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What the Crime Rates Are in Vienna

September 22, 2021
Vienna is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There's arguably no other place in Europe that houses as many opulent houses, palatial structures, and classic architecture quite like this one. You'll really feel like you traveled back in time when you go to the Austrian capital. With that said, a beautiful city doesn't always mean it's a safe city, though it'd be a shame if Vienna wasn't. With all the wealth and prominence here, it's easy to draw the attention of unwanted criminals. But just how safe is Vienna? The crime rates of the city will tell you.


What the Crime Rates Are in Vienna


Vienna's Current General Crime Rate

According to Numbeo.com, Vienna's general crime rate currently stands at 21.15%. It's one of the lowest in the world today, most especially when compared to other European cities. Anxious tourists can now heave a heavy sigh of relief knowing that the Austrian capital is actually one of the safest cities in the world. But make no mistake, this doesn't mean there are zero crimes committed here. In fact, crimes have been increasing at a rate of 55.31% recently. It's not that bad, per se, but still a cause for concern for many. Overall, you don't have to worry that much when traveling to this city. 


The Highest Crime Rates in Vienna

As already mentioned, the general crime rate in Vienna is quite low. But you make you feel even safer in the Austrian capital, you ought to know which crimes have the highest rate here. For now, with a rate of 33.67%, drug-dealing is the most commonly committed crime in Vienna. Not even this beautiful city can escape Europe's big drug problem. You'll likely see such illegal transactions happening in the sketchier parts of town. After that, you need to look out for corruption & bribery, which have a rate of 30.32%. Before you know it, it might affect your own job here if you're working in Vienna. 


What the Crime Rates Are in Vienna


Vienna's Other Commonly-Committed Crimes

Vandalism & theft come at third among the most commonly committed crimes in Vienna. Fortunately, with a low rate of 29.67%, it doesn't affect a lot of places in the city. The Austrian capital retains its classical beauty despite this crime. Meanwhile, you might want to stay aware of your actions in the city. Being insulted comes at fourth with a rate of 26.46%. Yes, it's rather low, but even the very few instances of this crime can lead to a fight. And finally, rounding up the five most commonly committed crimes in Vienna is physical harassment. As already mentioned, be careful who you offend in this city! 


The Safety Rate of Walking in Vienna

In terms of walking around Vienna, you're in luck! You can stroll around sight-seeing in this beautiful city because it's very safe to do so. Unlike in other European capitals wherein the safety rates for walking around can get relatively low. Here in Vienna, during the daytime, it's 88.32% to explore the different neighborhoods on foot. It's no wonder cycling is also a popular public transport system as well. Meanwhile, at night, the safety rate for walking around drops to 72.06%. It's not a substantial difference and it's still regarded as high too. So enjoy a night out in Vienna when you can! 


What the Crime Rates Are in Vienna


Vienna Areas You Should Be Careful In

Unfortunately, it can't be helped! Despite being a largely safe city overall, there are still some areas in Vienna that you should be more careful exploring. Some might even go as far as to advise you to avoid them. The Karlsplatz square in the Wieden is a good example. Although yes, it's a popular tourist site, it's that exact reason why pickpockets are setting their rights on unsuspecting victims here. Some areas in Mariahilferstrasse, on the other hand, often become rather sketchy and seedy when night falls. You're better off just traveling here during the day and going home before the sun goes down.


Tips to Stay Safe in Vienna

It probably goes without saying but you should always be careful with your belongings when traveling to Vienna. Stay vigilant at all costs and never lose yourself, most especially when you're in the middle of a large crowd. While the Austrian capital is mostly safe, there are still some pickpockets around, mostly near the most famous tourist spots. Also, be wary of people claiming to be police. It's quite common in the central district of Innere Stadt. If you're approached by one in civilian clothing, always ask to see his/her badge. It's a surefire way to find out if he/she is fake or not. 


What the Crime Rates Are in Vienna


Vienna has the honored distinction of being one of the safest cities in the world. Its low crime rates stand testament to that. It seems they really want to safeguard the city's stunning beauty from having an ugly reputation. 

Because it's largely safe here, you'll have no trouble picking out a luxury rental for your new home in Vienna. No matter the area, you're guaranteed to remain safe and secure!







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