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Should You Eat Out During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

April 30, 2024
Will you be going to the Paris 2024 Olympics later this year? If you are, know that you'll be in one of the best cities for eating out. Paris is known as the food capital of the world and its culinary scene is insane! From Michelin-starred restaurants to beloved bistros and charming cafes, it's as if this place was made for eating out. But should you even eat out when the Olympics are going on? Paris will be extremely crowded during this event and naturally, so are the best places to eat. So is it better to eat in or go out? Well, let this post help you come up with the answer.

Should You Eat Out During The Paris 2024 Olympics?


Indulge in Haute Cuisine

Paris is the home of haute cuisine, the very pinnacle of excellence in culinary arts. From the Michelin-starred restaurants to the most prestigious culinary schools, the French capital remains the utmost authority in fine food. That's why when you go to Paris yourself, even during the 2024 Summer Olympics, you'd do well to eat out. The places here serve the best French food in the world, not to mention several other foreign cuisines too. If you want to indulge in some of the most delicious dishes on the planet, your best bet is to go out to eat.

Eat like a Parisian

Becoming a Parisian is the ultimate fantasy for lots of people. Just to live like one for a couple of weeks is probably why they'll take all the effort to travel to the French capital for the 2024 Olympics. And of course, one of the best ways to live like a Parisian is to eat like one. Drink coffee like a Parisian, eat lunch like a Parisian, and enjoy dinner like a Parisian. It's already known that you'll get treated to the best food here in Paris, but there's no denying that eating like a Parisian is a huge part of the charm of going out in the city.

Should You Eat Out During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

Foreign Cuisines are Also Available

As already mentioned, foreign cuisines are also available in Paris. Part of why the city is regarded as the definitive food capital of the world is that its culinary scene has become as diverse as its population. From Italian and American to Japanese and Thai, the food here is as global as the metropolis itself. You might even find dishes and delicacies from your hometown here! And you'll only get to eat it if you go out. As much as you might want to stay in your luxury apartment in Paris, you won't get to eat your usual grub if you don't know how to cook it yourself.

There are Many Great Places to Eat

It can't be stressed enough just how many great places to eat there are in Paris. Even if you think the best ones are too expensive, there are still humble bistros, charming cafes, and even some affordable Michelin-starred restaurants. No matter your budget, you're sure to enjoy the city's culinary excellence. Paris is as much about food as it is about fashion, finance, history, romance, and more. They take cuisines seriously here, hence, it remains an authoritative figure in the gourmet world. No matter where you go out to eat, you're sure to enjoy your food and have a good time!

Should You Eat Out During The Paris 2024 Olympics?


Paris is an Expensive City

Don't underestimate just how expensive the French capital can get! The living costs in Paris are typically high, even for many of the French themselves. Though you might still be able to find a few affordable spots along the way, it's often better and more budget-friendly to cook for yourself at home. But what if you don't know how to cook? Part of becoming a tourist to watch the Paris 2024 Olympics is getting to eat the city's delicacies, right? If that's the case, your best bet is to buy a snack from a stall and eat it at home.

It's Often Hard to Get a Table

Admit it: part of the charm of going out to eat in Paris is its exclusivity. Some of the most famous and beloved restaurants, brasseries, bistros, and cafes in Paris relish in their exclusivity. Some spots are famous for being difficult to get a table. So if you're planning to go to the Paris 2024 Olympics and eat in the crème de la crème of hotspots here, call them up and reserve a table now. If you're lucky, there will still be a table for you. If not, then expect to cook at home instead.

Should You Eat Out During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

You Have to Face the Crowds

You’ll just have to accept that the Paris 2024 Olympics will bring hordes of tourists to the French capital. According to the Olympics' impact on Paris real estate, around 15 million visitors are expected to descend on the city. Naturally, this means that you'll have to contend with all of these people, especially if you go out to eat. A good many of them will likely want to check out Paris's best and most famous hotspots while they're there. This might also make it even more difficult to snag a table in most of them. Better get to calling the restaurants now!

French Table Etiquette is Different

When you eat at the fanciest restaurants in Paris, they'll expect you to practice proper French dining etiquette. It's not illegal to be ignorant of it, but it'll be a major faux pas on your part. Expect a ton of stares and glares if use the wrong spoon on your soup. Or the wrong fork for dessert. Don't worry! No one will arrest you for not knowing such customs. They will, however, be baffled as you didn't learn proper French dining etiquette when you planned on eating in such high-class restaurants in the first place.

Should You Eat Out During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

When you're in Paris for the 2024 Olympics, should you eat out? Here are the pros and cons of going out to the city's famous restaurants during one of the busiest times of the year. Hopefully, this will help you come up with a good plan during your trip.




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