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The Finest German-Language Schools in Vienna

September 17, 2021
When visiting or moving to a different country, isn't it better to learn the native language? Even if you're going to stay in a largely global city, a diverse international hotpot of different nationalities, at its core, the city itself is still part of the country overall. This means no matter how well-versed many people are with English here, it still won't compare to how many more that only speak and understand the native language. Vienna is a perfect example. You'd do well in learning more German if you wish to have an easy stay here. Fortunately, the city has many schools for that!

The Finest German-Language Schools in Vienna


ActiLingua Academy

With more than 30 years under their belt, the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna has certainly proved that they know how to teach the German language well. A lot of their students end up becoming more fluent than some native-speakers, which says a lot. It helps that, despite its prominence, the academy only facilitates small-numbered classes. The more intimate setting allows for the teachers to give proper guidance and attention to most students, especially those struggling with the language. They also welcome students as young as 12 years old, which means even your kids can learn how to speak German while they're still young. 


German Academy Language School Vienna

Want to know just how effective the German Academy Language School Vienna is in teaching German? International banks and business have sought their help in helping improve their foreign employees' fluency in the language. But don't worry, they don't just teach formal German here. They also offer basic courses for simple conversational German to help tourists navigate the city better. After a full 12-course program in this academy, you're sure to converse with all sorts of people in Vienna. Whether it's small talk with your seatmate on public transport or an important presentation with local clients at work. 


The Finest German-Language Schools in Vienna


Lernpoint Bildungsinstitut

Arguably the strength of Lernpoint Bildungsinstitut as a German-language school is its location. It has two campuses, one in Innere Stadt, the first of Vienna's many districts, and the other is in Alsegrund, the ninth district, near the University of Vienna. Now, what's so important about these places? Both are two of the busiest neighborhoods in the city. This gives students studying in Lernpoint Bildungsinstitut apple opportunity to apply what they've learned in class. You can go to all sorts of tourist spots or cafe and mingle with locals to test out how much your German skills have improved after enrolling here. 


MHC Business Language Training

Just by its name alone, you can already tell just how well MHC Business Language Training might be able to teach German to you here. Above all else, this school, located in the district of Weidner, priorities formal German for official usage. It's all about proper communication here, teaching you all you need to know on how to apply the German language in formal settings. This can better improve your chances of finding a job, getting a promotion at work, hosting important people, and more. So make sure you focus during class. Getting to study German here is an opportunity you won't get anywhere else. 


The Finest German-Language Schools in Vienna


Sprachschule Aktiv Wien

It's no secret that for many non-speakers. German is an intimidating language. Just the way it sounds can seem too aggressive for those who don't speak and understand it. Because of this, Sprachschule Aktiv Wien, a language school in Vienna, approaches teaching German in a different way.  Even with a standard school setting, they strive to teach German in a more fun and interactive way. It's not simply about learning how to speak the language, but also getting to know the country's culture and giving you a chance to share about yours as well. They provide an open and welcoming environment where you can learn at your own pace. 


Sprachschule Dr. Lenz

The Sprachschule Dr. Lenz—also known as Artemida Lenz GmbH—knows that not everyone will have the same needs when learning German. Some would just like to get to the basics, enough to help them have a nice temporary stay in Vienna without too much hassle or offending anybody. While others would require to learn more formal German to prepare them to face the corporate world in this country. Whichever type or level of course you need, Sprachschule Dr. Lenz offers it. This way, it's a win-win situation for everyone who wants to learn to speak and understand German in the city. 


The Finest German-Language Schools in Vienna


Learning how to speak and understand German in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is a piece of cake. You'll have so many great and effective schools to choose from here, each one will help you achieve fluency in the language! 

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