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British Fashion Designers You Should Know About

February 28, 2021
In this world, out of so many stylish cities out there, there are really just the main four fashion capitals. There's Paris, Milan, New York, and last but not least, London. There are also different reasons as to why these cities are so highly regarded in the fashion industry. As for the British capital, apart from its long history of excellent tailoring, the designers who've come from here are some of the best of the best. Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, and the like. Though there aren't the only designer names here! Here are a few others you should know about!
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About

Stella McCartney

If you think her last name sounds familiar, you're correct! Stella McCartney is, in fact, the daughter of legendary music icon Paul McCartney from The Beatles. But don't think that this powerful woman of a designer got to where she is now by riding off her father's fame! Though her family connections helped in getting her noticed, her own talent for producing chic styles is what enabled her to capture the fashion scene by storm. Today, though she commonly shows at Paris Fashion Week, she remains one of the most celebrated British designers out there!
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About
Source: Stella McCartney

Victoria Beckham

Another familiar name? Victoria Beckham. After her iconic stint as one of the Spice Girls and her high-profile marriage to legendary football star David Beckham, this Beckham continues to amaze her customers with her sophisticated sense of style. And it's one that she has honed quite public against a lot of backlash. Fortunately, the former 'Posh Spice' stuck to her gun and elevated her signature style to that of practicality and posh, a minimalist look where today's working woman continues to fawn over. Today, her label is one of the most popular from London and often one of the best-selling in various retailers and designer outlet stores.
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About
Source: Victoria Beckham

J.W. Anderson

One of, if not the biggest young designers in the British fashion scene. Jonathan Anderson, more known as J.W. Anderson, is a force to be reckoned with. His unique sense of style, expert design skills, and avant-garde signatures make him a constant favorite among the fashion press and his many wealthy clientele. It's no wonder the Spanish brand Loewe got him as their creative director! Thanks to him, the leather goods label rose to new heights in the fashion world. But his own brand, which he runs in London, continues to set the bar high for British fashion!
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About
Source: J.W. Anderson Facebook Page

Christopher Kane

Neon colors, skin-tight dresses, and sexy cuts. At one point in time, these were the biggest trends in the British fashion scene. And it's all thanks to Christopher Kane. The one who was once a promising young designer who, at one point, even worked with Versace, Kane has become an important institution in the country's industry. It even came to a point that he, with his outstanding designs, defined the London look and even inspired a slew of younger designers who came right after him. And while he's far from the most popular label today, he remains an everlasting influence in fashion.
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About
Source: Christopher Kane Official Facebook Page

Molly Goddard

Quirky, cutesy, almost a little too 'little girlish' to a fault. These are what most fashion editors and critics describe Molly Goddard's style. It's a look that, before her time, wasn't so common in the British fashion scene. Sure, there was romanticism by way of Alexander McQueen's gothic interpretations or John Galliano's dreamy opulence, but Goddard set out a more feminine approach all her own. The result? A saccharine portrayal of modern femininity that embraces youth and innocence with injections of perversion and seduction. It's a look that, though seemingly narrow, conveys all the complexities of women.
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Simone Rocha

Another strikingly feminine designer is Simone Rocha. Similar to Molly Goddard, Rocha's silhouettes and styles often look girly and innocent, undeniably romantic. But the main difference between the two is that the latter's take on romanticism tends to look severe, gothic, and a little bit dark. The suggestiveness there is far from saccharine, but rather sexual to an almost primal interpretation. Sure, the puffy sleeves and the pouf silhouettes look pretty, but the sheer transparency, the lingerie reveals, the heavy lace, and the baroque prints evoke a more mature vibe. It only goes to show that looking femininely beautiful has its many layers!
British Fashion Designers You Should Know About
Source: Simone Rocha Facebook Page

The UK has a lot more important designers than you might realize! Why do you think London is the respected fashion capital that it is? Thanks to these slightly underrated but deservingly popular names, British fashion remains at the forefront of the industry!

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