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The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris

November 20, 2021
Paris is all about the hottest hotspots. The finest in culinary establishments, the chicest bars that offer luxury at its finest, not to mention clubs where you can dance all night. This is the side of Paris that many covet, even going so far as to travel hundreds of miles just to visit them. However, here in this bustling French capital, there's also what you'd call 'speakeasies,' hidden gems where you can release all your inhibitions, let loose, and have fun. Amidst the busy metropolis, they serve as small escapes that will take a little more effort for you to get to. And these are some of the best of the best.

The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris

The Little Red Door

Along 60 rue Charlot, you'll spot a bright red door that's so brightly hued, you can't help but fixate on it. It stands out as a pop of color amidst the sea of concrete neutrals on the street, beckoning you to check out what's inside. And when you go through said door, you get a cozy little bar, one of the finest in Paris. The Little Red Door speakeasy has consistently placed among the World's Best Bars over the past few years. It's a quintessential Parisian speakeasy, with a relaxing ambiance, great cocktails, and a peaceful atmosphere away from the hustle and bustles of the French capital.
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: Little Red Door Facebook Page

The Lavomatic

One of the best parts about Parisian speakeasies is that they're so well-hidden, you're probably near one and you didn't even know it. A great example is The Lavomatic, located along 30 rue René Boulanger in 10th arrondissement of Paris. A short distance away from Métro République, tons of people pass by here and they didn't even know it was a bar. As its name suggests, the exterior of the place looks like your typical laundry mat, complete with washer and dryer sets. But once you press 'Start' on the rightmost washing machine, it leads you to a hideaway filled with tequila, whiskey, vodka, and Bloody Mary's.
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: The Lavomatic

Bar L’Epicier

When you book a ride on your transportation app and ask to drive you to Bar L’Epicier, your driver will likely drop you off at what looks like a convenience store. From the outside, it looks like a regular old shop with canned goods, snacks, and the like. That is until you push through one of the walls and you get to the actual speakeasy inside. Beers, wines, and classic cocktails await those who want to hang out and have a good time. Not to mention hanging basket chairs, stop sign tables, and a Middle Eastern flair that you won't find anywhere else in Paris.
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: L'Épicier Facebook Page

Gentlemen 1919

You've been to a mysterious red door, a laundry mat, and a convenience store, what next? A barbershop, of course! In line with all the Paris speakeasies listed so far, you'd be wise to expect that this is no ordinary 'barbershop,' however, unlike the others, it's not your typical hidden hotspot as well. Contrary to the other places, Gentlemen 1919 is a speakeasy on 11 rue Jean Mermoz that looks like and operates as a barbershop. Beyond ordering cocktails and enjoying some finger food, men can actually get a trim or a shave here. Of course, for everyone's safety, both services are mutually exclusive.
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: Gentlemen 1919 Facebook Page


In Moonshiner, the hidden speakeasy tucked away behind a red-hued Italian restaurant, there's only one word you need to remember: whiskey! The place serves sup 83 different bottles on their menu, each with their own kicks to keep you buzzing all night long. Complete with their own personal twist and seasonal punches, their cocktails are the type that will have you relating all your inhibitions after a few sips. As for what the place looks like, Moonshiner evokes a pre-Prohibition Era New York feel, from its quilted leather seating to its film noir-esque lighting. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear you were in a New York bar when you're here!
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: Moonshiner Facebook Page

No Entry

Another speakeasy tucked away behind an Italian restaurant is No Entry on 20 bis Rue de Douai in the Pigalle district. On its surface, Pink Mamma looks like a great courtyard-style restaurant with great food and even greater potential for Instagram posts. The restaurant itself looks so beautiful that you'd never would've guessed that it had its own secrets. But once you get to the place's cold storeroom, 3,000 liters of homemade alcohol await you. Not to mention a luscious velvet-lined ambiance that's perfect for a hot date for two. This is the type of Parisian speakeasy that's perfect for a secret rendezvous!
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: BIG MAMMA Group Facebook Page

Serpent A Plume

Finally, there's Serpent A Plume! On the famous Place des Vosges, what seems like a clothing store is actually just a facade for one of the chicest speakeasies in Paris. With its vintage 1970s look, wide space, and even a mini hot tub, 'luxurious' doesn't even begin to describe this cocktail bar. This is the type that many A-list celebs and the like retreat to after Paris Fashion Week The ambiance, the drinks, the atmosphere—everything about Serpent A Plume scream 'Chic' with a capital C! No wonder it's also among the most exclusive speakeasies in the city too!
The Chicest Hidden Speakeasies in Paris
Source: Serpent A Plume

Sometimes, in a crowded and bustling city like Paris, all you need is a quiet little escape for a good time. A hidden hotspot that's almost unseen by the naked eye yet is an unkept secret for those who know how to let loose and have fun!

Enjoying drinks in your own luxury home could also work as a great speakeasy in Paris.

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