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The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee

January 09, 2022
If there are people who'd know how to whip up a great cup of coffee, it's the French! Is it any wonder that there are so many cafés in Paris? The French coffee like it's no one's business. They drink it in espresso, put all sorts of add-ons, and at times, they even roast beans up in a different way. But it's the various ways they prepare coffee that has influenced the rest of the world. You've probably already tasted some of them without you knowing. Most especially these five that are the most popular.

The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee

Café Crème

Though the French palette can take on practically anything, it's no secret that they're into sweets. And coffee is far from the sweetest thing in the world, is it? That's why they often prepare café crème for a nice pick-me-up in the morning or even in the middle of the afternoon. By adding steamed milk into a shot of espresso, the usually overwhelmingly bitter beverage gets a lighter and fluffier flavor. It's now the perfect drink to pair a freshly-baked croissant, perhaps a box of macarons, and other delectable sweets the French are known for.
The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee


Although Noisette means hazelnut in French, don't expect your coffee to taste any nuttier! The actual nut isn't exactly part of the recipe. The 'hazelnut' in this instance simply refers to the color of Noisette when it's all mixed and blended together perfectly. So what is Noisette coffee, exactly? A shot of espresso with just a tiny tinge of steamed milk. Yes, it's pretty similar to café crème but with less crème, thus, you still get the intensity of the espresso with the lightness of milk. This is better for the more complex palettes out there.
The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee

Café Americain

But what if you still want a less bitter cup but without the milk? Can't you enjoy the strong flavor of coffee without having to mix it with something light? The French say you can if you prepare Café Americain! Also known as an 'Americano,' it only takes a shot or two of espresso and hot water and you're good to go. It's the type of deep-flavored drink you'd expect in brunch places or on the tables of businessmen in the office. Its intense flavor is there, but it's not so overwhelming that it disrupts the palette. It's no wonder Americans love it!
The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee

Café Serré

Don't let its lighter color fool you, Café Serré is something else! Even the most well-acquainted coffee connoisseur would say that it's bitter than Café Americain, even though the process of preparation is largely the same. Only this time, you only use about half of the hot water to dilute the espresso. Other than that, all you can do is hold on to dear life as you take a sip. And yes, here in France, there are those that can actually finish an entire cup of Café Serré without flinching. They're the true coffee-lovers of this world!
The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee

Café Gourmand

And finally, there's Café Gourmand! The most different on this list, it's more on how coffee is served rather than prepared. Just as its name says, Café Gourmand comes with a couple of snacks, usually pastries, to pair with your cup of coffee. More often than not, they include macarons, Madeline cookies, crème brûlée, chocolates, and more. You can probably already tell that this is the perfect choice for dessert. What's great about it is that you can enjoy the sweetness of pastries and the bitterness of the coffee in perfect harmony. You don't have to give up one for the other.
The Five Most Popular French Ways to Serve Coffee

The French really know what's best when it comes to coffee. Their many ways of preparing and serving it have become so common, others barely even know that these techniques came from them!

Enjoying a cup of coffee in your French luxury home would be a dream, wouldn't it?

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