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The Best Parisian Perfume Shops For Women

May 08, 2021
The best scents come from Paris. As the epicenter of luxury and high-class taste in the world, you can expect to find some of the most expensive and the most famous perfumes here. After all, the French capital is also the home of haute couture, wherein many brands produce, not just the best fashions, but also the best fragrances. Within the beautiful corners of Paris stand various perfume shops where everyone, most especially women, can find their most suitable scents. Here are a few you ought to know and should shop at when you're here!
The Best Parisian Perfume Shops For Women

Annick Goutal

Femininity defines Annick Goutal's perfumery which she founded in 1981. Producing her own line of original fragrances, she has helped Parisian women stay smelling sweet, fruit, and lovely even amidst such a busy metropolis. It helps that she stays within the natural side of perfumery, getting inspiration and organic ingredients from all sorts of flora, fruits, and the like. Because of this, her signature scents evoke an old-world appeal, packed with a dainty aura that's sure to mystify those who are lucky enough to get a whiff. No wonder the shop has gotten a lot of attention over the years!


Who would have known that when an interior designer, an artist, and a theater set designer would all go into a business together, they'd establish a perfumery? Well, that's how Diptyque was established back in 1961. Though the original boutique in the Saint Germain des Prés district started out as a home good store, it eventually ventured into luxury perfumes. By 1968, they released their first eau de toilette called 'L’Eau,' beginning the brand's eventual rise in the luxury fragrances game. Over the years, they never failed to bring out intoxicating scents ranging from colognes and parfums to body washes and bath soaps.

The Best Parisian Perfume Shops For Women

Fragonard Perfume Museum

Just how devoted is Paris when it comes to perfume? Well, the city actually has its own museum dedicated to fragrances! Established in 1926, the Fragonard perfume shop instantly became both a 1920s hotspot for scents and one of the leading perfumeries from France. And standing along rue Scribe in the 9th arrondissement, just a quick stroll away from the iconic Opera Garnier, is the company's own private perfume museum, Musée du Parfum. Here, you can discover all about the history of perfume as well as shop for scents you think will fit you or the person you're giving perfume to!


A legendary perfumery in the Champs-Élysées that has stood the test of time, Guerlain is an institution in Paris's perfume scene. Today, it has become a world-renowned brand, earning millions in revenue all around the world. But in its shops in the French capital, you can still see glimpses of its historic past and beautiful heritage. From the nostalgic 1920s-style bottles to the sweet and classic scents, it's no wonder Guerlain remains ever-relevant in the luxury industry. Any woman would feel excited the moment she walks into the glamorous store in Paris's most upscale neighborhood!

The Best Parisian Perfume Shops For Women

L'Artisan Parfumeur

You're in Paris! Wouldn't you want to smell so enticing that it'd be easy to seduce the next guy you see? If you're a woman with confidence and tons of sex appeal, no other Parisian perfumery would fit you more than L'Artisan Parfumeur, located along Boulevard Saint Germain. What else would you expect from a shop that was founded by a chemist who was commissioned to create an intoxicating banana scent to go with a banana costume for the Folies Bergères, one of the city's best cabaret spots? Since then, the perfume store remains a sexy woman's best secret weapon in the art of seduction!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The success of Maison Francis Kurkdjian is owed all to the master perfumer himself, Francis Kurkdjian. Before opening his own perfumery in Paris back in 2009, he helped make scents for a myriad of French designer luxury labels, ranging from Jean Paul Gaultier to Nina Ricci. He has even recreated what was Marie Antoinette's favorite scent to use during her days in the Palace of Versailles! With this sort of career, it's no wonder his own eponymous perfume house has garnered a lot of attention over the years. Today, Maison Francis Kurkdjian has stores all over the world but the one in Paris remains the most luxurious out of all of them!

The Best Parisian Perfume Shops For Women

Maison Hayari

Haute couture houses in Paris aren't just known for their beautiful dresses and tailored suits. They also produce some of the best fragrances money can buy. From Chanel's iconic No.5 perfume to Dior's equally famous 'J'adore,' French fashion brands know a thing or two about offering up the best scents. That's why the couture house, Maison Hayari, has also made it onto this list! With a number of rose-induced fragrances to go with his immaculate runway and bridal creations, founder and couture designer Nabil Hayari completes any woman's Parisian fantasy. With a dress and a perfume, she'll like she's the most beautiful in the world.

Serge Lutens

Whether it'd be the one along Galerie de Valois near Palais Royal or the one by on Rue Saint Honoré, Serge Lutens's perfume shops are definitely fascinating, to say the least. The shops look more like apothecaries than luxury stores, yet what they sell are still some of the most luxurious scents in the city. As well as the most unique. With his fearless use of bold notes, strange flavors, and the like, the photographer-turned-perfumer's label is for women who want to stand out with their one-of-a-kind fragrances. Such a woman doesn't want to smell like the rest, she simply wants to show off her individuality through her scent!

The Best Parisian Perfume Shops For Women

When it comes to luxury perfume, Paris stays on top of the world. Most especially since these renowned perfume shops for women provide scents and fragrances that define high-class taste and supreme sophistication!

Make yourself, and even your luxury home, smell sophisticated and expensive with a scent you can buy in these French perfume shops in Paris!



Paris, France
520 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-2
Paris, France
286 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4
Paris, France
233 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2
Paris, France
1000 € / night    
4 bedrooms3 bathrooms8-2

Paris, France
285 € / night    
3 bedrooms1 bathroom5
Paris, France
386 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom3
Paris, France
236 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4
Paris, France
300 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom3-2
Paris, France

3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Paris, France
465 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4