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Must-Shop Designer Outlet Stores in London

May 24, 2021
'Expensive' is a word often associated with London. Expensive food, expensive hotels, expensive tickets for the West End, and many more. Particularly, expensive clothes too. After all, the British capital is one of the fashion capitals of the world. And it helps that it has a long-standing tradition and reverence to classical tailoring too. So with such a reputation, it'd understand that many shoppers—especially those on a budget—would be apprehensive to shop here. But they wouldn't if they knew where to shop. The city actually has a lot of great designer outlet stores that sell luxury items at more affordable prices.

Must-Shop Designer Outlet Stores in London


Bicester Shopping Village

Why just go to a store or even a mall when you can go to an entire village? Yes, London actually has an entire village devoted to discounted shopping. It's called Bicester Village and it's easy to reach by bus or train. You'll just have to start from Central London and go off Oxfordshire. Here, the discounts can go up to a whopping 60% off on pieces from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Prada, Mulberry, and more. These sorts of deals aren't that common in such a place as London, so your waller will thank you when you shop here. 



Above all else, Clark's is beloved most by their shoes. And their quality pairs too! Ask just about anyone in England and they'll tell you that they either have a pair of Clark's shoes or they're familiar with it. And perhaps the best place to shop for them is at their many outlet stores across the British capital. They also sell men's, women's, and children's wear for those who need them, but really, the stars of the store are the shoes. Quality-made footwear for everyday needs, all offered at great prices for both luxury shoppers and bargain-hunters alike. 


Must-Shop Designer Outlet Stores in London


Hackney Walk

While many outlets stores on this list focus on designer brands coming from France, Italy, and the United States, the famous Hackney Walk is focused on putting British brands on the forefront. Think Burberry, Erdem, Hackett London, and more—all offered on great discounts and even greater deals. Don't worry, you'll still get your fair share of Italian leather goods, American sportswear, and French perfumes, but as far as fashion is concerned, it's all about the homegrown talent here. In many ways, this outlet shopping district was put up to celebrate British fashion and to encourage local shoppers to embrace it too. 


Joseph Clearance Shop

Hop in a cab and head on over to Chelsea street if you're in dire need of a well-tailored suit at half the price. At this famously trendy and hip district, the Joseph Clearance shop offers your business casual and evening attire needs with some great deals. More often than not, people get their clothes tailored here in London, especially since this is practically one of the capitals of the craft. But, of course, not everyone can afford to. For those who still want to look sophisticated but are on a budget, this outlet store is your best bet! 


Must-Shop Designer Outlet Stores in London


London Designer Outlet

It's already all in the name: the London Designer District. Situated in the famous Wembley area, this is a retail haven for all things designer. British-born labels? They've got them here! Italian leather goods stores? Plenty of them! French couture brands? Choose which one you like and you'll see it here! Not to mention some favorite high street brands like Gap, Topshop, and the like. And the best part? They're all offered at great discounts! Just an easy subway or bus ride to Wembley Park and you'll already be in this mecca of high street and luxury fashions. 


<Matches Fashion Clearance Outlet

You're probably familiar with the British online retailer MATCHESFASHION.com. If you're a fashion lover and an avid online shopper, you should be familiar with this platform. Well, did you know that they had their own outlet store here in little ol' London too? Up on Morning Lane, this website's own physical space offers up countless discounts on their famous collection of luxury pieces. From the hottest of designers to the most established and revered of brands, they're all here for the taking. You'll likely find last season's items here, however, that doesn't make them any less desirable and trendy!


Must-Shop Designer Outlet Stores in London


The Box

Whether you're on the bus or you're on the railway system, if you go down at Hackney Central, you'll be near one of the hippest and most happening designer outlet stores in all of London: The Box. The name itself already seems like it's an exclusive nightclub or something but nope! It's actually one of the coolest places to shop at. Mostly for its great discounts on some of the hottest designer brands out there now. You'll most likely find what you're looking for here, especially if you attend the sample sales they hold each week! 


The Galleria Outlet Centre

Up for some high street shopping? Head on over to The Galleria Outlet Centre in the more quiet Hatfield area. It's easy to go there by train if you're coming from the stations of Finsbury Park, King’s Cross, or Moorgate. And once you're there, you might not be able to control yourself from shopping till you literally drop! Why not? They've got loads of incredible high street designer pieces that are priced even lower than what they might have been in their own stores. Keep in mind, high street labels are already priced lower than more established luxury brands, so the discounts here are out of this world! 


Must-Shop Designer Outlet Stores in London


Never underestimate the allure of a good bargain. When you step foot into the many great designer outlet stores in London, you might not be able to control yourself! And no one would blame you because they have the best deals on the most coveted high fashion luxury pieces! 

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