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Autumn 2022's Biggest Trends According to British Designer Brands

September 17, 2022
Autumn is about to descend on London any day now. The leaves are starting to fall and change color while the temperature is getting cooler by the minute. And with the changing seasons comes the changing of wardrobes too! It's time to bring out the outerwear, pile on the layers, and turn the streets of London into your own runway. If you need help deciding what to wear, consider following the latest autumn 2022 trends according to the hottest British designer brands. In the last London Fashion Week, Erdem showed dark romance, Roksanda championed the après-ski aesthetic, and Richard Quinn had quite the 'mini' moment!

Autumn 2022's Biggest Trends According to British Designer Brands

A Lacey Autumn - Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

The elegance of lace is never lost to the British! The material was all over London Fashion Week, from Aadnevik's sexy mini-dresses to Simone Rocha's signature voluminous silhouettes. But out of all of them, it was Preen by Thornton Bregazzi's show that really revolutionized the classic textile. Sure, the collection had its fair share of the typical old-world romance, but a black lace bodysuit was enough to make it look modern and edgy. Gone are the days when lace was only reserved for wedding dresses or French lingerie. According to this London-based designer, it's high time to make it look fresh and new! Source: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Instagram Page/ Shot by Si Melber

Dark Romance - Erdem

Another British designer who used lace in his autumn 2022 show in London Fashion Week was Erdem. To no one's surprise, he put forth dark romance as the new look for the upcoming season. It's his signature aesthetic, after all. It was somewhat expected that he'd go this route either way. With that said, there was something about this collection that felt different. The dark romance had a more contemporary flair to it. The brocade blazer dress that Karen Elson wore is a good example. The number highlighted the gender-bending phenomenon of today all while retaining Erdem's affection for classic opulence. Source: Erdem Instagram Page

Velvet Goldmine - Edward Crutchley

Edward Crutchley may not be one of the most famous British designer brands out there, but after autumn 2022, more and more people will be wearing his looks. To say that what he put forth for this season is bold is an understatement. He completely defied societal and gender norms and provided an exciting wardrobe that all people could wear. And the stand-out looks were definitely the velvet pieces. Especially the big-shouldered hot pink tracksuit. It has a tinge of the 80s but had the sportiness of today. Considering the material he used, it's more than likely that streetwear aficionados will go gaga over this look! Source: Edward Crutchley Instagram Page/ Shot by Fran Gomez de Villaboa

Soft and Supple - 16 Arlington

Although 16 Arlington is more known for its ready-to-wear womenswear, it's high time people refer to it as a luxury brand! As they've proven in their autumn 2022 show at London Fashion Week, they know how to work with high-quality textiles. Just look how supple the leather suit in their collection looks! Its chocolate color makes it look even more delicious! And the marabou feathers? Simply magical! These are practically haute couture! For autumn 2022, 16 Arlington aims to make women look more soft and supple. But take note men! You can look but you can't touch (unless you have consent!). Source: 16 Arlington Instagram Page

A Mini Moment - Richard Quinn

When you think of Richard Quinn, it's easy to get lost in all the graphic prints and face-covering ski masks. Extreme yet edgy elegance is his forte, but when you pare down his looks, you can easily see the great pieces for what they are. Take the mini dresses, for instance. Rock those with your bare legs and all eyes will be on you! It'd be weird to wear something shirt for autumn 2022 but for all the party girls out there, this trend is here to stay! Even the white one with all the feathers sprouting out makes for a great wedding dress for your November nuptials! Source: Richard Quinn Instagram Page

Eye-Popping Prints - Conner Ives

Richard Quinn, with his signature graphic florals, wasn't the only British designer who send eye-popping prints down the runway. American designer Conner Ives, who showed his autumn 2022 collection at London Fashion Week, also had quite the showstopping parade of visuals. He was inspired by American archetypes, ranging from the hippie girl with her mismatched prints to the cool alternative chick in her low-rise jeans and logo tees. While the looks were diverse, one thing remained cohesive—the startling prints. It's easy to see them go big come autumn 2022, that's for sure! Source: Conner Ives Instagram Page

Sexy in Shimmers - Christopher Kane

You can always trust Christopher Kane to put out all the stops when it comes to his shows at London Fashion Week. This autumn 2022, he's bringing back the shimmer and shine! In a rather sexy, subversive, and admittedly fetish-heavy collection, his standout pieces were the ones that glimmered. A chic black pleather coat, a glittery LBD, and a gold lamé cocktail dress. They were sexy, sure, but their sheen made them look more refined than probably what Kane intended. Nevertheless, his customers will feel like magpies collecting and showing off all that sparkle! Source: Christopher Kane Instagram Page

Apropro for Après-Ski - Roksanda

Perhaps the most surprising out of all the British designers during London Fashion Week was Roksanda Ilincic. Her brand has always been known for its refined womenswear and bold colors. Add to that the showstopping silhouettes that could rival whatever the Paris Haute couture houses can come up with. Considering such a reputation, her presenting après-ski as the next big autumn 2022 trend—as well as the collaboration with Italian sportswear brand Fila!—was sort of left field. Of course, Roksanda's interpretation of this was less sporty and more elegant! Source: Roksanda Instagram Page

If the top British designer brands have their way, autumn 2022 trends will be dominated by lace, velvet, dark romance, and a little bit of après-ski. That's not too bad now, is it? It'd definitely be a chic season ahead!

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