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The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris

February 24, 2022
Paris is one of the finest food capitals in the world for many reasons. One of them is that it houses a lot of excellent places to eat. Within its many districts and neighborhoods, the French capital offers restaurants, bistros, and more that serve food more delicious than the next. And they got the attention of none other than the Michelin Guides. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Paris has a ton of Michelin-starred restaurants. You could even say that the city is practically made up of them. But there are ten that truly stand head and shoulders above all the rest.

The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris


Founded by the prominent gourmet chef, Alain Passard, the three Michelin-starred Arpège is the premier vegan restaurant in Paris. Its popularity stems from Passard's expert approach to preparing vegan dishes, using the same open-flame cooking methods that he's known for when cooking meat. And by incorporating this technique with vegetables, he's able to bring out new flavors, textures, and excite a vegan's palate unlike any other. By focusing on organic and healthy cuisine, it's no wonder the Michelin guide awarded this place three stars, one of very few to have multiple stars in the city.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Alain-Passard.com


You can already tell what cuisine to expect just by this place's name alone. Frenchie is the one Michelin-starred hotspot on Rue du Nil, the popular shopping street in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. At first glance, it looks more like a trendy hipster café than a Michelin star restaurant, particularly because of its small space and industrial design. However, once you get a taste of their exquisite five-course tasting menu of French cuisine, you'll understand why the Michelin Guide gave it a star. Despite what the place looks like, Frenchie certainly doesn't lack quality dishes and fine wine!
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Frenchie Rue du Nil Facebook Page

La Tour D’Argent

A defining restaurant in Paris's culinary scene, La Tour D’Argent is a definite must-try for connoisseurs and foodies alike. Even the place itself draws you in, particularly its elegant rococo-style interior design paired with amazing views of Notre Dame and the surrounding neighborhoods. You can bask in the scenic glory of the French capital as you indulge in fresh escargot, scallops, sole cardinal, duck royale, and more. Each bite will remind you why Paris truly is the food capital of the world.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: La Tour D’Argent Facebook Page

Le Cinq

The beautiful Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris houses a number of Michelin-starred restaurants worth your while. One of them is Le Cinq. Though its name means 'The Fifth' in English, you can expect first-class gastronomical excellence in this hotspot. The restaurant excels in seafood in particular, achieving an astounding balance of delicious taste and beautiful presentation. Their many signature dishes, from Dublin Bay Prawns to line-fished sea bass all look like works of art worth displaying in the city's most popular art galleries. And the taste? Truly worth its three Michelin stars.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Four Seasons.com

Le George

Another Michelin-starred restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel George V is Le George, run by the amazing Chef Simone Zanoni. It earned its one Michelin star back in 2017, thanks in large part to its modern Mediterranean cuisine. Known for its small portions and healthy flavors, it's become the go-to restaurant for big parties, namely families and groups of friends. They get to indulge in the delicious tapas-style options from Le George's a'la carte menu, which includes flavorful salads, soothing risottos, taste French cheese, and more.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Four Seasons.com

Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne's location alone already makes it a worthwhile foodie hotspot! This one Michelin star restaurant is perched on one of the high floors of the Eiffel Tower, offering up amazing views of the French capital right at the heart of the city's most famous attraction. Of course, because of where it is, getting a reservation here is pretty tough. But once you do and you taste their excellent dishes made by Meilleur Ouvrier de France winner Frédéric Anton, you'll understand that all your efforts to score a table here were worth it.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Flickr.com/ Christopher Michel

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, which stands on the 1st arrondissement's Rue de Rivoli has scored two Michelin stars over the years, making it one of the most popular places to eat in all of Paris. But what is it so famous? Firstly, there's its decadent rococo-style interior that will make you feel like you're dining in the Versailles palace. The look of the place certainly lives up to the kind of glamour that the French capital is known for. Secondly, its artificial-free menu of haute cuisine resonates with locals and tourists alike.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Dorchester Collection.com

L’Oiseau Blanc

Perched atop the Peninsula Hotel in Paris, L’Oiseau Blanc is a rooftop restaurant that has earned a much-deserved one Michelin star. Of course, the feast for the eyes with its incredible views of the city help elevate the culinary experience here, but the food truly is the star of the show. Their tasting menu includes exotic dishes like blue lobster, marinated mackerel, fermented seaweed, and more. Meanwhile, their a'la carte menu boasts delicious sea scallops, savory sea urchin, Imperial caviar, and lacquered pigeon, among many others.
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: The Peninsula Paris Facebook Page


If you want to get a table at Septime, the one Michelin-starred restaurant on Rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, you'll need to call in advance. At least around two weeks to a month in advance. That's how difficult it is to get a reservation in this highly in-demand culinary hotspot! And could you blame them? With such scrumptious dishes like smoked roasted cauliflower with onion and mustard or roasted shallot and fig and juniper juice, it's no wonder Michelin Guides took notice!
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Septime

Palais Royal Restaurant

Finally, there's Palais Royal Restaurant, located a hop and a skip away from the beautiful Jardins du Palais-Royal. A recipient of one Michelin star, the restaurant is run by the famous chef, Phillip Chronopoulos, who himself once trained under Alain Passard at Arpège. That alone should tell you the sort of culinary excellence to expect in this first-class hotspot. With such a beautiful outdoor ambiance, it's a perfect place to hold a sunny business lunch or even Sunday brunch with friends. What's not to love?
The Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris
Source: Palais Royal Restaurant Facebook Page

The many Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris all prove that the city truly is a food capital. They're haute cuisine at its finest, truly deserving to be the most prominent and popular hotspots in the sparkling city of lights!

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