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How The Job Market is in Austria

September 16, 2021
Who wouldn't want to work in Austria? Apart from getting to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you'll also get to be part of a strong job market that has been rising for a couple of years now. While compared to powerhouse countries such as the US, France, The UK, and Germany, Austria still has a long way to go, it's stable and strengthening workforce is proof that they're on the right direction. If you plan to move here, you still might get a chance to find a stable job and maintain a comfortable lifestyle here.

How The Job Market is in Austria


Austria's Current Unemployment Rate

As of the moment, even despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, Austria's unemployment rate is at 9.2%, not exactly the lowest by any means but it's commendable that the country is able to keep it at a one-digit level. While other countries struggle to keep a lot of their people employed, this rate proves that Austria's job market is stable enough to ensure most people have jobs right now. But it also still means that they're far from having the ideal job market as it shows that pandemic can still greatly affect them without fail. Only time will tell if the can rise above such challenges. 


The Most Popular Industries in Austria

But what exactly are the industries that help strengthen Austria's job market? Well, a good number of them. But two common themes have risen in the past couple of years: science and engineering. The food industries—which makes use of culinary science—and chemical engineering are two sectors that are growing and looking for more workers. Right after are vehicle manufacturing and technology, the latter of which is unsurprising considering that many other countries, particularly in Europe, are being taken over by this sector. All in all, those who excel in these fields will have good chances of getting employment in the country. 


How The Job Market is in Austria


What Austria is Looking For Now

But while the aforementioned industries are currently the biggest in Austria right now, that doesn't mean they're the only types of workers the country is looking for. There's still a handful of other skill sets that can help anybody get employment here. One of the most prominent is nursing. Austria is looking for more graduate nurses, both locally and overseas, to help keep its many hospitals running smoothly. Most especially now because of the current pandemic. Constructions workers are also highly in-demand, both in the big cities and more rural areas in need of better infrastructure. 


Getting Seasonal Jobs

Temporary jobs are also popular among the youth in Austria right now. Mostly students and fresh graduates, they serve as stepping stones to gain work experience. First-time residents waiting to be granted full residency also go for this sort of employment. Fortunately, the country provides many opportunities for such and they're mostly seasonal. For instance, in winter, ski instructors are very much in demand, especially among the many resorts in Austria's mountainous regions. Summer and fall increase the needs for bartenders in bars and nightclubs as well, most especially these are the seasons that see the biggest boom in tourism every year. 


How The Job Market is in Austria


Job Opportunities for English-Speakers in Austria

Speaking German isn't exactly a requirement if you want to work in Austria but it would certainly help. A good grasp of the language broadens up your opportunities more, giving you more chances to land employment even if you're an expat. But that's not to say that those who don't speak and understand German won't get any work here. There's still a strong demand for English teachers in Austria, whether it's for standard schools or special language enters. Tourism positions such as a hotel manager and a tour guide also prefer English-speaking employees to better handle and communicate with foreign tourists. 


Austria's Working Lifestyle

The working lifestyle in Austria remains standard compared to other countries. Although don't expect a nationally-instituted minimum wage here. It's up to employers themselves how low they'll pay their employees. With that said, you're required to work eight hours a weekday, resulting in 40 hours a week overall. After the end of every year, you're entitled to a 13th-month pay bonus for your hard work. As for your vacation, you're entitled to five weeks of paid leave per year and you're free to choose when to use them. When you reach your 25th year of working in the country, the number of paid leave weeks you get goes up to six per year. 


How The Job Market is in Austria


Whatever you might think about Austria, it's actually a really good place to work in! With a stable economy and a strengthening job market, it won't be long before this country becomes a powerhouse itself! 

With so many luxurious rentals in Austria, you'd do well in working hard at your job to be able to afford one someday!



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