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The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals

May 29, 2021
For a place that's called the 'Old Continent,' Europe sure does look to the future a lot. Or at least, dress it better. For years, cities across this land have dictated what people want to or will want to wear. It's why many of them are regarded as 'fashion capitals.' To this day, Paris, London, Milan, Rome, and Barcelona remain influential, even when other cities like New York and Tokyo have come to take their place. But even beyond their luxurious status, it's not all expensive clothes here. Or at least, not always expensive. These cities have their own fine designer outlet stores for the budgeted fahsion-lover.

The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals




La Vallée Village

Let's start with Paris, the home of haute couture. Though haute couture itself can often cost thousands or even millions of dollars, the clothes at La Vallée Village, fortunately, do not. This famous district isn't exactly in the heart of Paris or in any of its neighborhoods, but it's close enough that you can get to it by public transport. and when you see the awesome deals offered here, you'll know that it was well worth the trip! Designer labels like Dior, Chanel, and Givenchy are all on offer here, discounted to prices no one would have ever thought possible. Furthermore, the rustic fairytale-like ambiance of the place is a must-see too! 


Marques Avenue A6

Feeling a bit sporty? Up for a run along the Champ Elysees? Well, you're gonna need some fine athleisure for that. And here in Paris, the more fashionable, the better! However, brands like Nike and Adidas can often be pricey! So, what do you do? Take the subway and head over to Marques Avenue A6 in Corbeil-Essonnes. They sell countless designer items here at great deals, but the "creme de la creme' of their offerings is the sportswear. Fashionable and functional at reasonable prices! 


The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals




Franciacorta Outlet Village

What better than an entire village devoted to discounted designer clothing? A beautiful spot surrounded by heavenly views. Such a place is Franciacorta Outlet Village near Milan. It's a good distance away from the fashion capital, however, it's still easy to go to via the train. Just hop on at Central Station and you'll reach there soon. Great deals from brands such as Prada, Marni, and Gucci already make going here a must. The beautiful Lake Garda and Lake Iseo that surrounds the shopping district is just a beautiful bonus. 


Scalo Milano

Though you don't have to go out of Milan to actually shop at a great outlet store in the city too. A great option to go to is Scalo Milano. Since it's located in Downtown Milan, it's easy enough to get here via a car, taxi, train, and bus. Here, you can get a lot of great deals at some prominent brands, the likes of which include Trussardi, Armani, and more. And if that's not your style, you can always go for a more affordable sporty look courtesy of Adidas, Puma, and the like. 


The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals




Castel Romano Designer Outlet

There are many reasons why Rome is called the "Eternal City." Not the least of which visits influence on the rest of the world. Beyond the Vatican, Roman culture has often fascinated the rest of the world, from movies, TV, and even fashion. In return, a great outlet store in the city, Castel Roma, offers up great deals on brands from outside of Italy. Think French haute couture labels, American sportswear giants, British streetwear styles, and more. They're all here on offer and at great prices too! 


Outlet Gente Roma

You probably couldn't find a more 'Italian' designer outlet store in Rome than Outlet Gente Roma. Firstly, it's walking distance from the Vatican, specifically its famous museums. If you're up for a little retail therapy after seeing the great monuments of the city-state, head on over here. You'll find a boatload of great deals and massive discounts on many fashion favorites. particularly, Italian ones. Finally, you can buy a Dolce & Gabbana dress or a Fendi purse at a price that you won't be ashamed to spend! 


The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals




Bicester Shopping Village

Another designer outlet village in Europe? But of course! This time around it's in Oxfordshire, a few kilometers away from London. It's Bicester Village, one of the most popular shopping districts in all of the UK. Even though it's technically not in the British capital, it's often considered to be part of the city nonetheless. Especially since it's easy to get there from Central London station via a bus or train. And here, you can get up to 60% off on brands such as Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and more! What a place! 


London Designer Outlet

Name any designer you wish to purchase and you'll definitely find it in the London Designer District. Set in Wembley Park, this luxury shopping haven is easy to get to whether you take a taxi, ride the bus, or catch the metro. But, undeniably, the best part about this store is that it every prominent fashion brand under the sun. Of course, it will have the British-born labels, but also Italian brands, French couture names, American sportswear, and more! They're all here available at great discount prices! 


The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals




La Roca Village

Europe clearly has no shortage of outlet villages. The last one on this list is La Roca Village, a great designer outlet village a few miles east of Barcelona. Though you might need to rent a car to get here, it's worth the extra investment because you won't be spending more than you want to when shopping here. Items from such brands like Armani, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and more are all discounted to such low prices, they're almost unbelievable! But they're real, believe that! 


Viladecans The Style Outlets

Another noteworthy designer outlet store in Barcelona? The Viladecans The Style Outlets mall. This is another place you might have to rent a car for as it's set in the Can'Alemany de Viladecans area, but it will also still be worth it. In fact, once you see the great brands sold here with such amazing deals, you'd want to return here for another day of shopping. Up to 60% off on designer labels such as Carolina Herrera, Versace, Lanvin, and more. What more could you as for? 


The Finest Designer Outlet Stores Across Europe's Fashion Capitals


Just because a city is a fashion capital, that doesn't mean they don't offer their precious designer goodies at more affordable prices! In fact, the well-known fashionable European cities actually have a ton of them, all offering solid deals on luxury items! 

Now that your shopping concerns are answered, how about where you stay in these cities? Not to worry! Paris, Milan, Rome, London, and Barcelona all have a lot of luxury accommodations to welcome fancy and fashionable visitors like you!



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