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The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon

September 30, 2022
Picture this: you just moved to Lisbon and you've bought your own place here. It's undoubtedly an exceptional real estate in Portugal but it needs some sprucing up. It's now your time to decorate—or hire a professional to do it—your luxury home in Lisbon. But first, you need to choose an interior design style. Do you go for the Scandinavian look, which is all the rage in Europe right now? Or do you go for a more classic aesthetic? What about going full-on minimalism instead? Any of these and a few more are the most popular interior design styles in Lisbon.

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


Since Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, a country in the Mediterranean, it's only natural that the region's signature aesthetic is among the most popular here. From the columns and arches to the rustic spirit of the interior design style, you won't ever forget that you are, in fact, living in this beautiful part of the world. More often than not, this sort of aesthetic is reserved for vacation homes like, say, a luxury home with a pool in Lagos, for instance. But it works just as well in the country's capital city too.
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


Though the Mediterranean and Rustic interior design styles share many similar qualities, they're fundamentally different. The former has a distinct regional look and is more common in this part of the world. The latter, on the other hand, has various versions depending on the place. The rustic look that fits Lisbon luxury homes, on the other hand, is closer to the Mediterranean look. But it doesn't have to be completely faithful to it either. What's important is that the spirit of the great outdoors, of which Portugal has a huge amount, is perfectly reflected in the interior design.
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


Lisbon, just like many other capital cities out there, has a thriving art scene. It may not be similar to those in Paris or London, but the Portuguese capital is still a popular congregation for creatives. And if you go inside many of their homes, you'll find that a lot of them prefer one interior design style: the industrial look. Think brick walls, exposed beams, big windows, and lots of natural light. At first glance, the aesthetic feels empty and bare, but it's within that clean slate that creatives can fully charge up their imaginations. The very urban look also fits the bustling capital city of Portugal.
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


The Portuguese, just like many other Europeans, are mostly practical and conservative. You'll notice it with their social customs, how they behave, and especially how they interact with foreigners. With that said, it makes total sense that Lisbon, their capital city, has a fondness for minimalism. Many residents here love designing their homes according to this popular look. It perfectly reflects their love for simplicity all while highlighting sophistication in the most modern way. Of course, one also can't ignore the benefits of space in this interior design style too. In such a crowded city, having plenty of space is certainly a luxury!
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


More than just the Mediterranean look, Lisbon has also embraced the Scandinavian interior design. For one thing, it does share many similarities with minimalism so, on that point alone, it's not hard to see why the locals in this city like it. But on the other hand, there's also no denying that the Scandi look is simply pretty and pleasant. It's not as unfussy as other interior design styles out there but it's not boring. And who wouldn't love incorporating a refreshingly organic and more natural vibe into one's home? That is more than enough of a good reason to choose this aesthetic!
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


Let's face it: many people just want their homes to look trendy and contemporary. As much as having a vintage-looking place feels novel, at the end of the day, you still want to be in the moment. So it's no surprise that many residents in Lisbon have also embraced the contemporary look. Think sleek furniture, symmetric displays, and simple yet impactful designs. The style reflects the zeitgeist of the times, taking elements from other interior design styles that are currently popular right now. This means that the contemporary look may change in the coming years, but its core aesthetic is still there!
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon


And finally, there's the traditional look. All you need is to spend one day in Lisbon and you'll realize that just like many other Europeans out there, they're sticklers for preserving their past. The castles and grand churches are beautiful sure, but they're not exactly symbols of the here and now. Nor should they be. They represent the city's—and to a certain extent, the country's—rich history and heritage. And it's that historic feel that the traditional interior design style reflects. The place may look like a set in a period film, but it's still beautiful and feels current, doesn't it?
The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Lisbon

If you're ever going to live in a luxury home in Lisbon, dress it up in any of the most popular interior design styles in the city. You're sure to feel right at home if your place looks and feels as local as it can get!

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