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Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris

May 24, 2021
It's no secret that Paris is one of the meccas of luxury shopping in the world. It is the home of many of the most luxurious brands to ever exist. Think haute couture houses that have upheld the codes of luxury for decades. Revolutionary brands that changed the retail world forever. And designers who have left long-lasting legacies to how people dress. If luxury is what you want, you'll find it in Paris. You might even be surprised to find out that you can even get it at more affordable prices? It seems unlikely, isn't it? Not at these great outlet stores!

Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris


La Vallée Village

Paris is so into luxury shopping that they don't just have malls for it, they've built entire villages devoted to it. One of the most famous is La Vallée Village, located east of the city center. Easy to get to by public transport, the place is designed like an old-school French village, the ones you'd normally see in storybooks and period films. Yet even with its quaint touch of nostalgia, everything that's on sale here is anything but old. Well, at least only a couple of seasons old. Still, a lot of the designer pieces are still very much covetable, only with more affordable price tags. 


La Piscine Paris

It's almost as if it's too good to be true to find a designer dress at a whopping 90%, right? Well, not if you're shopping at La Piscine Paris. This store chain of discounted luxury clothing from big brands such as Dior and Gucci have a few good spots within the "City of Lights." It's here where Parisians and tourists alike can shop till they drop without even getting close to breaking the bank. 


Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris


Kilo Shop 

With over six stores all over the French capital’s districts, it's no surprise that the Kilo Shop has gained massive popularity among bargain-hunters and luxury-shoppers alike. And why wouldn't it? Especially since they sell their clothes by the kilo. No, not the British currency, but rather, by the weight. And since you have to pay by the kilo, it's more likely you get to buy more for even a little amount of money for designer clothing that you'd do at other stores. 


Marques Avenue A6

Set in Corbeil-Essonnes, it'll only take a subway ride to get to Marques Avenue A6. And if you're in need of some new work-out clothes and luxury sports gear, you'd do good to take that trip! This well-known outlet store specializes in providing affordable sportswear pieces from some of the biggest names in the retail world. What might probably cost a lot of money in Nike, Adidas, Puma, and more might be third or even half the prices here! 


Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris


Mouton à 5 Pattes

A concept store located on some of the busiest streets in Paris—8 and 18 Rue Saint-Placide and 138 Boulevard Saint-Germain—it's best to take a taxi when you want to shop at Mouton à 5 Pattes. It's here where you can get some of the most beautiful designer clothing at incredibly low prices. It's almost criminal how a Chanel suit or a Mochino dress can cost so little. But that's what it's like here, which why it's worth checking out for any fashion lover in Paris! 


One Nation Paris

Feel the need to buy some new accessories? A pair of Fendi sunglasses, perhaps? Or Jimmy Choo shoes? Well, if you're on a budget, then hail a cab and head on over to One Nation Paris. A major shopping haven in Paris, you can get as low as 30% of on some of their designer items. They also sell clothes, but their main draw is their accessories selection, many of which come from big-named brands from the luxury fashion world! 


Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris



Since L’Habilleur is set in Le Marais district, it's not that difficult to reach it via bus, taxi, or even the Paris metro. This is where you'd want to shop if you're in need of quality casual clothes. Clothes that will make you look expensive even though they don't dome from the most luxurious brand out there. Mostly, the labels they carry here are from the contemporary market, with prices made even lower up to a stunning 70% off! 



Vintage stores may be a dime a dozen in Paris, but Ding-Fring is one distinctly cool place! It' share where you'll get retro style at its finest, from the mod looks of the 60s, the boho-chicness of the 70s, and the power styles of the 80s. Though most of what's offered here are pre-worn, they're in the best condition to be sold again, often at very agreeable prices. And they have no shortage of the designer kind neither! 


Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris



Wherever you are in Paris, a quick bus ride will get you to Chinemachine, a popular outlet store in the 18th arrondissement that sells some of the most unique pieces in the fashion world. More often than not, this will include samples from the biggest brands and you won't see such pieces anywhere else. Even though they also sell other clothes that just as desirable in terms of look and quality, it's their more unique items that have gained the trust of many Parisian shoppers through the years. 



To shop at Mistgriff, you must have a keen eye for designer clothing. This means you'll recognize a piece from a big-named brand without having to look at the label. And this is mostly because the tags on the clothes here are often removed, hence its name which also means 'mystery label." But why is shopping for labelless clothing a bargain? Because you're more inclined to purchase pieces based on their quality, not brand. 


Best Designer Shopping Outlet Stores in Paris


Paris may be the home of designer clothing but that doesn't mean you'll only get to spend a lot when you're shopping here. For you bargain-hunters out there, the fashion capital has a few good outlet stores that sell designer clothing that are up within haute couture standards! 

After you shop, you'll need to place all of what you've bought someplace safe, right? Well, luckily Paris has a number of great accommodations, many of which are near many of the outlet stores mentioned on this list. You might want to check them out!



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