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Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

June 23, 2021
When exercising in Paris, you probably prefer doing it outside, don't you? Run for miles and miles exploring the beauty of the city as the dawn breaks and the cafes start opening up. Cycle through the many rues and avenues, each with its own historical spot. With a city as beautiful as the French capital, why would you want to work out in any old stuffy gym? Well, perhaps because some of them are the finest you'll ever see in any major city. With the fitness craze having dominated the French, these gyms have become signature hotspots themselves!

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers


Club Med Gym

As far as standard gyms in Paris go, Club Med Gyms have become the benchmark for such. Want to know just how successful this gym chain is? They've set up a whopping 21 gyms throughout all of the French capital. Ask any Parisian who loves going to the gym and he/she has probably either heard of CMG or is actually a member him/herself! That's how popular this gym is. And it's no surprise considering that they provide quality equipment, ample space, and a relaxing haven for those who just want to work out in peace. No wonder a lot of Parisians are fit! 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: CMG Sports Club Facebook Page


Crossfit Original Addicts 

You didn't think that this list would be complete without mentioning CrossFit, did you? Whether you hate the exercise—or the people who do the exercise—or not, you can't deny that CrossFit has impacted the fitness industry in such a big way. And the many gyms set up devoted to that sand proof of this. Here in Paris, there's ‘Crossfit Original Addicts,’ a popular exercise hotspot for—you guessed!—CrossFit addicts! It has all the equipment one needs to show off their skills in this exciting and trendy workout. It's even cultivated a community of "addicts" through the years! 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: Crossfit Original Addicts Facebook Page



"Conquer Your Day" sounds like a great name for a gym, doesn't it? Well, here in Paris, it's not exactly a gym, per se, but rather a fitness agency where you can be a member just like a standard gym. It doesn't necessarily have its own physical space and headquarters. In fact, the venues of the sessions change regularly, traveling throughout all of Paris' neighborhoods. And that's probably the best part of it. That you can still explore the French capital whilst keeping fit and healthy. Not to mention be part of a growing community whose main goal is to maintain wellness. 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: CYD Facebook Page



If there's one exercise that Parisians are known to love, it's cycling. Th city itself costs all kinds of competitions in the sport, each more prestigious than the next. So it's also no surprise that when it comes to gyms and fitness centers, spinning classes are among the most popular. Dynamo is a great example. With over 2,500 members in the city, it's become one of the most popular workout spots in the entire French capital. And why wouldn't it be? They offer up a cool and modern atmosphere with sounds and vibes that are as cool as can be. 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: Dynamo Cycling Facebook Page



At times, you'll really need is a clean and spacious gym where you can work out without having to disturb anyone and without being disturbed yourself. Is that too much to ask? In Paris, it certainly isn't. There's one gym that doesn't have all the hullabaloo that many modern fitness centers have: Healthcity. It might sound like a fine hospital at first, but in reality, It's as standard a gym as any other.  And while this may not seem all that exciting, it's exactly that which has made it popular among Parisians. So much so that they've been able to set up six gyms throughout the entire city. 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: Healthcity France Facebook Page



Another spinning class worth getting into is the one in Kiwill in the Northeaster corner of Paris. Situated near the Place de la Republique, the location of the place itself is already a plus. But it's the fun and exciting vibe that they offer here that will really do it for you. Arguably the best part about it is the music they play. For some reason, Kiwill never goes wrong in pumping out a great work-out playlist while you cycle your butt off. And before long, that same butt will fit into any designer clothes you've been saving up for! 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: Kiwill Facebook Page


L’Appart Fitness

Let's face it, living in Paris is expensive. It's not only because it's home to luxury shopping or sold-out shows and such, but the city itself is also simply expensive. As a result, you have to be wise in what and where you invest your money. If you're on a budget, is it really wise to pay for membership at a gym? If it's at L’Appart Fitness, definitely! Whether you go here for just a day or you get a full-blown membership, you won't break the bank while exercising here. Just think of it as investing in your own health, fitness, and overall well-being. 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: L’Appart Fitness Facebook Page



If there's one gym that you can definitely describe as luxurious, it's L’Usine! With three locations in the French capital—one by the famous Garnier Opera House, another near Saint Lazare train station, and a third located in the Marais-Beaubourg area—it's become a popular fitness retreat for the Parisian elite. Upscale doesn't even begin to describe this gym, what with its fully-stocked weight room, well-air-conditioned workout spaces, a huge sauna, Olympic-sized pools, and more! You'd probably feel like it's a five-star resort than an actual gym in Paris. And in fact, the place is so private and exclusive that you might even forget you're in the bustling French capital in the first place. 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: L’Usine Paris Facebook Page


Midtown Studio

Finally, if you really want to sweat it all out, you should go to Midtown Studio. By its name alone, it seems like a pretty tame gym, right? Well, it's far from it! With its boot camp-style vibe, this combat gym will test you to your limits. Each session you take here will tire you out mercilessly as if you're actually part of the army and you're training as a lieutenant. And as unappealing as that may sound, at times, this is the sort of adrenaline-pumping exercising that you need. You'll certainly get trimmer and way fitter here! 

Paris' Finest Gyms/Training Centers

Source: Midtown Studio Facebook Page


Paris may seem like a relaxing paradise but it's got its fair share of cool gyms and wicked fitness centers that will tire you out. After all, in a city as gorgeous as the French capital, wouldn't you want to look trimmer yourself? 


When you do go for any of these gyms, it's probably best if you stay at a place that's near them. any of Paris' luxury apartments will do you just fine! 



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Paris, France

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Paris, France
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