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8 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

August 14, 2022
Scandinavian has become the most popular interior design style in the world. With its clean and organic look and minimal sensibilities, there's something so refreshing about this aesthetic. You just feel relaxed when you look at it. Of course, it also helps that a Scandinavian brand—Ikea—has become the most popular furniture store in the world. Nevertheless, many places around the world have adopted this interior design and it helps that it's easy to achieve on your own. From practicing minimalism to going for neutral tones, and even highlighting contracts, here are 8 tips for designing your place in the Scandinavian look.

8 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

One Word: Hygge

In Danish culture, there's a concept called Hygge. It refers to creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. When it comes to social customs, it's all about maintaining a good vibe amongst good people. But in interior design, specifically Scandinavian interior design, it's all about creating a space that highlights warmth and comfort. The aesthetic should make you feel all fuzzy inside the moment you look at it. Not to mention cozy and toasty, even in the midst of winter. This is what the style is all about. Making you feel good at first glance.

Practice Minimalism

In a nutshell, Scandinavian interior design emphasized light and bright spaces. And what better way to do that than to practice minimalism? If you haven't noticed yet, the Scandi aesthetic upholds simplicity above everything else. Most of the furniture is unfussy and uncomplicated. The shapes are basic but never plain. And while simple, the look is never boring. Remember that Scandinavian interior design embraces the Danish concept of Hygge, which means that warmth through simplicity is the name of the game. Minimalism can oftentimes look and feel cold and that's what you want to avoid!

8 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

Maximize Space

With simplicity comes space! Comfort is another major element of Scandinavian interior design. Especially if you're living in metropolitan cities like Paris, London, Rome, and the like. In such crowded places, a spacious Scandi-designed home would feel like heaven. But don't think that taking out furniture is enough. The space still has to make sense. If your place looks bare and empty, that's not the Scandinavian look that you were going for. The presence of space has to make sense. And at the same time, all the filled-up spaces have to serve a purpose too.

Keep Things Sleek

How can you maximize space without the home looking empty? Keep things sleek! Don't go for complicated designs a'la Baroque. That's the complete opposite of what a Scandi interior looks like. Instead, go for streamlined silhouettes, straightforward shapes, and at times, even symmetry too. From bookshelves and clothes racks to coffee tables and dining sets, going for sleek furniture allows you to maximize space and emphasize simplicity without lacking the necessities. And no matter where you place these pieces, the room still looks wide and easy to breathe in.

8 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

Embrace Organic Materials

Do note, however, that just because the furniture is sleek, it doesn't mean it's fit for Scandinavian interior design! For one thing, the materials matter too. Go for the more organic ones that bring in a sense of nature in the space. Wooden oak is a great choice. Not only is it clean and crisp, but it brightens up the room unlike any other. Rattan furniture is also a great option since it adds more dimension to the overall design. It retains its organic feel without looking too basic which, for many, would be borderline boring. Of course, putting in some plants will work too!

Go For Neutral Tones

Now, let's talk about colors! If you haven't noticed yet, Scandinavian interior design is all about a refreshing look. And what sort of colors give you this feeling? Neutral tones! From gentle cream and ecru hues to rich navy or an elegant shade of dove gray, neutrals provide a comforting appeal. They're not too complicated, hence, you feel more relaxed when you look at them. Nevertheless, the Scandi interior style does pair well with some other colors too. Think deep dark green shades like sage and juniper. Or oceanic tones such as teal and cerulean.

8 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

Highlight Contrasts

A sense of balance is also vital in achieving Scandinavian interior design. You can't have too much of one thing fill in the space. It will feel a tad overwhelming if you do. So a good way to uphold some balance is to incorporate some contrasts. From lightness and darkness to hardness and softness, letting all these elements clash and converge makes for a more balanced look. A pop of color amidst a sea of neutral-toned furniture is a good example. It keeps the room from looking too plain. Pairing plush textiles with hardwood furniture is a good option too. This easily promotes comfort to a whole new level.

Put in Plush Textiles

And speaking of plush textiles, go all out and incorporate them throughout your home. As already mentioned, Scandinavian interior design is all about warmth and comfort. And what's more comfortable than soft textures? Think upholstered bed frames, velvety couches, or even fur-lined cushions. They're all tender to the touch, allowing you to feel maximum comfort. The moment you get inside your home, you'll instantly want to sit, lie down, and embrace all these textiles. This is what this aesthetic should make you feel. And if it doesn't, it means you haven't achieved the look yet!

8 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is a lot easier to pull off than you probably realize. You don't need to go hire a designer or go to high-end furniture stores to do it. Just follow these tips and your space will get that Scandi look in no time!

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