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The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Rome

May 24, 2021
You can say that Rome has everything. Historic significance? Yep! Famous tourist spots? They're a dime a dozen here! Great food? Of course! Amazing views? Pick one! They don't call the Italian capital the 'Eternal City' for nothing. And it's clear that Rome really wasn't built in a day because it has practically everything a major European city needs. Not the least of which is its great shopping sites. The designer outlets in Rome further prove that this city really is a fashion capital. Why? Because they sell luxury brand items at unbelievably affordable prices! That's why!

The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Rome


Castel Romano Designer Outlet

If there's one place wherein you can travel the world but remain in the same hotspot, it's Castel Roma. How so? Well, this outlet store sells items from the cream of the crop of the fashion industry around the world. Except, ironically, some major names from the Italian side. But the names you'd know from Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, and more? They're all here and then some! Not to mention they're priced a lot more affordable than if you had purchased such items from the flagship stores themselves, even if they're slightly off-season and vintage! 


McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

Rome is largely made up of historic buildings but they're mostly the famous tourist spots. When it comes to shopping, very rarely do these places look like they came from centuries ago. But the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Rome stands out because of this. Made to look like a modern version of Ancient Rome, this outlet district of designer goods has had people spending money for years. And why wouldn't they? They might just find their favorite luxury pieces at a price they can finally reach! And that's saying something! 


The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Rome


Outlet Gente Roma

Wouldn't it be great if there's a designer outlet store just a few steps away from some of the major tourist spots in Rome? Like the Vatican, for instance. Surely, when you're in Rome, whether it's your first or nth time you're here, you'd visit its stunning churches and museums. But then, you want to go shopping. What do you do? Well, take a little stroll down east and you'll fine Outlet Gente Roma. It's a luxury haven of discounted pieces from the likes of Prada, Givenchy, Fendi, and more! How's that for a fruitful day in the 'Eternal City?'


Store Moda Casa

At times, the shopping experience is better when you feel that it's a homely spot. And what better to do that than in an actual house? A hidden gem for a lot of you bargain-hunters is Store Moda Casa, a slightly intimate outlet in Rome, located along Via Delle Botteghe Oscure. The street is slightly private so you might only be able to get here via a car, taxi, or even a Vespa. But once you go inside, you'll feel as if you're in another person's home. All these discounted luxury items laid out as if a friend is letting you pick which of his/her clothes you can buy. 


The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Rome


S H Parioli

The S.H. in SH Parioli stands for 'Stock House' and that's exactly what this place is. It's a stock house for luxury brand items, many of which are already vintage and are off-season. But that doesn't make them any less desirable nor less valuable. A lot of the world's most famous, beloved, and revered brands send a lot of their unsold stock here, offering it to people and unbelievable low prices. And remember, at times, vintage pieces from such great fashion can be more valuable than their latest collections. So you might just find a rare treasure here at half the price! 


Valmontone Outlet

You know, some of the best shopping places in Rome aren't actually within the city. There's one worth visiting ad shopping at that's in the outskirts of the 'Eternal City.' It's called the Valmontone Outlet and it's like any other mall you might have at home. The only difference here is they sell some high fashion pieces here at seasonal discounts. if you're lucky, you might even shop during one of their biggest sales. You might need to devote a day (and a car, if you can) if you want to shop here. 


Vestiti Usati Cinzia

In a place like Rome, you'll surely find a lot of great vintage stores out there. But one, in particular, that's worth mentioning is Vestiti Usati Cinzi. Especially because not all of the items here are vintage. Some are actually the latest products of various brands mixed with items from designers' past collections. This way, you can still look on-trend without having to spend more than you can. Nestled along Via del Governo Vecchio, the store is relatively easy to get to via car, taxi, or even on foot. Even though it's near a major tourist spot, Piazza Navona, it's always crowded. 


The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Rome


Don't be intimated to shop in Rome! The 'Eternal City' is always the 'expensive city.' In fact, there are actually a lot of great designer outlets in Rome where you can get luxury pieces at incredibly low prices and unbelievable deals! 


When in Rome, where do you stay? Well, if you want to shop till you drop while you're here, it's better to stay at accommodations near its great designer outlet stores. Not to worry, as there's a good number of such Rome luxury apartments to choose from.



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