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Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

August 15, 2023
New York City is the ultimate place to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Not only because of Macy's iconic holiday parade but because of its real estate too. There's arguably no better place to set up the perfect Thanksgiving dinner than in a big luxury apartment in New York City. Some have enough space to invite as many guests as you want. While others even have their own gardens or rooftop areas for a more unique holiday dinner. And don't forget their well-equipped kitchens too! They're perfect for serving up a Thanksgiving feast you and your guests will never forget!

Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Astor House

A four-bedroom townhouse sounds like the perfect place to rent for Thanksgiving Day, doesn't it? Not only does have enough space for you and your family, but it also has room for your holiday guests. Take Astor House in Greenwich Village, for example. Located on 6th Avenue, it's situated in a pretty central spot in New York City. That alone makes it prime real estate. And when you get inside, you'll see a spacious but well-equipped kitchen, a living area with a high ceiling, and a roomy dining area. You couldn't have asked for a better place for the holiday!
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Sutton House

What makes this four-bedroom Sutton House in Manhattan perfect for hosting this year's Thanksgiving dinner? For one thing, the place has two dining areas. One is a spacious set that can seat up to 6 people at a time and the other is right by its massive kitchen island, which can seat up to 4. All in all, you can have 10 people join in on your Thanksgiving celebrations this year. And another thing—you can't knock out the triplex townhouse's location. Situated a hop and a skip away from the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, the views from here are pretty stunning!
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Parker House

Parker House is this chic and classic townhouse in the Chelsea district of New York. You'd think that all the apartments in Chelsea, which is a pretty dense but trendy neighborhood, would be small and compact. But no! This place is an entire three-bedroom townhouse with its own private garden. And for your Thanksgiving celebrations, you can serve dinner in various parts of the house. There's the classic dining area, another slightly smaller set by the window, and of course, the patio set outside. Whichever you choose, you're bound to have a memorable holiday feast!
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Park Place I

Although Thanksgiving Day falls in autumn in New York City, that shouldn't stop you from hosting this year's dinner outside. Especially not if you got to rent this gorgeous Park Place I duplex in Gramercy Park. The area itself is largely residential, so even if you celebrate Thanksgiving outdoors, the Big Apple's usual hustle and bustle won't bother you that much. And with such a pleasant garden and patio, you would never want to miss the opportunity to dine under the stars on this special American holiday. Perhaps just set up a makeshift bonfire to warm things up a little!
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Hudson Terrace

Let's not forget that preparing your Thanksgiving dinner is just as important as serving it. You wouldn't want to turn off your guests by feeding them a half-baked meal, would you? Of course not! If you have the right kitchen, say, something like the one in this Hudson Terrace luxury apartment in New York City, you'd have no problem at all! The kitchen here is so complete and so well-equipped, it practically rivals that of a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Big Apple! You don't even have to worry about space either! The townhouse has three dining sets—two inside and a pleasant patio in the private garden.
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Magnolia Terrace

Manhattan may be a great place to spend the holiday—what with the iconic Thanksgiving Day parade and all–but so are the other boroughs too. In Brooklyn, for instance, you can also host your Thanksgiving dinner outside in this four-bedroom Magnolia Terrace townhouse in Williamsburg. Compared to the patio sets in the other New York apartments on this list, this place has a bigger dining area. It practically calls for a feast, of which you'd happily oblige for your friends and family come Thanksgiving. Luckily, the kitchen is just as equipped to handle this tall order too.
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Waverly Lane

Did you know that there are different ways to serve turkey on Thanksgiving? There's the standard whole bird, just serve its juicy legs, or you can slice it up into strips for sandwiches. With endless possibilities on how to serve your holiday dinner, you'd need a kitchen that can handle all that elbow grease (as well as literally grease!). Perhaps a kitchen like this one in this three-bedroom luxury apartment in New York City would suffice. Located on Waverly Lane in the Chelsea district, the kitchen is just as packed with the right appliances and gear that you'd ordinarily find in the trendy area's hottest restaurants.
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Ashmont Grove

This two-bedroom Ashmont Grove apartment in Greenwich Village has the best of both worlds for anyone hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. There's a big kitchen and enough space for many dinner guests. For the former, the big fridge, oven, and massive cabinets are all you need to bring out your inner Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsey! Imagine the feast you'd cook up here! And as for the latter, there's enough space for your loved ones to have a good time. After dinner, you can even hang out by the fireplace in the living room to chat the night away.
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Rialto Loft

This Rialto loft apartment is the quintessential Thanksgiving home in New York City. Firstly, there's a professional-standard kitchen you can use to cook up a storm for your holiday feast. You might even be able to prepare two turkeys if you really want to! Secondly, you have the option of either serving the dinner indoors or outdoors. If the temperature isn't too low, you'll want to set it on the private terrace. Not only is there enough space, but you add tables and chairs if more people come over. That'd definitely be your most unforgettable Thanksgiving Day yet!
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

Vanderbilt Loft

Another loft luxury apartment worth renting in New York City for Thanksgiving Day is this two-bedroom Vanderbilt home. Granted, it's nowhere near as big as many of the other rentals on this list, but it's still good enough. Especially if you don't have a lot of people coming over to begin with. For a fairly intimate Thanksgiving dinner with 8 guests (including yourself), this apartment is perfect. You can light up the candles on the table as you dine away and share what you're thankful for this year. Afterward, head on over to the piano and have a nice sing-along!
Our Best New York Apartments for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

If you and your loved ones plan to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in New York City this year, you need to get a place where everyone will fit in and have a good time. Perhaps these high-class homes will do!

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