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Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like

September 06, 2020
Paris is undeniably one of the epicenters of luxury. From the high-end fashion and retail labels to the five-star restaurants, hotels, and other establishments, the French capital is known for the finer things in life. The 'City of Lights' sparked, not just through the glowing iconic landmarks, but by the glimmering and shimmering splendor of the most expensive things money can buy. Your eyes will positively sparkle with desire—perhaps even with a little envy—once you go and see this place. And to actually live here? Tha's what haute living is all about. These are what define such a covetable lifestyle.

Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like


What Your Home Should Look Like

For a home to reach the caliber of haute living it has to adhere to certain standards. They include a sophisticated style, a prime location, and ample space for maximum comfort. Haute living is all about the finer things in life, and more often than not, it starts at home. How will the other parts of such a lifestyle fare if the place you call home doesn't even look luxurious. Here in the French capital, Parisian luxury homes are a dime a dozen, from modern apartments to chateau-like penthouses. They exude a certain level of class that only the elite know how to show off. 

Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like


Exhibit First-Class Style

After your home comes your wardrobe. In Paris, that only means haute couture. Costing tens and hundreds of thousands of Euros, this is the only type of fashion that haute living is compatible with. French designer labels are best known and are beloved for their devotion to craftsmanship. Think Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. Mostly everything they make is done by hand, allowing for the quality of the pieces to remain high no matter how many times they're worn. The Parisian style also exudes effortless elegance, a look that seems nonchalant despite all the work put into it. 

Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like


Enrich Your Palette

They don't call Paris a 'food capital' for nothing. And for haute living, only the best of the best can and will do. Fortunately, there are so many places here in the French capital where you can satisfy your hunger. But don't just rely on French food. What's so great about haute cuisine in Paris is that it offers the world on a platter, incorporating flavors and tastes from different counties and continents. From high-end establishments perfect for business to charming cafes for some afternoon comfort, you have a ton of luxurious culinary options here. 

Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like


Riding in Luxury

One's car is tantamount to one's status symbol. The more luxurious it is, the more you've seeped into the haute living lifestyle. Sure, public transport in Paris is efficient, but that's not the way to travel around the city if you're all about haute living. You should be all about the latest cars, limousines, or even motorcycles if you want a little more excitement. Think of the likes of BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porche, and more. these are the names you ought to have engraved on your vehicles. Anything less doesn't reach the caliber of haute living, especially in a city like Paris! 

Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like


What You Should Read

Haute living, even in a city as luxurious as Paris, is still a little tough to understand. To really live out such a lifestyle you'll need to read more about it. It's not enough that you afford the best fashion brands, drive the most expensive cars, and the like. You have to know how to exude that haute aura as well. There's already an Haute Living magazine that can help you, but if you want more help there are a few others as well. Architectural Digest for the right home and the right look for it. While the fashion bible, Vogue (preferrable the French edition) will help you achieve that signature Parisian style. 

Haute Living in Paris: What It's Really Like


Haute living, especially in Paris, doesn't just have to be a dream anyone. It can be your reality if you know where to go, what to wear, and how to enjoy life the best way you can here in the "City of Lights." 





2 bedrooms1 bathroom4

Montparnasse - alesia

143 €per night
1 bedroom2 bathrooms4-2

Marais - beau charles 1 bd

150 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2

Saint germain des pres - rennes i

174 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4

Madeleine - b1

188 €per night