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How to Spend Winter in Paris

November 05, 2023
How do you spend winter in Paris? Sounds like an easy enough question to answer, doesn't it? No matter the time of year, there are always lots of things to do in the French capital. And yet, that's also the problem. With so much on offer, what is there to do in Paris in winter? What are the things you simply have to do when you spend the season here? Well, Going to the Christmas markets is a must! As is warming up with a cup of coffee in a charming cafe. And while you're at it, why not escape to a bookstore and read the cold away too?

How to Spend Winter in Paris

Warm Up in a Cafe

If you went to Paris in winter (or any other time of year, for that matter) and you didn't go to a cafe, did you really go to Paris? Many would argue you didn't! Cafes are the heart of Paris. Though other cities have similarly charming coffee shops, the cafes in Paris are simply on a league of their own. There are historic cafes that have stood the test of time; the very sites where many influential figures once dined and socialized. Some are romantic, peaceful oases where a couple can cozy up to each other to stay warm in winter.

Go Shopping

Does winter in Paris get so cold that you can't do anything but just stay at home? Perhaps. But let's not forget that the holiday season is also in winter, making it the best time to go shopping! As early as November, just as winter is descending upon the French capital, the famous department stores start revealing their Christmas window displays and begin promoting their seasonal sales. Even after the holidays, the winter sales offer the best luxury goods at incredible prices and awesome deals. True shopaholics would want to take advantage of this!

How to Spend Winter in Paris

Shop at The Christmas Markets

Speaking of shopping, you also won't want to miss the Christmas markets of the city. Like the department store holiday windows, the city sets up these festive fun fairs as early as mid to late November. These magical markets are both exciting and idyllic. The stalls and their goodies are reminiscent of France's countryside charms, full of delicious delicacies and unique knick-knacks. Pair that with the liveliness of the French capital and you'll be having fun all season long! Unfortunately, however, the Christmas markets don't last all winter. They typically close and start packing up around January.

See The Snow-Filled Parks

No matter the time of year, the parks in Paris remain as beautiful as ever. Yes, that also includes winter. While the season may not have the blossoming petals of spring, the warm sunshine of winter, or the orange-tinted glow of autumn, it does have the sparking snowflakes. The familiar green spaces turn white, glimmering with the ice and snow of winter. It's not colorful, sure, but it's in no way less stunning. Paris in winter is just as picturesque as any other time of year. Its beloved parks stand proof of that!

How to Spend Winter in Paris

Watch a Theater Show

Many theaters in Paris know that most people spend winter indoors. Sure, the city is still beautiful around this time of year, but there's no denying that it gets too cold for comfort. So what do you do when you can't handle spending more than an hour outside? Go to the theater! From the holiday season up until Valentine's Day in mid-February, Paris lights up with all sorts of exciting entertainment. From musicals and concerts to extravagant Parisian cabarets, winter is arguably the best time to attend a show in the French capital.

Sneak into a Speakeasy

With their intimate spaces and often crowded nights, the speakeasies in Paris are some of the warmest hotspots out there. Think about it: these sorts of bars are usually but never fail to draw in people. Even when the air conditioner is on full blast, it will still get hot in no time. Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to escape the winter cold in Paris? In such establishments, you can hang out with friends, drink cocktails, and simply have a good time, all while staying warm and toasty. What's not to love?

How to Spend Winter in Paris

Host a Soirée

If you moved to Paris and have been staying here for a couple of years now, you know that soirées are a way of life in the city. Whether you have 10 or 100 friends, it's common to invite people over. Even more so in winter when most people would rather spend time indoors. Fortunately, the many luxury apartments in Paris have their own fireplaces. The bigger ones boast grand fireplaces that echo those in places and chateaus. These are the kinds of apartments perfect for soirées as they have the space and the fireplaces to warm everyone up!

Take a Day Trip

If you thought Paris looked enchanting in winter, wait until you get to the nearby destinations. There's Disneyland Paris, for example, wherein the park's 'Enchanted Christmas' festival adds a whole kind of magic around this time of year. There's also Versailles, which shines even brighter when the sparking snowfall pairs with the gilded palaces of the former royal estate. You also shouldn't miss Giverny which is far from Monet's paintings but still beautiful nonetheless. All of these amazing places are near enough that you can take a day trip from Paris and be back in no time!

How to Spend Winter in Paris

Planning to spend winter in Paris this year? Don't worry! Even when the weather in the French capital gets a little too cold for comfort, there are still many things to do in the city. Many of which will help you stay warm!

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