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What to Wear When You Go to The Paris 2024 Olympics

May 05, 2024
Are you going to the Paris 2024 Olympics later this year? If you are, what are you going to wear? The event will take place around mid-July until early August, specifically around the peak of summer. The clothes you'll bring and wear may just make or break your entire experience. Naturally, you want to show off your patriotism through your attire too. You traveled to the French capital to root for your country's team, after all. So take all of these into consideration, what should you wear to Paris 2024? Well, how about some nice shorts, comfy flats, colorful tees, and a whole lot of sunscreen for good measure?

What to Wear When You Go to The Paris 2024 Olympics

Prioritize Comfort

Above everything else, you need to prioritize your comfort. The Paris 2024 Olympics will happen from mid-July to early August, right around the peak of summer. Don't underestimate just how hot the French capital can get. France is still a Mediterranean country, after all. If you're gonna visit the city for the Olympics, you'll need to wear light fabrics, easy essentials, and breezy silhouettes. Choose pieces that you can easily move around in and won't feel too heavy on the body. Wear footwear that won't cover your feet in blisters at the end of the day too!

Show Off Your Country's Colors

You're going to the Paris 2024 Olympics to cheer for your national team, right? In that case, why not show off your patriotism with what you wear? The easiest way to do that is to proudly wear the colors of your national flag. If you're French, the tri-colors will do! Perhaps a Breton shirt too if you want to show off a little bit of Parisian pride too. For Brazilians, it's easy—green, yellow, and dark blue all the way! The same goes for Italians too—red, white, and green. As for Americans, sprinkling in some stars and stripes is not a bad idea either!

What to Wear When You Go to The Paris 2024 Olympics

Keep Up The Athleisure

But not too much! You wouldn't want to look like you're working out every time you go out, would you? Even if you look chic—as if you're coming out of the best gyms in Paris—there's a limit to how much athleisure you ought to wear in public. Sure, this sort of attire is comfortable and on theme for the 2024 Summer Olympics, but too much of something can be bad. Why not mix it up with some casual pieces instead? Pair an anorak with a relaxed pair of jeans, for example. Or match your jogging pants with a light sweater.

Go Understated with Your Designer Pieces

If you can buy designer pieces, it makes sense to want to wear them every time. Especially when you're in Paris, the land of haute couture! This is the city of high fashion! Why wouldn't you want to show off the labels and brands you're wearing? Well, because it's a bit gauche. True Parisians know that it's all about how you carry your clothes, not the ones who made them. And you can just imagine how much you'll stick out like a sore thumb wearing branded pieces in a sea of casual Olympic viewers. If you want to wear your designer clothes, do it in a more understated manner. Most importantly, don't go wild with the logomania too!

What to Wear When You Go to The Paris 2024 Olympics

Light Fabrics Only

As already mentioned, the Paris 2024 Olympics will take place in the middle of summer. Not only that but many of the famous Paris spots that will host the Olympics are outdoors. From the Eiffel Tower to Place de la Concorde, watching the games live will have you spending most of your days outside. So to avoid the risk of a heat stroke, only pack clothes made out of light materials. Linen, cotton, jersey, brushed knit, and nylon for your sporty pieces. You're in luck because some of these (i.e. linen) are chic Parisian staples too.

Keep The Denim Handy

While denim might not be a light fabric, it is both a summer and Parisian staple. There are even many great shops and brands where you can buy the best denim in Paris. But for this summer, specifically for when you watch the Paris 2024 Olympics live, go for the lighter pieces. Instead of full-on jeans, wear denim shorts or mini-skirts. A light denim jacket will also serve as a great cover-up, no matter what you're wearing. And if you can handle it, you can always wear a sleeveless denim dress instead!

What to Wear When You Go to The Paris 2024 Olympics

Only Wear Flats

Now, what about footwear? Well, it's no question—only wear flats! Be it a sick pair of trainers or a refined pair of sandals, flats should be the only thing you'll put on your feet during the Paris Olympics. Firstly, they're light and comfy, perfect and appropriate for summer. Secondly, don't underestimate how much time you'll spend walking around. The neighborhoods of Paris are made for walking, even more so since the game venues are located in various districts. Whether you take Paris public transport or not, you're bound to do a lot of walking in this city!

Don't Forget Your Sunglasses

Finally, don't forget your sunglasses! It doesn't just get hot in Paris in the summer, it gets extremely sunny too! So much so that times, especially if you're staying in a sunny luxury apartment in Paris, you'll need to wear your shades indoors. That's how bright it can get in the French capital, so if you'll be here for the 2024 Summer Olympics, your pair should already be in your bags. Luckily, the right pair of sunglasses can elevate any look. Whether you go for big frames of sleek shades, as long as you have them on, you're good to go!

What to Wear When You Go to The Paris 2024 Olympics

If you're going to the Paris 2024 Olympics, you need to know what to wear. From your country's colors to comfy flats, what you wear will matter more than you probably realize. It'll make or break your entire trip!




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