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Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle

October 30, 2022
It's a shame that Grenelle is among the more underrated neighborhoods in Paris. Located in southwestern Paris, it has a charm that's all its own. It doesn't have a lot of hustle and bustle, but it remains lively just the same. You can say that it's one of the city's best-kept secrets; an area that only local Parisians truly know the value of. Nevertheless, if there's one thing to look forward to here in Grenelle, it's a pleasant cafe. Though there are a lot of cafes in Paris, the ones here are still just as noteworthy. Especially Le Bouquet de Grenelle, Bleu Olive, Brasserie Au Moka, Sud Café, and Cafet'O Café Shop!

Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle

Le Bouquet de Grenelle

The Le Bouquet de Grenelle cafe is all about the three C's: croissants, crêpes, and crème brûlée! Granted, all the other cafes in Paris also serve these sweet French staples, this hotspot arguably serves some of the best of them in either of the 7th and 15th arrondissement. That's why it's become quite the have for sweet tooth. Whether it's breakfast, brunch, or even dinner, you can have as many croissants, crêpes, and crème brûlées here as you want. No one will judge you! The locals here know all too well just how good they are!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle
Source: Le Bouquet de Grenelle Facebook Page

Bleu Olive

Bleu Olive, on the other hand, serves much meatier and savory dishes instead. Located on Rue de Grenelle, right at the heart of the Grenelle neighborhood in Paris, this is a culinary hotspot you shouldn't miss. Though they still serve their fair share of pastries and desserts, it's the main courses that continue to draw people in. Think pastrami sandwiches paired with delectable French cheese. Or boiled potatoes mixed with sumptuous sausage bits. And there's also their delicious array of vegetarian dishes too! No matter what you're craving, you can definitely find it here in Bleu Olive!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle
Source: Bleu Olive

Sud Café

Also located on Rue de Grenelle is Sud Café. More than just your average cafe, it's a charming brasserie with a stand-out black and red color scheme. Although there's ample space inside, it's the outside terrace that's really the best spot here! Despite the hotspot's somber and slightly dark hues, this area gets plenty of sunshine. So much so that you'll need to wear your sunglasses as you enjoy your meal. As for what to order, you can never go wrong with their French coffee! Whether you get it black or with a lot of crème, it will put a pep in your step like nobody's business!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle
Source: Sud Café

Cafe Au Moka

Although you can still technically count Cafe Au Moka as one of the many cafes in Paris, it's more popular among the locals in Grenelle and beyond as a cocktail bar. You can still see plenty of people enjoying their coffee during the day here, but come Happy Hour, you'll find it more crowded than ever before. It's the delicious cocktails and fine wines that have people flocking here. But that isn't to say that the food here isn't spectacular. It is! From hearty meats to salty seafood, your taste buds will thank you for going here!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle
Source: Cafe Au Moka Facebook Page

Cafet'O Café Shop

Finally, there's the Cafet'O Café Shop on Rue de Lourmel. If you ever move to Paris and chose Grenelle as your newest hometown, you'll more than likely frequent this delectable hotspot. Especially if you live a healthy lifestyle. Cafet'O Café Shop, or 'O Coffee' as some people refer to it, is one of the very few vegan and gluten-free cafes in Paris. Try as you might, you'll barely find any meat or gluten in this hotspot. Instead, you get delicious treats that taste absolutely sinful but are actually good for you. What's not to love?
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Grenelle
Source: Cafet'O Café Shop

Even though there are lots of other cafes in Paris, you should overlook those in the lesser-known Grenelle district. The coffee shops and hotspots here have a charm that's all their own. You'd be a fool to miss out on them!

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