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Cafes in Paris: The Warmest During Winter

February 03, 2023
If there's one thing you can expect in the cafes in Paris, it's warmth. Not just figuratively, but literally too! Exceptional hotspots like Le Café de la Paix, Café Contresort, Used Book Café, Lynn’s Paris, and Madame Rêve Café are perfect for when you're in the French capital during winter. Beyond their cups of coffee or hot chocolate and freshly-baked pastries, these places provide the heat you need to stay warm and toasty. If you thought these cafes in Paris were charming during the other seasons, wait until winter. The warmth they provide is unlike any other and you'll never forget it for the rest of your life!

Cafes in Paris: The Warmest During Winter

Café de la Paix

Housed in the historical Le Grand Hotel on Place de l'Opéra, Le Café de la Paix's grandeur alone will make you forget all about the cold! Even if you're practically freezing in the peak of winter in Paris, all of your worries will melt away the moment you step foot in this palatial cafe. And yes, they heat the place up pretty nicely when it's cold out too. They don't just rely on their freshly-rewed cups of coffee to warm you up. Not to mention their French onion soup and beef tartare too. Though of course, they help you forget the cold too!
Cafes in Paris: The Warmest During Winter
Source: Café de la Paix Facebook Page

Madame Rêve Café

Just like Café de la Paix, the Madame Rêve Café is one of those hotel cafes in Paris where old-world charms reign supreme. The place looks more like a Medieval castle's banquet hall than a standard coffee shop. And with all that natural timber and hanging chandeliers, you can bet that the cold spells of winter in Paris won't get anywhere near you while you're there. Of course, it helps if you order a hot dish to warm you up as well. Perhaps some homemade gnocchi alla Romana? Or Castelmagno cheese fondue? Or what about some Pierre Hermé macaroons paired with afternoon tea? Talk about delightful!
Cafes in Paris: The Warmest During Winter
Source: Madame Rêve Cafe

Café Contresort

To say that Café Contresort is fascinating is an understatement. Located on Rue des Portes Blanches in Montmartre, the place has a mystical quality to it. Almost bewitching, in fact! Why? Because this is a witchcraft-themed cafe in Paris, that's why! From skull-shaped potatoes to bloody red cocktails, there's a scintillating sense of eerieness in this place. Yet, ironically enough, it's also a vegetarian hotspot too. You won't find any meats here but you will, however, get to enjoy creepy cupcakes, scary yet scrumptious sandwiches, and more. Forget about winter, your best bet is to warm up here on Halloween during autumn!
Cafes in Paris: The Warmest During Winter
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Used Book Café

Is there any wonder how you can warm up in this cafe in Paris? The Used Book Café is the in-house hotspot of the Merci concept store on Boulevard Beaumarchais in the Marais district. This literary coffee shop offers both great coffee and great reading, thanks to the store's wonderful selection of pre-loved books. Amidst a sea of secondhand novels and texts, you can indulge in some citron cake, chocolate fondant, or banana bread. Dip any of those in their well-brewed coffee and you'll warm up in no time! Who knows? After a few minutes of reading and sipping coffee, you'll get so immersed in your book that you forget all about the cold!
Cafes in Paris: The Warmest During Winter
Source: Merci Facebook Page

Lynn’s Paris

Finally, there's Lynn’s Paris on Place Jean Rostand. Known for its hot coffee and bubble tea, there's no doubt that you can escape the cool breezes of winter. Especially since the shop itself is quite the botanical oasis. Lynn's Paris may not be as grand as all the other cafes in Paris, but the plants that fill up the space are just as pleasing to the eye. As such, it may be best to visit here during springtime. Though make no mistake! If you go here in winter, you'll feel as if you went far away to a tropical paradise. That's the magic of ambiance, after all! Source: Lynn's Paris Instagram Page

When you're spending wintertime in the French capital, it can get pretty hard to stay warm. Fortunately, there are tons of cafes in Paris that will help you with that. They're the perfect retreats in the city to escape the cold!

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