Vienna, the Danube International School's campus is easy to get to via public transportation. But don't think that's it's just as easy to get into. Following IB programs on all grades, this private educational institution has proven its worth as a serious academic center. Students who are enrolled in this school are expected to achieve high grades and excel in whatever academic endeavor they pursue. They're also taught in English, further preparing them for a future full of global opportunities and international ventures. You won't expect anything less from this school! 


Vienna's Most Prominent International Schools


American International School of Vienna

Want to know just how important the American International School of Vienna really is? Not only was it founded back in 1959 by both the American and Canadian Embassies in the Austrian capital, but it's also accredited by both the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). Though despite the involvement of the Canadian embassy, the school itself follows the American National Curriculum, offering high-quality education that's relatively similar to those in prominent US schools. Today, it caters around 60 nationalities, largely teaches in English, and provides a balance of academics, arts, and athletics to its diverse student body. 


Amadeus International School Vienna

Named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, you can already tell what kind of school the Amadeus International School Vienna is. While it's an Ib school through and through, it largely focuses on students' artistic abilities, more specifically those gifted in music. Their music program is one of the best among the many primary and secondary schools in the city. So much so that the institution has long given its most gifted students the opportunity to study in the Amadeus Academy of Music, one of the most internationally-respected music schools in the world. But make no mistake, academics still weigh a lot in terms of students' overall success. 


Vienna's Most Prominent International Schools


Vienna is on its way to becoming a major global city in-league with many other European capitals. And that will be thanks in large part to the many prominent international schools that will produce the future leaders of tomorrow. 


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