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How to Navigate London Fashion Week

September 19, 2021
Right now, London is under its usual bi-annual frenzy called 'Fashion Week.' It's a week-long event where the city's biggest designers show off their latest collections for the upcoming season. It gets a lot of press, celebrities from all around the world attend, and certain parts of the city are busier than usual. If you got an invitation to any or all of the shows and exclusive events, get ready! It's going to be a bumpy yet amazing ride. And if it's your first time, you might even get overwhelmed! To avoid that, here are some tips to navigate London Fashion Week.

How to Navigate London Fashion Week

Dress To Impress

This probably goes without saying, but in a prestigious event like London Fashion Week, you'll need to dress to impress. Take out all your London staples and make a good impression, both on the street and in the front row! Whether you're wearing designer clothing or a British high street brand, as long as you look the part, you'll be fine. A good rule of thumb, however, is to wear the clothes of the designer whose show you're attending. Not only will the brand appreciate your effort, but you might even get noticed by the designer him/herself! Won't that be a dream?

Read Up On The Designers

Speaking of the British designers who will show during London Fashion Week, it won't hurt to read up on them before you go to their shows. especially if you want to climb up the corporate ladder within the country's fashion industry. The more you impress people with your knowledge, the higher you're clawing your way up. And don't just rely on info you can easily find online. Read up on the latest of their business and brush up on all the insider gossip. You never know how these and more can help you during this hectic week!

How to Navigate London Fashion Week

Charge Your Phones

Whether you're a social media influence doing PR work or you work as an assistant editor for a fashion magazine, going to London Fashion Week means you'll be gallivanting all over the city for days on end. It's even tougher than some brands would show in different districts in London on the same day. Before you know it, you would've already missed lunch and tea time. This also means that you won't have time to charge your phone too. So this leaves you with two options. First, charge it up to full battery on the night before or bring your own power bank.

Keep Your Social Media Alive

London Fashion Week thrives on social media nowadays. As the world plunges deeper into the digital world, so does the fashion industry at large. And during events like Fashion Week, going on Instagram is par for the course. Now, depending on your position within the industry, you'll need to keep updated and keep updating your social media. If you're an influence or do PR work, showing clips of the fashion shows will garner much attention. If you work in editorial, you get to see the clothes from different angles and perspectives. Not to mention that many designers announce all sorts of updates online these days too!

How to Navigate London Fashion Week

Prepare Your Business Cards

Fashion Week isn't just about designers showing off their latest collections for the upcoming season. Those are simply the main events. But in truth, this hectic week also serves as a congregation of the industry's cream of the crop in one of the four fashion capitals. From world-renowned fashion editors to supermodels whose faces are plastered all over social media and beyond, London Fashion Week is one of the very few instances where these important people in the industry are all in the British capital at the same time. So if you're looking to rise up the ranks, prepare a ton of business cards to give out to everyone you meet. You never know who might give you your big break!

Stream The Shows Online

Finally, if you weren't invited to any fashion week shows at all or you're simply too tired to walk in your heels throughout London, you can always stream the shows online. Since the early 2010s, live streaming has become a popular way for fashion brands and luxury labels to reach out to the general public. Enclosing these exclusive invite-only events won't garner as much fanfare as many might hope. And now, amidst the Covid-10 global pandemic, live streaming and online video presentations have become the Fashion Week norm. Don't miss seeing the latest designer collections of the season with just a click of a button!

How to Navigate London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is one of, if not the busiest times in the British capital. If you're lucky enough to get invited into many shows, you'll need to follow a few tips in order to navigate this bi-annual event and even come out on top in the end!

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