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8 Must-Have Essentials for Paris Fashion Week

September 03, 2022
Paris Fashion Week is scheduled to take place a few weeks from now, so expect the city to turn into one big frenzy by then. From big shows staged in famous landmarks to traffic jams filling the streets, Paris can get pretty hectic during this time. And if you want to join in on the fun, you'll need to pack along some must-have essentials. Full-coverage foundation, for instance, with a bit of SPF to help protect your face from the sun as you scurry on the next show. Or a big pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the flashing cameras. These and more will help you in more ways than one!

8 Must-Have Essentials for Paris Fashion Week

An It-Bag

For many of its affluent guests, Paris Fashion Week is all about flexing your high-class style. And more often than not, the goal is to be photographed with an it-bag. You do need a purse to help you carry your things as you gallivant all over Paris throughout Fashion Week, why not make it a particularly noteworthy aesthetic? Ever since the 90s and early 2000s, it-bags have become essential during this highly-publicized event. Once you're seen with one, you'll be the talk of the town! Do take note, however, that it-bags don't just pertain to the trending purses of the moment. Timeless classics and staples like Chanel's quilted and chained handbag or the Fendi 'baguette' fall under this category too!


With so many photographers taking pictures left and right, you'd think Paris Fashion Week was like an award show in Hollywood or something. And well, that's just how public the event has become over the years. Whether it's the looks on the runway or the street style of celebrities and social media influences alike, photographers are snapping away all throughout Fashion Week. This, of course, results in a lot of bright flashes. If you don't want to go blind, you'll want to wear a pair of sunglasses to block them all out. Anna Wintour does and so should you!

8 Must-Have Essentials for Paris Fashion Week

Full-Coverage Foundation

Do you dare to step out on Paris Fashion Week without a well-beat face? Beauty may only be skin-deep, but during this fashionable event, it can make or break your reputation! That's why makeup is a must-have essential for Paris Fashion Week, especially, a nice full-coverage foundation. One with SPF will work since it will also help protect your skin against the hot Parisian sun. Don't underestimate just how bright it can get in the French capital. As you strut your stuff in your best outfit, your skin is already deteriorating before you know it!

Power Bank

When going from one show to the next, you hardly have any time to charge your phone. That's how busy Paris Fashion Week can get. At times, there are event promotional events and soirées to look forward to too. That's even less time to charge your phone! And there's nothing worse than a battery-drained phone during Fashion Week! How can you take photos of the looks on the runway? Or show off your look of the day on social media? If you brought along a power bank, you won't have to worry about this problem at all!

8 Must-Have Essentials for Paris Fashion Week


It's a good thing Paris has many excellent perfume shops. If you forgot yours at home or at the hotel room? You can easily pop into one and buy a new scent to wear in the meantime. Remember that Paris Fashion Week is all about making impressions. The guests socialize and network on top of looking at the latest collections on the runway. More than just your outfit, your scent can make just as much of an impact. Who knows? It might even draw some pretty important people to you as well!

Chic Outerwear

Now, let's talk about your clothes. Above all else, you need some chic outerwear! A tailored jacket, for instance, or a classic trench coat. You might want to consider some of the trendier pieces too, such as a cool bomber jacket or a sporty anorak. In any case, chic outerwear serves two purposes. One is, as you'd expect, to elevate your look and grab people's (specifically the street style photographers) attention. And the other is to keep you warm as you travel throughout all the districts of Paris. Don't underestimate how cold it can be during Fashion Week!

8 Must-Have Essentials for Paris Fashion Week

Enough Evening Wear

As already mentioned, Paris Fashion Week isn't just a series of fashion shows from the biggest French designer brands. There are also after-parties, soirees, evening galas, and more. Do you have the appropriate pieces to wear on these occasions? If not, you can always shop for them here in Paris. But to save yourself some money, just pack along a few evening wear pieces. A cocktail dress or two (or three!) would do. Not to mention a few long gowns too! As long as they can fit in your luggage or your closet in Paris, you're good to go!

Metro Pass

And finally, don't forget your Metro Pass too. Even if you're a high-class guest who has a chauffeur-driven car in Paris, you never know when you might need to take public transport. Traffic jams are all too common during Paris Fashion Week, so much so that your best alternative is to take the Paris Métro to get to the next venue. And if you brought a Metro Pass, you won't have to fall in line to buy one, lessening your travel time to get to where you need to be. Pretty convenient, right?

8 Must-Have Essentials for Paris Fashion Week

Planning to attend Paris Fashion Week? Don't forget these must-have essentials. Fashion Week can get pretty hectic and these items will help you survive it all until the very end! Don't forget to pack them before heading off to the French capital!

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